How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod? 3 Ways!

Are you not familiar with iTunes to transfer music from computer to iPod? Are you looking for the easiest way for downloading music files to your iPod? Willing to transfer music with just a click? You can find the best and easiest way here for how to transfer music from computer to iPod.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod

01 Transfer Music from Computer to iPod Using iPod Transfer Tool

iMyFone TunesMate is one of the best iPod Transfer tools that help to easily download music to iPod without deleting music. No iTunes is needed. This software also helps to convert audio/media files automatically by itself, so get out from the hassle of converting media files with music converter.

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Unlike iTunes,

  • it will not erase the existing music on iPod;
  • it allows you to transfer music to iPod from different computers or iTunes libraries;
  • it supports to download music with any format, without extra converting work;
  • it can directly download music to iPod without the help of iTunes library.

Here is an easy step by step guide about how to download music from computer to iPod with iMyFone:

Step 1: Connect your iPod to your computer via USB cable and start TunesMate.

Step 2: Click on tab “Music” located at the top of interface and you will be in the “Music” category.

Step 3: Click on tab “Add > Add File/Folder” and locate your songs folder in computer, select your folder and click “Open” to add. DONE!

how can i transfer music from computer to ipod


You can also directly drag and drop the music files into the “Music” window of TunesMate.

Your music files will automatically convert to supported format of iPod while transferring. That’s why it supports to transfer music with all formats.

Actually, iMyFone TunesMate does more for iPod or iPhone music.

  1. It helps you to enrich your iTunes library by add music from unlimited iOS devices. If you need, you can sync the whole music library back to iPod without syncing of iTunes. This allows you to share music with your friends.
  2. You can back up music or videos to computer.
  3. You can also edit your music info, like name, artist, album, etc.
  4. You can create new playlists and drag-and-drop your favorite songs into the same playlist.
  5. ...

It is suggested to download it and give it a free trial.

02 Transfer Music from Computer to ipod Using iTunes

You are not limited to certain apps which allow you to connect your iOS devices for downloading music to your iPod. You can use the services of Dropbox which is another easiest way of computer to iPod music transfer. Here are simple guide in steps:

  1. Open Dropbox or go to from your computer and sign in with your user ID.
  2. Click ‘Upload’ icon at top of page, select your file ‘Choose file’ located in the pop-up window.
  3. Locate your favorite songs in your computer and upload as many as you can.
  4. Open Dropbox application from your iPod and listen to your songs. You can also download them to the local. DONE!
transfer music from computer to ipod without syncing

03 Transfer Music from Computer to ipod Using iTunes

iTunes would be basic and next possible solution to your problem. Here are simple guide of your query how can I transfer music from computer to iPod:

Step 1: Add Music from Computer to iTunes library

  1. Install latest version of iTunes into your computer and launch it.
  2. Go to “File > Add File to Library” from the top menu.
  3. You can locate your music files on computer and select them to transfer.

And your music files are added into your iTunes library. iTunes library works as a bridge in this case.

Step 2: Sync Music to iPod from iTunes

  1. Connect your iPod to computer.
  2. Click the device icon at the top left corner on iTunes.
  3. Choose “Music” from the left sidebar.
  4. Check “Sync Music” at the right panel and you can select all music or some specific ones.
  5. Once done, hit “Sync” button at the bottom.
transfer music from computer to ipod without syncing


  • The existing music on iPod will be erased when syncing.
  • If your iPod has been synced with other iTunes library or computer, everything will be removed from your iPod.
  • What’s more, if it is the first time you sync music from this computer, you will lose all media files on your iPod.This is the limits of iTunes sync.
  • BTW, iTunes only supports some specific music formats, like MP3, AAC, etc. You need to convert music first if they are not the supported ones.

Bonus Tips - If Music Won't Play on iPod After iTunes Sync

Sometime music won’t play to your iPod after syncing to iTunes; this error comes due to lower version of iOS into your iPod. We have a quick fix solution so that you will never experience such issue again:

Tip 1: Update your iTunes to the latest version - On your iTunes, click on “Help > Check for Updates”.

Tip 2: Reauthorize your computer as iTunes may forgot the authorization - On iTunes, go to “Account > Authorization > Authorize This Computer”.

transfer music from computer to ipod without syncing

Tip 3: Re-sync you iPod - If you synced your iPod over Wi-Fi at the first time, you can try to sync it again with USB cable. Cable connection will be more stable than Wi-Fi.

Tip 4: Remove music from iTunes library and iPod and sync again.

Tip 5: Add music to iTunes library again and sync to your iPod again.

Tip 6: If nothing works, back up your iPod data to iTunes and restore it to factory default. After that, restore the backup from iTunes to iPod.

Tip 7: Use iPod Transfer tool to download music into iPod. It will not have this issue.