"Can I fake my location on Facebook posts?"

Facebook Check-In is an extremely cool feature that many people use to brag about their lavish travel lifestyle. Even businesses rely on this feature to promote their brand by checking-into different famous locations. However, many people don’t know that one can also check-in into a fake location on Facebook.

how to change location on facebook

That’s right! You can add a location check-in to anywhere in the world without even leaving your room. In this guide, we’re going to explain the step-by-step process on how to add fake GPS location for Facebook posts and nearby friends.

Part 1: How to Fake Your Location For Facebook Check In

First of all, let’s talk about adding a fake check-in as it is quite an easy process. Since Facebook doesn’t use any dedicated markers to verify if you’re actually present at the location, you can easily add a fake check-in by following a couple of easy steps.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app on your device and tap the “Check-In” button.

check in

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to a new window containing a list of nearby places and all the “check-ins” you’ve added in the past. You can either choose one of these locations or use the top search bar to search for a different location.

search location on Facebook

Step 3: Select a location that you want to check-in.

Step 4: Now, type a message under “What’s on Your Mind” that you want to share with your Facebook Friends and tap the “Post” button.

post location

That’s it! Your post with a fake check-in will be shared with your friends. You can also tag other people in your fake check-in prank to make it look more authentic. So, have fun pulling a prank to people by adding fake check-ins on Facebook.

Part 2: How to Fake Location for Facebook's Nearby Friends

When it comes to Facebook’s nearby friends, you can’t directly add a fake location. Facebook will track your device’s GPS to show all the nearby friends. It means that you’ll have to spoof the actual GPS location to set fake location in Facebook Nearby friends.

The most convenient way to do this is to use a third-party GPS spoofing app. Whether you’re using iPhone or Android, these apps will help you teleport your current GPS location to anywhere in the world, allowing you to spoof Facebook location for Nearby Friends.

Here we’ve put together the step-by-step process to fake GPS location on iPhone and Android.

How to Set Fake Location in Facebook Nearby Friends for iPhone

If you are planning to fake GPS location on an iPhone running from iOS 7 to 17, iMyFone AnyTo is the most convenient tool that’ll help you get the job done. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and quick process, it only takes a couple of minutes to fake your device’s GPS location using iMyFone AnyTo.

AnyTo location changer

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Best Location Changer to Change GPS Locationo on Facebook

  • Quick Teleport Mode to instantly choose any physical location in the World.
  • You can also use GPS coordinates to find a specific location on the map.
  • Plan a customized route by simulating GPS movement.
  • Hide your current whereabout to stop being tracked by your parents members and friends.
  • Add multiple spots while simulating a fake GPS route.

Follow these steps to fake GPS location for Facebook using iMyFoneAnyTo.

Step 1: Download iMyFone AnyTo on your iOS / Android devices.

Step 2: Back to your device's home page. Click the AnyTo icon, open AnyTo app. Follow the instructions in the software to complete the basic settings before changing the location.

open anyto to change location

Step 3: Select the location you want to change, choose the mode you need, then click the Move button .Your location will be changed within seconds.



You can select a place by long pressing/entering the place name/coordinates.

pokemon go auto catcher ios

Now, launch Facebook and use Find Nearby Friends using a fake location.

use Find Nearby Friends

That's it. It's easy right? Well, just click the Try It Free button below and try iMyFone AnyTo for Free!

How to Fake GPS Location for Facebook's Nearby Friends for Android

If you want to set fake location in Facebook nearby friends on an Android device, the process would be slightly different. In this case, you can use the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer app to mock your current GPS location.

Follow these steps to use Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer to manipulate the GPS location on an Android device. Please note that you need to turn Developer options on before moving on with this app. To do this, you can simply look for the build number on your device’s Settings. Tap on it 7 times and you will become developer.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and install GPS Go Location Spoofer on your device.

download and install

Step 2: Before using the app, you’ll have to set it as your default mock location app. To do so, select "Settings" > "Developer Options" > "Set mock location app" > "FakeGPS Free".

set mock location app

Step 3: Now, launch Fake GPS Go and tap the "Search" icon to find a location. You can also enter dedicated GPS coordinates to search for a specific location.

search location

Step 4: Move the pointer around to choose a specific location on the map. Tap the "play" icon in the bottom-left corner to initiate the location spoofing session.

spoof location for Facebook

Step 5: Launch Facebook and use Nearby Friends with a fake GPS location.

Part 3: Benefits of Faking Location on Facebook

So, why would you want to use a fake location on Facebook? Well, there are several benefits of using fake GPS location for Facebook. Some of these benefits include:

  • Prank your friends and family members by adding fake check-ins.
  • Improve your brand reputation by checking-into famous locations.
  • You can spoof your GPS location and use the “Nearby Friends” feature to connect with people in distant lands.

  • Conclusion

    Facebook check-in is a great feature to brag about your jet-setting lifestyle to your friends. Even if your travel plans are on hold right now, you can spoof Facebook location and add fake check-ins using the above methods. You can also use a GPS spoofing app iMyFone AnyTo to use the “Nearby Friends” feature to connect with new people every day.