5 Tips to Free up Space on iPhone 6

Have you ever confronted with iPhone 6 “out of memory”? Won’t it be irritating when your iPhone just quit in the middle way, informing that you iPhone storage almost full? These problems bother many iPhone users. If you are wondering how to free up space on iPhone 6, then you can’t miss this article. 5 practical tips are offered for you to get more iPhone 6 free space.

How do i manage storage on iPhone 6?

Tip 1 Manage apps in your iPhone

Before you set about managing apps on your iPhone, let’s see how much space is used on your iPhone 6. Open Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage, and then you can see how much storage is occupied by each apps. You can tap “Delete App” to uninstall the apps you want to remove from your iPhone 6.

The storage listed includes both the app size and cache & cookies files. That is why when you want to install an app, the size is not that big. As time goes by, cache files and cookies of the apps can eat up more than hundreds of MB space. You can uninstall the apps you have not used for a long time or you won’t need any more to save space on your iPhone 6. And you can reinstall the apps that you want again, from uninstall and reinstall, you can clear up the cache & cookies files and free up space on iPhone 6.

storage space iphone 6

Tip 2 Get your photos well organized

With the best electronic parts and technology worldwide, iPhone offers us photos of higher definition while the adverse impact is their big size. To release more iphone 6 free space, it’s time to make up your mind to get your photos well-organized. Besides exporting some photos from your iPhone 6 to computer and manually delete them on your iPhone, you can also change the settings of Photos Camera.

When we take photos, iPhone will automatically save both the normal exposed photo and the one with HDR on. By turning off “Keep Normal Photo”, normal exposed photos will not be saved, so that considerable space will not be occupied when you take photos in the future. You can find the “Keep Normal Photo” option in Settings > Photos & Camera.

You can also compress your photos, as on mobile, on do not need such a big size photos. You can try iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac, it can compress your photos losslesly to reclaim 75% of your photos' space, what's more, there will be a auto backup for the orignal photos on your PC.

iphone Camera HDR setting

Tip 3 Set messages to auto-deletion

It never occurs to us that messages can eat up much space on iPhone 6. However, if you tend to keep every message in your iPhone 6, messages piled up with attachment of images and videos do take up several hundreds of MB space.

To get more storage for iPhone 6, you can open Settings > Messages, and change the time to keep messages, so that old messages will be deleted and future messages will be deleted automatically after a period of time. As for audio and video messages, you can select expire after 2 minutes to set them auto-deletion.

delete imessages

Tip 4 Turn off automatic downloads

The other trick to get more iPhone 6 free space is to turn off automatic downloads, and manually download and update what you need later. This may cause some inconvenience to you though. If you want to save more space, you can also forbid Books automatic downloads in your iPhone 6 and enable it on your iPad for better viewing experience.

close automatic downloads

Tip 5 One click to free up space for iPhone 6

ios space saver

iMyFone Umate Pro

  • Clean all junk files from ios systerm and 3th party apps.
  • Clear temporary files to release big space.
  • Photo manager - Compressing & mass deleting photos.
  • Delete large files to free space.
  • App manager - delete the apps and all attached data: temporary and junk files, caches.

Windows version Mac version

Despite the fixed space that comes with iDevices, you can certainly make the most of it. Put you device in order with the power of the world’s no. 1 iPhone cleaner - iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. A new update is coming to the iPhone? No problem! You want to take more pictures of your favorite moments? You’ve got it; all because your iPhone is not cluttered with junks. To cap it all, remove all the hurdles to a fast and responsive iDevice. Just follow the instruction below to free more storage for iPhone 6.

Step 1. Download and install the program, then connect your iPhone 6 to the computer.

Quickscan iphone 6

Step 2. Clean junk files to free up space on iPhone 6

Click “Junk Files” tab and then click “Scan”, iMyFone Umate will list all the junk files on your iPhone 6. And just click the “Clean” button, all the junk files will be removed from your iPhone thoroughly.

Step 3. Clear temporary files to get more storage for iPhone 6

From “Temporary Files” tab, you can click “Clear” to start the process of clearing temporary files immediately. According to the space occupied by temp files, iMyFone Umate iPhone cleaner will take some minutes to finish. Then, massive space can be regained.

Step 4. Compress photos lossless to save 75% of photo storage

In “Photos” interface, click “Scan” and iMyFone Umate can show how much space can be saved by photo compression. And the photos seems almost no difference with the original ones, which will be backed up to your computer before compression by clicking “Start”.

And besides the three powerful function, iMyFone Umate can also manage your large files and apps according to your own selection.

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