Amazon Firestick offers you a chance to watch movies and play games on the internet. Besides, you can use the device to stream content that is on your iOS device. If you are the proud owner of the Amazon Fire Stick, you can watch content on your iOS device on your Firestick without the internet. However, you need a third-party app to do this correctly. This article details how to mirror iPhone to Firestick.

amazon firestick

Why It Is Important to Choose Firestick for Screen Mirroring

amazon fire tv stick

The Amazon Fire TV stick is a video streamlining device offered by Amazon. The name stick comes from the fact that it looks like a USB drive. The point of connection to the TV is a male HDMI port. It connects to the HDMI port on your TV. The device does not store any files. However, since it is a streaming player, it can convert any TV with an HDMI port to a smart TV.

You can watch movies from subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix. However, you need to pay for each of these services separately. It can also stream media from your PC or mobile device. The Amazon Firestick has evolved over the years.

However, there are only two types: the basic and 4K resolution stick. The difference between them is the resolution. Therefore, you can screen mirror iPhone to Firestick of any resolution.

How to Set Up Firestick

Before screen mirroring Fire TV, you need to make sure that it can work with your TV set. Here are a few steps to set it up so that it can work with the set.

how to set up firestick step

  1. Remove the items that came with your Firestick.
  2. Plug one end of the USB cable to the power brick and the other to the micro-USB port on your Amazon Firestick.
  3. Then, connect the HDMI end of the Firestick to the HDMI port of your TV.
  4. Turn on the TV and use the TV remote to change the source of the signal to HDMI. In many cases, the TV will recognize the device by its name. Tap the name of the device to set it up.
  5. Once the device loads on your TV, put batteries on your Firestick remote. Use AAA batteries at the back battery panel of the remote. Pull the battery cover gently.
  6. Navigate the Firestick by clicking the central button of the remote.
  7. Start by setting the language.
  8. Then connect with the Wi-Fi network. Pick one and enter the password.
  9. how to set up firestick step

  10. Add an account or open one.
  11. Complete registration.

how to set up firestick step

How to Mirror Android to Firestick

Amazon eased restrictions to Chromecast products, allowing users to cast or mirror screens to Firestick with ease. Here are the steps.

  1. Take your Firestick remote and hold down the home button.
  2. When the menu appears, click on the settings.
  3. how to screen mirror android to firestick step

  4. The settings will bring a sub-menu. Click on display and sounds.
  5. how to screen mirror android to firestick step

  6. Click ‘Enable Display Mirroring’ from the options.
  7. how to screen mirror android to firestick step

  8. A screen that shows a wireless mirror status and what device receives the mirrored display will open. Leave your TV on this screen.
  9. how to screen mirror android to firestick step

  10. Head to your Android Phone and swipe the top to show the cast icon. If the option is not available, go to the settings and then to the wireless and Bluetooth connections option.
  11. Click the Cast icon.
  12. how to screen mirror android to firestick step

  13. The phone will search for devices, and your Fire TV should appear.
  14. Tap on the name to mirror your screen onto the TV.
  15. You can now start streaming movies from your Android device to your TV.


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How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Firestick

If you are wondering - Can you mirror iPhone to amazon fire stick? Yes. You can. However, the process is a little longer. Here are the steps.

how to screen mirror iphone to firestick step

  1. Take the Fire TV remote and click the search icon.
  2. Search for Airscreen.
  3. how to screen mirror iphone to firestick step

  4. Install Airscreen. It is a free app that allows you to connect to your iPhone.
  5. Since you will be using the app for the first time, it will give you a short tutorial, after which you can select ‘Start Now’.
  6. how to screen mirror iphone to firestick step

  7. On starting, access the settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  8. how to screen mirror iphone to firestick step

  9. Enable the AirPlay option.
  10. Then, return to the previous menu (for the AirScreen) and click on the Start icon.
  11. how to screen mirror iphone to firestick step

  12. Pick your iPhone and head to the settings menu.
  13. Then, click on ‘Screen Mirroring’.
  14. how to screen mirror iphone to firestick step

  15. The device will search for devices to cast to. Check the name of your Fire TV and tap on it.
  16. Start to watch content from your device.

How to Mirror Windows PC to Firestick

In addition to Amazon com FireTV mirroring iPhone and Android, you can also mirror your Windows PC. Here are the steps.

  1. Use the steps discussed earlier on screen mirroring your Android device to the point where you leave the mirroring screen on your TV.
  2. how to mirror windows pc to firestick step

  3. Then open your Windows 10 computer.
  4. Click the notifications icon on the computer, on the bottom right-hand side of the taskbar.
  5. Click Expand.
  6. how to mirror windows pc to firestick step

  7. From the resulting window, click the projection type that best meets your need (extend, the second screen only, or duplicate screen).
  8. how to mirror windows pc to firestick step

  9. Then, click ‘Connect to a wireless display’.
  10. how to mirror windows pc to firestick step

  11. Click the name of your Fire TV to start mirroring. If it is not on the list, click look other devices’ and check it. If you still cannot find it, ensure that both devices are on the same wireless network.
  12. Start watching.

You can stop mirroring your PC by clicking on it when done.

How to Mirror Your Mac to Amazon Firestick

The Amazon Fire stick mirroring iPhone process is similar to that of the MAC, with a few extra steps. Here is the guide.

  1. Follow the steps on how to screen mirror iPhone to Firestick to the point after installing your Airscreen app.
  2. how to mirror mac to amazon firestick step

  3. Then, check the Airplay options on the Firestick settings.
  4. Click the Help Menu.
  5. Then, click the MacOs icon.
  6. how to mirror mac to amazon firestick step

  7. Select AirPlay.
  8. Click the AirPlay icon on your Mac. The icon is usually at the top left side of the screen. If not there, enable is on the Apple Menu under Display. Click on the Arrangement tab and check the ‘Mirror Displays’ and ‘Show Mirroring’ tabs.
  9. how to mirror mac to amazon firestick step

  10. Choose the name of your FireTV on your Mac.
  11. Press OK on your Fire remote to start mirroring.

how to mirror mac to amazon firestick step

Tips for Using Firestick While Mirroring

Now that you know how to mirror phone to Firestick, here are some tips to help improve your experience.

1 Download Amazon FireTV to control on a smartphone

download amazon fire tv to control on a smartphone

Amazon allows users to control their Fire TV using their smartphones. You can control it using Android or iOS devices.  The app requires an iOS 7.0 or newer for iPhones and Android 4.0.3 for Android devices. To download the app, go to Google Play or the App Store.

  1. After installation, sign in with the account you use on the Fire TV. Then turn on your TV
  2. A connection appears on your TV that you will put on the phone
  3. Once a connection is made, you can use the phone to control the FireTV.

2 Check the Firestick storage

You can check how much space is left on your FireTV before installing new apps to prevent freezing. You can learn how to go about it.

  1. Go to the settings on your FireTV
  2. Select Device
  3. Select About
  4. Press the button down to reveal storage
  5. The storage space will be displayed.

3 Screen Magnifier Function

The screen magnifier function is put in place to enable users with challenges seeing the writings on the screen to read out with ease. You can also use it if far from the TV. To access it, head to the settings and then select accessibility.

To enable magnification, use the holdback button on the remote. Use the fast-forward option to disable the screen magnifier. After that, you can hold the menu and fast forward to zoom in or the menu and rewind buttons to zoom out. Menu and right, left, down, and up should pan the screen accordingly. You can also use Play/Pause for quick enabling and disabling zoom.

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FAQs about Screen Mirroring to Firestick

1 What to do if there was any delay between doing something on the phone on Firestick?

If there is any delay between doing something on the phone and Firestick, it could be caused by lack of space or memory problems. You may start by closing and restarting the app. If it does not work, clear the app’s cache under Managed Installed Applications section.

2 What is wrong when I cannot access the magnifying glass on Firestick?

If you cannot access the magnifier option on your device, it means that you are using an older version of the Firestick. It only runs on version or newer. However, if you are running a newer version and cannot see the option, restart your device.

3 Why there is no sound going through the TV while screen mirroring to Firestick?

If you do not have a sound, check if the volume of your TV is muted. If the TV is connected to an AV receiver, check if the AV is put on. For the Digital Output, ensure that the Dolby Digital Plus is set to off. Then, plug the Firestick and replug it.

4 What is the difference between Firestick and Chromecast?

Chromecast is the Android version of Firestick, allowing users to turn any TV into a smart TV. You can use any of them to mirror your mobile device screen on the TV. However, specific apps such as Amazon Music are only available on Firestick.

5 What devices can Firestick Mirror?

The Amazon Firestick can mirror various devices, including macOS, iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

In Closing

The Amazon Firestick allows you to turn any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV, saving you hundreds of dollars. Can you mirror iPhone to Firestick? Yes. You can do it through a third-party app. However, you do not require an app to mirror the screen of your Android and Windows devices.