You have just received your new iPhone and you’re all excited to start using it so you go ahead to activate it. But there is a problem since it will not activate without the original Apple ID. This means that the iPhone had another owner and you need their Apple ID password to unlock your iPhone.

Chances are that you inherited, shared or bought a second hand iPhone that is why your Apple ID cannot be used to unlock this iPhone. There are many ways you can fix this problem and this article will help you address that.

Method 1: Bypass iCloud Activation Lock without Apple ID or Password

Your iPhone is stuck in the activation lock and you don’t have the password for Apple ID? Relax! This problem can be solved by a strong tool iMyFone iBypasser in several steps. iBypasser works efficiently in bypassing iCloud activation lock from iOS devices without Apple ID or password. This program supports iDevices running iOS systems from iOS 12.3 to 14.8.

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Amazing Features of iBypasser:

  • Apple ID cannot be used to unlock this iPhone issue can be solved by iBypasser.
  • Quickly bypass activation lock without Apple ID and passwords.
  • Powerful iCloud activation lock bypass tool that supports the latest iOS 14.8.
  • You can set a new Apple ID and password after bypassing activation lock screen.
  • Disabled track or erase from the previous Apple ID.

Steps to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen with iBypasser

Step 1. Launch iBypasser on your computer. Click "Start" and connect your iPhone to the computer.

start iMyFone iBypasser

Step 2. Wait for the jailbreak package download to your computer.

Downloading jailbreak package

Step 3. Follow the onscreen steps to jailbreak your iPhone. Click "Next" when it is done.

Jailbreak iPhone

Step 4. Start to bypass the iCloud activation lock screen. And wait a few seconds till done.

GPS location on iPhone changed

Method 2: Recovering Your Forgotten Apple ID

Have you ever tried to remember the login of your Apple ID to no avail? This is the worst feeling ever since your Apple ID cannot be used to unlock this iPhone. Apple has different ways of recovering forgotten Apple IDs or password. The following are steps on how to recover your forgotten Apple ID.

Step 1: From any browser go to the browser of iforgot Apple id. Click on Forgot Apple ID or password.

Forgot Apple ID or password

Step 2: Click on the text ‘Forgot Apple ID?’, then enter your full names and email to recover your Apple ID login and reset your password.

how to reset iphone without apple id

Step 3: Fill in the security questions of that Apple ID and complete the process using the onscreen instructions. A confirmation email will be sent to your email id. Click on the given link and get your Apple ID and a new password to sign in.

Method 3: Asking the Previous Owner to Unlock Remotely

Since your Apple ID cannot be used to unlock this iPhone, it will be a good idea to ask the previous owner to enter their Apple ID and password to unlock it. If they are not nearby ask them to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to iCloud using their Apple ID.


Step 2: Go to Find iPhone tab.

Step 3: At the top of the screen click on All devices.

Step 4: Select the other owner’s device and click Remove from Account.


Once the previous owner has removed the iPhone from their account, turn off then turn it on to start the setup process.


When you can't activate your iPhone without Apple ID or password, you can just bypass the activation lock directly and get into your iPhone by iMyFone iBypasser. It is a great program specialized in bypassing iCloud activation lock without Apple ID or password. A free trial version is provided. With it, the iCloud activation lock screen won’t be a problem from now on.