Do Photoshop colors change when exporting? It happens with me every time I export a high contrast image. The colors are not that good as I expect. I wonder why?

Statements and questions like this are not new. Many people find the colors change when exported from Photoshop. It is not because you are a beginner or do not know the software, nor it is a software problem. Photoshop is not missing colors or has changed the color pallet. The reason is something else.

Converting the JPEG into an OS viewer makes an instant change in the colors. You can feel a few dim colors with more distortion in them. Now, you have Photoshop CC to help you with the problem and get away with the issue.

fix color change photos in photoshop

Let us investigate the issue further in this post and find the solution to fix it!

Part 1: Why you are JPEGs not showing proper colors after export?

After exporting the image into JPEG, you found out that it is not having the color quality you were expecting. Get the main reason cause this problem below:

  • Wrong color space

In Photoshop, you may use the Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB color space that gives a different highlight of the colors. However, normally monitors show you the sRGB color space. The monitors support ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB so you can see the vibrant color space while using Photoshop. However, the time you export the JPEG image, the monitor shows you the sRGB colors.

wrong color change

  • No conversion of file format

The incorrect color it's not the problem for your monitor or screen display but the saving settings. You may not convert the file from Adobe RGB to sRGB when saving photos. So it overlay the colors and the change of format eventually because colors change when exporting from Photoshop.

no conversion of file format

Part 2: How to Fix JPGE Color Change Issues?

01 Ensure ‘Save As’ with ‘Embed Color Profile’ box

The first you can do is to save a copy of your PSD file in an embedded color profile. If you have been working on AdobeRGB, you need to convert the color profile to sRGB. Here you can see the color change. Here you can adjust the color one more time so it will not affect any printing process. The conversion helps you look at the possible printing or export colors of the image.

save as embed color

02 Export JPEG via Save for Web command

Another way to reduce the noise from your JPEG file is to export it using Web Command. When you save for We Command, it automatically eliminates the unnecessary metadata from the files. You will get the exact colors in display and the best quality or size of the image file as per need.

It makes things pretty smooth and convenient for you in one go. Moreover, you can access the file and use it freely on different platforms as per requirement.

save for web command

03 Open JPEG file in MS Paint

Are you still not convinced that you are getting the same colors in Photoshop and the final export? You can open the JPEG file in MS Paint. It helps you know the exact screen colors of the picture. All the readjustments and adjustments come up together working for you.

open picture in ms

Part 3: Fix Color Change Photos with Professional Tools

Even after everything, you are unable to get the ultimate colors of your JPEG export from Photoshop, here is the collusion. Using iMyfone UltraRepair, you can make a difference. It can help you to fix the wrong colors of the photo, and repair corrupt files or videos with simple operation!

ultraRepair_icon iMyFone UltraRepair - Repair wrong color photos
  • Quick color fixes – fixes the colors change photos when exporting in no time and gives you desired colors.
  • Repair batch files – enables you to select the pictured batch and repair them all at once. You can run similar actions on the batch to save time.
  • Support multiple devices – you can fix and repair the pictures taken from different devices and makes a difference in them.
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See how to fix color change photo with three simple steps:

Step 1. Install UltraRepair on your PC and then click "Photo Repair" on the screen. Add the photo you want to repair on the program.

upload blurry photos

Step 2. Click the "Repair" button lets the program start to repair it.

choose the photo you want to repair

Step 3. Now you can save and check the repair photos!

save repaired photo

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FAQs Related to Photoshop Colors Change When Exporting

1 Why do export photos in Photoshop change to different colors?

It is not a Photoshop glitch that causes the problem. The change of color space mostly causes this problem. You need to match the color space of your original picture with Photoshop file and export settings as well.

2 How do you stop Photoshop from changing colors?

Using the color space settings you can avoid the risk of changing colors. If things are not improving then iMyfone UltraRepair is the best resort. It helps you fixing all the issues in no time.


Photo's color change is an annoying thing. But it can be simple if you know how to do smart work. Tools like iMyfone UltraRepair helps in advancing your photo treatment and creating skills. By using Photoshop, you can create the images and fix the possible issues in the supported application.

IMyfone UltraRepair does not damage the picture quality nor is cause you incompatibility problems. You can have a perfect image in no time! Click the button below to try it now!

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