Changing operating systems can be a hassle sometimes; especially if you need to transfer important information from one device to another. If you stick to the same operating system, it is extremely easy to move things such as contacts over, however, moving from iOS to Android is not so simple. We understand that contacts are extremely important; they allow you to use services such as WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family, and you can rely on your saved contacts to call/message someone without having to remember their phone number. That is why this article will show you how to transfer your contacts from an iPhone to an Android device.

Method 1: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android through iCloud Account

If you have stumbled upon this article after having tried to manually transfer your contacts by reading them off your iPhone and typing them onto your Android, stop! Contacts are usually saved on your iCloud account when using an iPhone. We can use this to export these contacts (as a VCF file – vCard) and then import them onto your new Android phone.

If your contacts aren't already backed up to an iCloud account on your iPhone, please do the following first.

  • Go into settings, locate the iCloud section (this is usually under your profile) and then make sure contacts is enabled (the slider will be green if it is).
  • Wait for a few minutes so that your contacts can synchronise with the iCloud account.

Once you have done this, you will need to export your contacts.

  1. Log in to your iCloud account on a PC.
  2. Choose the contacts application on the website.
  3. In the bottom left, click on the gear cog and then select all.
  4. Then choose the option which says Export vCard.

export contacts from icloud account

From this point, there are two main methods to import your contacts onto your Android device.

Option 1 - Move vCard Directly to Android

Once you have downloaded the VFC, you can move it to your Android device in a few ways.

  • Send the vCard to yourself via email.
  • Connect your Android to your PC via USB cable and move the card onto internal storage.
  • Share via Bluetooth, from your PC to your Android.
  • Upload to a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive, and then download on your Android.

Once you have the VCF file on your Android and you know where it is located:

  1. Open the contacts application.
  2. Go into settings within the contacts app, and then click import.
  3. Choose '.vcf file' and pick a Google account if you are prompted to do so.
  4. Find the vCard and tap on it.
  5. Wait until all your contacts from the vCard have been imported.

import vcf file to android

Option 2 - Import to Google Account

This method doesn't require you to transfer the vCard onto your Android. Instead, you can use your Google account, however, this Google account needs to be logged in to your Android device too.

  1. Log in to your Google account on your PC.
  2. Go to Google Contacts and select import from the options on the left-hand side.
  3. Select the vCard you have recently created and click import.
  4. Log in with the same Google account on your Android phone and wait for the contacts to synchronise.

import vcard to google account

We suggest that you use the second option because it is quicker and requires fewer steps overall, considering almost all Android users have a Google account linked to their phone anyways.

Method 2: Email Contacts to Android (for Fewer Contacts)

This method works if you don't have many contacts to transfer. You will need to have access to the email account on both your iPhone and your Android.

  1. Open the contacts app on your iPhone and select your first contact.
  2. Choose the option to Share Contact and then share it via email.
  3. Send the contact to yourself via email.
  4. Repeat for all other contacts (if you have a lot of contacts, you can see why this method isn't recommended).
  5. Open the emails on your Android and download the vCards on your Android.
  6. Following the method listed above, go into your Android contacts app and import the vCards.

share contacts to email

This method can be useful if you only want to keep a few of your contacts from your iPhone. Rather than transferring all the contacts, you can choose to move a few.

Method 3: Sharing Contacts via WhatsApp

As with other types of files, such as images and documents, WhatsApp lets you share contacts to another person. This can be used in two ways to move contacts from one phone to another, as long as you keep your phone number and use the same WhatsApp account.

You will need either:

  • Two phone numbers with two WhatsApp accounts where you can send the contacts to the second phone number from your main account.
  • Someone else, such as a family member, whom you can trust and send contacts to them. (It would be wise to make them aware before you send them the contacts).

Once you have prepared this:

  • Open the Contacts app on your Android phone and select all the contacts that you would like to transfer, by long holding them.
  • Click share and choose WhatsApp.
  • Select either your second phone number or someone else's contact that is aware of what you will be doing.
  • Choose to send the contacts. Using this method for a lot of contacts will be difficult, so only use this if you don't need to send many contacts to your phone.

share contacts via WhatsApp