How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes on Mac

There can be many occasions where you might find yourself needing to transfer music from iPod to iTunes. Maybe you downloaded some great songs from the Internet onto your iPod and you want to put them on an iTunes playlist. Maybe you have old songs on your iPod that you want to sync with a new PC. Whatever the reason, there are a number of ways to transfer your music.

2 Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes on Mac

Out of the two ways to transfer your music from your iOS device to your Mac, the best way is obvious as you will see below:

post-num-1 Transfer Music Using iPhone Transfer Tool - Quick & 1-Click

What is iMyFone TunesMate? Well, it’s basically software that allows you to easily transfer files to and from your iOS devices and your computer, and this includes your music files. You can transfer your music in bulk using just one click, or you can transfer files individually.

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Here’s a quick guide on how to do this:

Step 1: Download TunesMate and install it on your Mac, then plug in your iPod.
Step 2: Run the program, and make sure you’re in the “Home” tab - though you should be there by default.
Step 3: On the screen, you should see a button that says “Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes”. Click it, then click the “Start” button when it shows up.
Step 4: Let the program scan through your files, then make sure to tick the box next to “Music”. Click “Start” again.
Step 5: When it’s done, you can click “OK”.
how to transfer music from ipod to itunes on mac

There are lots of advantages to doing it this way:

  • It’s extremely simple and quick.
  • You don’t have to sit around waiting for iTunes to load.
  • With just the click of a button you can transfer your videos.
  • You can transfer your files without damaging or deleting any of the other files in your existing library.
  • You’re not restricted by any of Apple’s limiting rules.
  • It also supports non-purchased music.

In addition, you can manage your music much more effectively using TunesMates’ intuitive interface. It will find and help you delete duplicate files, and you can also preview songs before you delete or transfer them. If you want a truly detailed view of the music on your iPod and you want real control over how your songs are transferred, TunesMate is definitely the way to go.

post-num-1 Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Using iTunes – More Complicated

Naturally, you can also transfer your music from your iPod to your Mac using iTunes itself. If you have no other tools, then this is the default one to use, though it is inherently limited as you will see. Here is how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes mac using iTunes:

Step 1: Prevent Your iPod from Syncing

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Press and hold “Command” and “Option” keys at the same time while plugging in your iPod.
  3. Do not release them until you see your iPod recognized by iTunes.
  4. Confirm that your iPod is mounted in iTunes and your Mac’s desktop.

Note: Ensure that your iPod will not sync with your iPod before connecting, or everything on your iPod will be removed.

Step 2: View Your iPod Hidden Folders

  1. Go to “Finder > Applications > Utilities” and launch Terminal.
  2. Copy and paste “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles True” and press Return key.
  3. Copy and paste “killall Finder” and press Return key to stop and restart your Finder.

transfer music from ipod to itunes mac

Step 3: Locate Your Music Folder on iPod

  1. Launch Finder and click your iPod’s name in the side bar.
  2. Open “iPod_Control” folder and then “Music” folder.
  3. You can copy and paste the music you want to add to iTunes to wherever you like on your Mac.

transfer music from ipod to itunes mac

Note: You will be surprised to find that the folder or file names are not named in an easily discernable manner, but look something like F00 or TWVP.mp3. It is normal. When you add them into iTunes, iTunes can detect their built-in ID3 tags. They can be displayed neatly with track and info in iTunes library.

Step 4: Add the Music to iTunes

  1. On iTunes, go to “iTunes > Preferences” and then “Advanced” tab.
  2. Check “Keep iTunes Music folder organized” and “Copy files to iTunes Music Folder folder when adding to library.” Hit “OK.”
  3. Go to “File > Add to Library” and select where you paste your music.
  4. Click “Open” button to make it.

transfer music from ipod to itunes mac

As you can see, it’s not too hard, but it does have some limitations. You will basically be transferring your purchases, which means that you can only transfer the files that you have officially purchased from the iTunes store. In other words, if you try to transfer music that you downloaded for free, it may not work, and in fact your music could become deleted in the process.

On top of that, you have to deal with the iTunes application, which is inefficient, slow, and restrictive. You can transfer one song at a time or manage your library as easily as you can with TunesMate. So if you want a better experience, definitely use TunesMate instead.

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