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How to See Your Deleted History on iPhone

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Tata Davis

January 19, 2017 (Updated: April 12, 2017锛

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It is not only your photos that can bring back cherished memories, your deleted history too can bring back to mind past events. Do you want to view your deleted history on iPhone again? Maybe, you think it is not possible and it is a waste of time especially if powerful software was used to delete the history. However, you can see your deleted history on iPhone in the most easiest way.

How to See Your Deleted History on iPhone

Gaining access to your deleted history and to view them again for certain reason, either for the fun of it or otherwise, is an easy thing if the right software is used. And iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac can help you to see your deleted history on your iPhone for free.

Just follow the simple steps below and you would soon be finding your history without any cost to you.

Step 1: Run Umate Pro and connect your iPhone to it.
Windows version Mac version
Step 2: From the menu, choose 鈥淓rase Deleted Files鈥.
Step 3: Scan your iPhone.
Step 4: All past deleted record/history will appear.
Step 6: Now you can click on them to view.

how to check deleted history on iphone

That is it. It is very simple and the best part of it is that the scan is FREE! Unlike other software, Umate Pro is free to use when you want to scan and view your deleted history on iPhone. However, you may wonder how history is recovered.


Things You Must Know about Deleted History on iPhone

  • Still Existing in iPhone: What you may not know is that when you deleted your browsing history, chat, or data, they still remain in your iPhone. But, you cannot manually retrieve and view them except you use software like Umate Pro.
  • Easy Recovery and Privacy Hijack: Another thing you should know is that your history can be recovered easily with a recovery tool if your iPhone falls into wrong hand, leading to privacy hijack. Unscrupulous persons can see your private information. If you discovered that your deleted history is still lurking in your iPhone, there is something you should do.

How to Permanently Erase Private iPhone History

When you find out that your deleted sensitive history is still on your iPhone device, you should immediately take a step to mitigate the danger. What you should do is get Umate Pro and use it to permanently erase your iPhone history. Umate Pro is recommended because it is only reliable software that can erase iOS data without any chance of recovery through recovery tools. It wipes permanently, thus saving you unnecessary headache.

how to find deleted history on iphone鈥

How Umate Protect Your Privacy

  • Erase Permanently: That is just what you need to protect your privacy. Deleting with no chance of recovery is the hallmark of Umate Pro.
  • Selectively Erase: What this mean is that you have various choices when you use Umate Pro. There are different erase modes that you can choose from that meet a particular need. For instance, if you just want to erase a specific iPhone data (not all data), you can choose the mode called "Erase Private Data" to do just that.
  • Erase Deleted Files: All previously deleted files can be erased permanently when you choose Umate Pro for your erasing need. With this, you can be sure that your privacy will not be violated.
  • Erase All: You may also decide to wipe out all data on your iPhone when you want to sell or give out your device. Umate Pro can help you to do that easily.
  • Erase Whatsapp/WeChat Data: Also, Umate Pro can protect your Whatsapp/Wechat privacy by erasing your messages and attachments. This function is not so common with other software, but Umate Pro does it easily.

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