How Do I Know if My iPhone is Unlocked? 3 Methods!

Check to know if the iPhone you intend to buy is carrier-locked because if you don’t check before purchasing a new or pre-owned iPhone, you’ll end up frustrated especially when the seller’s return policy is not favorable. In the context of this article, iMyFone will tell you the answer of “How do I know if my iPhone is locked or unlocked?” We also added a tip on what to do if your iPhone is carrier-locked.

How do I Know if My iPhone is Locked or Unlocked

#1. Check if Your iPhone is Unlocked via Settings

This method is one of the oldest methods of checking if an iPhone is unlocked, but it’s still very efficient with every version of iOS. Here are the steps to take.

Step 1: Launch your iPhone Settings.
Step 2: Click Cellular.
Step 3: Find the option labelled “Cellular Data Network”. If you can find this option, then your iPhone is unlocked, but if not, your iPhone is carrier-locked.

Cellular Data Network

#2. Check if Your iPhone is Unlocked Using a Different Carrier’s SIM Card

I presume you know what a carrier SIM Card is? Then, this method is to replace the iPhone’s original carrier SIM Card with another mobile operator’s SIM Card. If a notification with the caption “SIM Not Supported” or some other request is made from the phone app such as “Activation Code” or “SIM Unlock Code” is displayed, then your iPhone is carrier-locked.

Here are the steps to check if your iPhone is unlocked:

Step 1: Switch off your iPhone using the power button.
Step 2: Locate and open your SIM card slot using your SIM eject tool or a small paper clip. You will find the SIM slot by the iPhone casing, and you can open the SIM slot by pushing the SIM eject tool into the small SIM tray Hole.
Step 3: Diligently pull the SIM tray out once it pops out, and replace the SIM card with another mobile operator’s SIM card.
Step 4: Insert the tray back, and switch on your iPhone. If your iPhone request for a passcode, enter your passcode or use the touch sensor to pass.
Step 5: Click on your iPhone app. If it’s requesting for a “SIM Unlock Code” or an “Activation Code” or you experience error before opening the app, then your iPhone is carrier-locked.

Carrier’s SIM Card

You can also refer to this video for further details:

#3. Check if Your iPhone is Unlocked Use an Online Service

This method is long and it entails using your IMEI info registration page to check if an iPhone is unlocked.

These steps will help you through it:

Step 1: Open IMEI Info’s registration page, and create an account.
Step 2: Enter the required information in the specified fields and click “Register Me!”
Step 3: Confirm your registration by clicking on the link sent to your provided email address. This would take you to the IMEI Info’s main page where you will enter your iPhone’s IMEI number.
Step 4: To find your iPhone’s IMEI number open iPhone Settings and click General > About, and scroll down to IMEI section – you’ll find the number there.
Step 5: Input the IMEI number in the field provided on the IMEI info’s main page.
Step 6: Click “I’m not a robot” > Check > SIMLOCK & WARRANTY > Check Apple Phone Details. You’ll see: unlocked: false or unlocked: true. The first means that your iPhone is carrier locked, while the second means that your iPhone is unlocked.


What to do if iPhone is Locked

The above mentioned methods will help you to know how to tell if your iPhone is unlocked. If you find out that your iPhone is locked, you can use any of the following methods to unlock your iPhone.

  • iTunes: Use iTunes when Find My Phone is disabled and you have previously synced your iPhone on iTunes.
  • iCloud: Use iCloud method when are actively synced in to iCloud and Find My Phone is deactivated.
  • Recovery Mode: Use this when the above two options are not available.

How to Check Unlock Status with iTunes Throughby Restoring

Another way to check an iPhone’s unlock status is simply resetting to factory defaults and restoring through iTunes. This can be done by connecting the device to a PC. You should see the familiar “Congratulations, the iPhone is unlocked” message on your screen. If that happens, just know the iPhone has been unlocked.

This message is usually shown by AT&T if you use their free unlocking methods after a contract ends. The same thing applies if you requested a SIM unlock through network providers like Verizon or Sprint while still on contract.

How to Completely Reset a Second-hand iPhone after Unlocking it

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Erase All Data

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type “delete”

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