“iPad is disabled connect to iTunes” Bypass? Come Here!

There is a number of people who ask about fixing their disabled iPads. When an iPad is disabled, you only see a message on the screen which says "iPad is disabled connect to iTunes". In this situation, most of the people don’t know what to do. Your iPad gets disabled when you enter a wrong password too many times. However, it can be fixed using different methods.

iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes

"iPad is disabled connect to iTunes" Fix

You can fix your disabled iPad by using some various methods. Have a look at them below.

#1 Fix Disabled iPad - Restore with iTunes Backup

This solution will use an already synced backup from iTunes to restore your device. Here is how it works.

Step 1. Connect your iPad to a computer on which you use iTunes in routine.

Step 2. It will automatically start syncing the device.

Step 3. Now, wait for the backup and sync completion. After the completion, click on Restore iPad.


Step 4. Then iOS Setup Assistant will ask to set up your device, choose Restore from iTunes backup.


Step 5. Select your iPad and choose the most recent backup of your iPad.

Step 6. Now your disabled iPad will be restored.

#2 Fix Disabled iPad - Erase with iCloud "Find My iPhone"

Another working method to restore your iPad is using iCloud. This option is usually used when your iPad is stolen or lost so that no one would use your private data. However, if you are not able to restore your iPad using any method, try this one.

Step 1. Go to the authentic website of iCloud and click on Find my iPhone.

Step 2. Then choose your iPad from device list.


Step 3. Now click on Erase iPad.

Step 4. This will erase the data on your iPad.

#3 Fix Disabled iPad - Restore in Recovery Mode

If you have never synced your iPad with iTunes, you can restore it with recovery mode. With this method, all the data will be erased. Here is how you can do this job.

Step 1. Turn off your iPad and connect your device to USB cable while holding the Home button.

Step 2. While pressing the Home button, you will see Connect to iTunes screen.


Step 3. Then click OK and restore your iPad.


Step 3. Now click on Set up your device and choose iCloud backup to restore your iPad.

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Bonus Tip: How to Completely Erase Your iPad

When it comes to resetting your iPad, you can use various methods.  However, none of these methods can permanently erase your data as iMyFone Umate Pro. Data erased by iMyFone Umate Pro will never be recovered. Here are the main features of it:

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Completely Reset Your iPad

You can erase all data from your iOS device by using some simple steps. Follow these steps to erase data from your iOS device.

Step 1. Launch iMyFone Umate Pro and connect your device to the computer.

Step 2. Now click on Erase All Data from the left panel.

guide erase all data screen

Step 3. Click on Erase and choose the level.

type delete to confirm erasing all data

Step 4. Now click on Erase Now, and it will erase data from your iOS device.