Simplest Way to Factory Reset iPhone 4 without iTunes

iPhone 4 is the last smartphone the late Steve Jobs introduced. There is a personal touch to it and every Apple fan probably still keeps this iPhone.

iPhone 4 is an older version of the iPhone. It can easily gets bloated with apps and gets slow. Also, because of the low storage space, you may want at some point to get rid from everything that is installed or copied. In such case the best idea is to restore iPhone 4 to factory settings i.e to the state in which it was when you first bought it. Additionally, you will probably want to factory reset iPhone 4 without iTunes if you just want to sell it.

Part 1 How to Factory Reset iPhone 4 without iTunes

If you want to factory reset your iPhone 4 without iTunes you can do that easily from within your iPhone. There are few steps that you’ll need to perform that are extremely simple.

Go to “Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings”. Then hit “Erase iPhone” to confirm.


At the end of the process the iPhone will restart and you will be required to enter your pass code and you will have a brand new iPhone 4 that is turned back to the first state it was when bought.


One thing you should know is that when you factory reset your iPhone 4, you are not deleting your data permanently. This is a thing that rarely who knows. That is why if you want to totally get rid from the information on your iPhone, you need to use proprietary software that will permanently delete everything! No other software for retrieving and restoring deleted data from iPhone will be able to get the deleted data.

Part 2Permanently Factory Reset iPhone 4 without iTunes

One of the very best in the business is iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. It was praised on various tech websites as one of the most effective softwares that can erase anything on your iPhone permanently. The intuitiveness and amazing functionality have made this software one of the leaders in the industry. The software basically has 4 basic modes.

Windows version Mac version

1. 1-Click Clean-up - With it, you don't need to manually clean your iPhone any more. As much as 30+ types of junk files and temporary files can be cleaned here once. Massive photos or videos can be transferred to computer and then removed from iPhone. Or you can compress photos without losing any visible quality. A bulk of apps can be managed at the same time.

2. Erase All Data - This feature basically deletes everything, as in the factory reset, but thoroughly. Everything is erased and you will not be able to retrieve it back.

3. Erase Private Data - iMyFone Umate Pro enables erasing of personal private information and data that will protect you from someone using your private data after using your iPhone. Thесе features are ideal if you want to sell your iPhone.


4. Erase Deleted Files - If you worry about the deleted files is not safe enough, you can use it to find out unsafely deleted files and choose to completely erase them wihout any trace.

3 Steps to Factory Reset iPhone 4 without iTunes

First step: Get iMyFone Umate Pro from the official website and install it on your PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone 4 after you launch the software.


Second step: Select “Erase All Data” and click “Erase” button.


Third step: You can choose the Security Level here and the default level is Medium. Then type “delete” into the box to confirm and tab “Erase Now” at the bottom right corner.



Complete iPhone 4 Setup and Restore Backup
Ok, when you start your iPhone 4 again, you need to finish the setup which is easy. You need to enter your passcode and follow the process. After the reset of your iPhone 4 you can use it again with the data you once had on it. In order to do that you need to have a backed up version of your iPhone on your iTunes or iCloud. When you have that you can easily restore all data on your iPhone 4. You can do it either from your iPhone 4 directly visiting the Backup section in Settings. Additionally, you can do the same from your iTunes software on your PC or Mac when your iPhone 4 is connected with a cable.

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