iPhone Showing Headphones Connected When Not? Here Is the Fix

It is not a new problem for iPhone users that you unplugged your headphones from your iPhone and find that your iPhone says headphones plugged in and you cannot hear the ringtone when someone call or not able to hear the sound of alarm or a message or a reminder. So, the problem emerges that the sound is not coming out from your iPhone speakers anymore. It becomes frustrating but do not worry it’s usually very easy to fix and you can do it yourself. Let’s know some of the possible reasons and ways on how you can fix the problem of iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

Why iPhone Shows Headphones Plugged In When Not?

There are several reasons resulting in the problem. We will explain the causes and also introduce the solutions.

1 A Software Issue

Most of the time, such problems are related to the software issue but the problem can be related sometimes to hardware as well. Software problems are easier to identify and fix than hardware because most of the times, you can resolve a software problem on your own, although it depends on the severity of the problem too. It is recommended that you restart your iPhone to check if there is a software issue.  If you turn the phone off and then on, and it was a software issue, then restarting could have solved the problem. If the problem persists, make sure you are using updated version of iOS. Sometimes an update solves the issue too.

2 Disconnecting the Headphones Too Quickly

Sometimes iPhone headphones are disconnected suddenly, and maybe iOS has not yet recognized this sudden disconnection, and it continues to show plugged headphones. So, plug them back in and plug them out for several times. Try this trick, and maybe this issue gets resolved.

plug headphone in and plug them out

3 Dirty Headphone Jack

So have a look at the headphone jack of your iPhone. You can use a flashlight to have a clear look. Does it look clean? Well, the probability is, it's not! So it is highly important that you maintain iPhone hygiene and keep it clear from foreign elements. Cleaning your iPhone’s headphone jack is extremely difficult, and using sharp objects can damage it forever. So try to clean it with a softer object that can easily clean it. For that, you need to experiment, or there are many articles available over the web to help you. Hopefully, cleaning the jack helps resolve this issue.

clean Headphone Jack

4 Liquid Gets Into Headphone Jack

If mistakenly you spilled liquid on your iPhone and liquid traveled inside your iPhone's 3.5mm headphone jack, it can cause such problem. For this problem, instant uses a hair dryer to dry out your phone. Turn your phone switched off and then restart it. This is the only best solution for such problem, and if you are lucky enough that the liquid was not too much and it dried, it will work out for you.

5 Physically Damaged

If nothing fixes your problem, the possible reason could be a defective 3.5mm headphone jack due to physical damage on iPhone. Usually, this is a rare problem, but it happens with over-use or damage caused by incorrect headphones being used or using generic headphones that are built to poor tolerances. In this scenario, you need to go to Apple people, and if your device is covered under warranty, it is free, and if not, you need to pay to get the issue resolved.

Physically Damaged Headphone Jack

Hopefully, among all of these methods, there is a method that can help you to get your phone out from headphones stuck mode. But if nothing helps, Go to Apple store and get the repair or replacement but before contacting Apple for assistance, do try these methods as they are very helpful and easy to apply.

Tip Back Up Your iOS Device Before Repairing

If you unfortunately have to turn to the Apple Store for help, please do remember to back up your iPhone before repairing. Sometimes you may not need to back up the whole data on iPhone or your want to export the data to your computer for further use, so we would like to introduce a third-party tool---iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter which is your best companion when you need to backup your data quickly. To transfer your iPhone data from iPhone to the computer using D-Port is no more a time-consuming process as it is with iTunes or iCloud backup. Here are some features of iMyFone D-Port.

imyfone d-port

iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter

  • With iMyFone D-Port, you can easily backup or export your iOS device data.You can use the data directly on your computer.
  • It offere greater flexibility while exporting data from iOS devices. You can select your data easily as it offers selective exportation.
  • Comes with preview feature, so you know what exactly you need to transfer.
  • Unreadable iTunes/iCloud backup can be easily viewed and then extracted.
  • You can export 20 types of files, including messages, photos, contacts, data of third-party apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Kik and so on.

download-win download-mac

Back up your data from iOS Device using iMyFone D-Port

Let’s understand how you can backup your data in the simplest way.

Step 1. Go to the iMyFone official website and download iMyFone D-Port. Now launch it on your computer. From the "Export from iOS Device" tab, click "Start" and proceed.

Choose export from iOS device

And then you need to select the file types you need to export and click on "Next". You will be asked to connect your iOS device to the computer.

Choose file type

Step 2. In this step, you need to scan Your iOS Device completely. Once your device is connected, click “Scan” button and the program will then scan your device.

scan your iOS device

Step 3. In this step, you need to preview and export Data from iOS Device. Once the scan is complete, the data available will be displayed on the interface. Select the needed files, just click on the “Export” button.

preview data on iOS device

Finally, you can decide where you want to save the data. A popup window will appear and you can select where you want to save your data.

Well, with iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter, you can export the data you want from the iOS device in a hassle-free way which is quick, simple and offers a complete solution to your data backup needs.

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