If iTunes is something you’re not comfortable using, there’s an excellent third-party iTunes alternative for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users on the market – TunesMate.

iMyFone designed TunesMate to help iOS users transfer images, videos, music, podcasts, playlists, and several other files easily between your iOS device and computer and vice-versa.

Why Choose TunesMate over iTunes?

There’s not just one, but critical issues with iTunes that TunesMate can tackle easy. Let’s look at why TunesMate wins an edge over iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod users:

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Key Features:

  • TunesMate provides more flexible transfer by simplely previewing and selecting the files you want.
  • TunesMate has more functions compared to iTunes and is easier to use.
  • TunesMate gets past the iTunes restrictions such as limited use for up to five devices, data loss during file transfer, regular bugs, crashes, and errors, etc.
  • TunesMate functions faster than iTunes, no lags at all.
  • The best thing about TunesMate that is missing in iTunes – automatic file conversion. TunesMate automatically converts any unsupported audio/video format into a supported format during the file transfer process.

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Zero data loss, no errors, faster file transfer, no external converter – aren’t they reasons enough to answer the question “is TunesMare safe?”

About iMyFone – The Brain behind TunesMate

iMyFone is an iOS solution providing company that was launched in 2015. The company is dedicated to providing excellent solutions to iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. The team of iOS professionals is highly skilled and proficient, and they go beyond the call of duty to provide their customers with impeccable solutions for their iOS devices.

Since 2015, iMyFone has attended to more than 2 million customers across the globe and is continuing the game.

TunesMate Reviews – Here’s What the World Say!

Don’t believe us? Hear out our customers who’ll make sure you believe that TunesMate is the safest bet for your iOS device!

Users speak out

  • Andy and his family are delighted to use TunesMate file transfer feature.
  • I acquired a family license from iMyFone Tunes Mate for the computers of my children and myself. I did not have any difficulty to activate the software on both my daughter''s PC and mine. We can freely share music now! Thank you!
  • Nicklas was stunned with the smoothness and ease of file transfer with TunesMate after transferring 8GB of music from iTunes to his new phone.
  • Best alternative for itunes! I transferred 8G music from itunes to my new iphone, work perfectly!
  • Naomi also had doubts about TunesMate as a safe solution. She downloaded the trial version, and that was it. She immediately went on to purchase a full-version license.
  • Installed and ran the trial version of your Tunesmate app. It worked well as I expected, just going to buy the full version.

The media is also recommending TunesMate

  • Softpedia, a free download encyclopedia is going crazy with users wanting to download TunesMate now and then. Here’s what Softpedia has to say:
  • iMyFone TunesMate can offer assistance by simplifying the whole process of transferring data between your iOS devices and your computer.

Guarantee from TunesMate

iMyFone provides a free trial version so that users can test the software before purchasing the full version. The free-trial allows you to experiment with all the features of TunesMate.

However, even after taking the free-trial or reading our user reviews and media recommendations, if you’re not sure about the safety of TunesMate, here’s another card from our deck.

We offer a 30-days Money Back Guarantee* in case you are not satisfied with our product or if it fails to meet your expectations. If the period exceeds 30 days, you’ll not be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee.

Read more about iMyFone Refund Policy>

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A Special Gift for Someone Special Like You

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The code will be valid each time you purchase a TunesMate license, and for every serial key.

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