How to Delete Old Apple ID from iPhone without Apple ID Password?

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Maybe you have an iPhone which has been used for a while and you would like to delete its old Apple ID. If you have the Apple ID password, it will be easy to delete old Apple ID from iPhone. However, what if you already forgot the password? What if you acquired the iPhone as a secondhand device and it already had an Apple ID whose password you don’t know? We will show you tools which can help you delete old Apple ID from iPhone without a password.

4 Tools to Delete Old Apple ID from iPhone Without Password

DoulCi Activator

This is a popular tool used to delete old Apple ID from iPhone without the password. The tool is free. You can use it to delete old Apple ID from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch running on iOS 11.3 and below. The tool is yet to be tested on iOS 12 beta. The tool will work on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

icloud unlocking tool

Official iPhone Unlock

This tool will help you delete old Apple ID on all iOS devices. It will work on all iPhones including iPhone X. It will help you delete old Apple ID on your iPad too. This tool supports iOS 11 and below. The tool is not free which means that you have to pay for it before you get to delete the Apple ID. On top of erasing your old Apple ID, the tool offers other features such as permanent SIM unlock, instant carrier checking, and more.



This is an effective tool when it comes to deleting old Apple ID on iPhone without a password. The tool supports other iOS devices including iPads and iPod Touch. You can download GadgetWide for free. This tool does support all iOS versions up to iOS 10. One of the great things about using GadgetWide is that it does have tutorial videos which will help you if you happen to get stuck while deleting your old Apple ID.

gadgewide bypass tool


This tool will work with all iOS devices. It is capable of helping you delete old Apple ID on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. For the tool to help you unlock your device, it will need you to have iTunes 12+ installed on your computer. It works on a Windows PC. For it to do its job, the windows PC needs to have Microsoft NET. Framework 4.5 installed on it. Also, it will need you to have access to an internet connection.


Bonus Tip: How to Protect Your Privacy After Removing Apple ID

After deleting the old Apple ID from your iPhone, you may want to safeguard your privacy. Maybe you wanted to remove the old Apple ID so that you can resell or give away your iPhone. The device does have private data that you may not want a third-party to check out. Deleting your data using the conventional means still leaves the data sitting on the device. It can still be recovered using third-party tools.

To erase your data with 0% of it being recovered, you can make use of a third-party tool known as iMyFone Umate Pro. This tool works with all iOS devices. It supports devices running even on iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 beta. The features available in the tool include:

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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  • It will help you erase all your private data in such a way even the FBI won’t be able to recover it.
  • The tool will allow you to preview your data before erasing it permanently. This allows you to perform selective erasing.
  • It will let you delete both third-party app data and official application data. You get to erase everything including, contacts, messages, videos, photos, Kik data, WhatsApp Messages and attachments, and much more.
  • If you had deleted the private data via conventional means, iMyFone Umate Pro will locate the deleted data and erase it completely to make it irrecoverable.
  • A great amount of professional software review sites recommend iMyFone Umate Pro to protect privacy, including MacWorldiPhoneinCanadaAPPKED, etc.

Try It FreeTry It Free

To erase your private data using iMyFone Umate Pro, you just need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch iMyFone Umate Pro on your PC and connect your device to the computer. Trust the PC.

Step 2: Tap Erase Private Data in the left-hand panel and then tap Scan.

scan your private data

Step 3: After the Scan, preview your private data and choose what you wish to erase. Click Erase Now to initiate the erase process.

preview and select private data

preview and select private data