Designed specifically to hold media files, there are many different reasons why you may want to transfer a video to your iPod. If you have one of these – particularly the older iPod Touch – in your possession, you are certainly in touch with your media, and will likely want to do more than simply playing music with your device.

Although you can always download (or purchase) a video file on your device, if you already have this media on your iTunes library or on your PC, it makes no sense to purchase or download it over again. From limited storage space and limited file format acceptability, all the way to a possible lack of internet connectivity, different hurdles stand in the way of your process. Here we consider two different methods you could employ to transfer your video files to your iPod.

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPod with TunesMate

iMyFone TunesMate software has been designed to ensure your computer to iPod transfer process is as seamless as possible, and only a few clicks away. From music videos, to tutorial videos, home videos, movies, and TV shows among others, TunesMate empowers you to manage and transfer your video files without any hassles. It helps you seamlessly transfer different video types, even allowing you sync your iTunes library with your device without overwriting previously saved data.

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Main features of iMyFone TunesMate:

  • Transfer every video file in just one-click, without using iTunes.
  • TunesMate empowers you to transfer videos from computer to iPod without deleting old videos.
  • TunesMate lets you rebuild damaged iTunes library in just one simple clicks.
  • TunesMate supports unlimited devices and allows you share your media files without any limits.
  • Free yourself from every iTunes restriction including, transfer errors, computer limits and Apple ID limits.

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Steps to transfer your video from computer to iPod using TunesMate:

  1. Launch your iMyFone TunesMate on your computer, and connect to your iPod Touch with USB.
  2. Click on the “Videos” icon atop the software interface.
  3. Click on “Add” and select either “Add File” for a single video, or “Add Folder” for a complete folder transfer.
  4. Browse through the file paths on your system and select the appropriate video or folder; click “Open” to finish. TunesMate will convert any unsupported video files before transfer.

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPod with iTunes

Officially provided by iOS, iTunes is Apple’s recommended file transfer protocol. Thus, it is compatible with every iOS device, enabling you add videos simply by syncing and dragging. However, when adding new videos to your iPod using iTunes, it automatically replaces old videos with new ones, deleting them in the process. This makes it impossible to save old videos while transferring new ones from your computer. It is also largely incompatible with every video file format except the mp4.

  1. Install the latest iTunes version on your PC and connect to your iPod using a USB.
  2. Click on “File” and select “Add File to Library” to open library.
  3. Convert any unsupported file type before clicking on “Open” to add it to your iTunes library.
  4. Select the videos you want to transfer to your iPhone and add to iTunes.
  5. Once in iTunes, select your device name from the top left.
  6. Go to Movies or TV shows, select the videos you want to transfer and press Sync.
  7. Please be aware that sync videos from iTunes Library will remove your previous media files.

Any of the above listed options can help you achieve your goal transfer videos from computer to iPod. However, you will want to consider your unique situation before deciding which method works best for you. While TunesMate supports multiple devices, iTunes is limited with devices and file compatibility. Thus, it is safe to say that iMyFone TunesMate is the best video file transfer option for you both in terms of versatility and compatibility.