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8 Best FREE TeamViewer Alternatives in 2023


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TeamViewer is a powerful remote access software, but it has a little high price. There are many TeamViewer alternatives apps in the market. In this article, we choose the best 8 free screen-mirroring apps that are all free and easy to use. Learn about them to find the suitable one for yourself.

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In this article:

Part 1. Top 8 Alternatives for TeamViewer

1 iMyFone MirrorTo

iMyFone MirrorTo is a great screen mirroring app that also allows you to control your iphone from pc or control Android from PC. You can mirror and control your phone with a USB cable or via Wi-Fi connection. It’s very easy to use.

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Key Features of MirrorTo

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Video tutorials on how to mirror iPhone from PC with MirrorTo:


Available on: Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac


User reviews

I have tried MirrorTo, a very easy-to-use product, which solved many of my problems, and during the Black Friday event, I got a coupon and bought a lifetime license. The function is getting better and better, thanks. -- Shaheer Ahmed Dec. 15, 2021

Through MirrorTo, I have my iPhone easily accessible from a PC for easier management or display presentations on the big screen. What's more, I can record my iPhone’s screen directly on PC, which gives me a big hand. Thanks~ -- Munmun Biswas Dec. 22, 2022


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2 Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension that allows you to remote access your computer with other devices. You should download the extension on your Chrome and then enter the PIN required to access another computer.

chrome remote desktop

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS


User reviews<

It is very easy to setup. The UI is simple and has the main options you need to remote to a computer. Does what you expect it to do. -- Jason M. Jan. 07, 2022

Very very very si mple to use! Install it on both devices, login to your Google account, and from then on a quick hop to your mobile app and bam, you're connected! -- A Chrome Remote Desktop User Aug, 12, 2021

3 AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a well-known alternative to TeamViewer. It’s also a powerful remote desktop software that allows you to control others’ computers and transfer files remotely.


Available on: Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Linux


User reviews

Really pleasant and a great alternative whenever the Teamviewer License we use at work is under use and we've been considering and slowly moving our clients to AnyDesk because paying Teamviewer is now an expensive subscrption when there's so much good alternatives. -- Luis Daniel Feb. 06, 2020

Well most like option in anydesk is its accessibility, it has complete option to choose how you need to use the anydesk. Moreover IP filter option is just amazing. -- Nasim Oct. 19, 2022

4 Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a multi-task solution for remote desktop sharing, Firstly, you need to download Ammyy Admin. Secondly, press menu Ammyy > Settings and press "Access Permissions" button. Thirdly, add the operator’s computer ID to start sharing your computer screen.

how to save tiktok videos to phone without  a watermark

Available on: Only Windows PC


User reviews

The biggest advantage of Ammyy is that it does not need to be installed. It is not hard to use it as the interface is nice and understandable. -- Rustam T. Dec. 16, 2022

I think the best part of Ammyy Program is no need to download. You can use at browsers. And you can chat or voice call in that program. -- Kazım D. Nov. 07, 2022

5 VNC Connect

VNC Connect is a remote access solution for organizations that demand strong security, resilience, and peace of mind. You need to enter the IP of the computer you want to remotely control. Then enter the user name and passcode to get authentication.

vnc connect

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Linux


User reviews

VNC Connect is used as a simple bare bones method to remotely access office PCs and for Sales to print documents locally when on the road. Controlling machines remotely using the iOS apps from iPhone or an iPad is very convenient. This program is quick, lightweight, and easy to use. -- Damon Darling Nov. 01, 2021

We use VNC Connect in our IT department to remotely access branch computers in a way that allows the remote user to see what we are doing and therefore learn how to do it for themselves. -- Michael Eberhard Oct. 08, 2021

6 WebEx

WebEx is a powerful and secure remote access software that allows you to share your screen in video conferencing and online meetings. It offers a communication and collaboration platform for people all over the world.


Available on: Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Linux


User reviews

Webex offers high quality video and crystal clear audio during meetings. -- Mike Jan. 12, 2022

The platform is accessible on various operating systems and if there is any unsupported operating system, you can even join the meetings through a browser. -- Chris Feb. 1, 2022

7 DWService

DWService is a web-based remote access solution that allows you to view another computer’s screen and transfer files.


Available on: Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Linux


User reviews

The clipboard transfert tool (so you can transfert notes from your clipboard to the remote computer's clipboard and inversely) is insanely useful, and is something I rarely seen in remote desktop tools. It's also possible to transfert files, and there is a monitoring tab (mimicking the task manager: info about CPU and memory usage, drives space, etc.). --Irq3000 Nov. 14, 2020

Its really not bad, and administrating it is super easy... Seriously exceeded expectations for open source software thats free to use. Better than a lot of commercial options. -- Chilimeat Apr. 24, 2021

8 TightVNC

TightVNC is another great remote desktop application. You can view and control another computer with a keyboard and mouse.


Available on: Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Unix


User reviews

Tight VNC has all the things that you need to remotely access the GUI of a server or a remote device. The best part is the configuration to get it up and running takes only a little time if you know what you are doing. -- Karmavir J. Sep. 04, 2022

It's a fast, low resource remote application for accessing remote systems on a network. -- Oct. 19, 2021

Part 2. FAQs about TeamViewer Alternatives

1 What’s the best alternative to TeamViewer?

iMyFone MirrorTo is the best alternative to TeamViewer. It’s very easy to use and has a stable connection. It has powerful and useful features that can satisfy your needs when mirroring a phone screen to a PC.

2 What is cheaper than TeamViewer?

iMyFone MirrorTo, AnyDesk, TightVNC, and Ammyy Adminare all cheaper than TeamViewer, You can try them and choose a suitable one.

3 AnyDesk better than TeamViewer?

AnyDesk and TeamViewer are both very powerful with their own features. AnyDesk has a lower price. TeamViewer performs faster than AnyDesk. So choose the suitable one.


Now you have learned about these 8 great alternatives to TeamViewer. I highly recommend you try iMyFone MirrorTo for free. It really helps my life when I want to view and control my phone on my computer so that I don’t need to switch devices all the time. Try it now for your life convenience.

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