pokemon masters

A new Pokemon game is available for game lovers around the world. Compared to the previous series Pokemon Go, Pokemon Masters came up with a different approach where pokemon trainers and pokemon work together to prove themselves as true champions.

As this new game features all the iconic trainers and their Pokemon, it adds great fun to the game.

Continue reading the article to know everything about Pokemon Masters and the latest updates, tips, and tricks of the game:

Part 1: Pokemon Masters to Release on Android and iOS

Pokemon masters Ex formerly known as Pokemon Masters is developed by The Pokemon Company and DeNA Co, Ltd. The game is a combination of the original mobile game and the previous series where the players find an opportunity to reunite with the Champions and Gym Leaders to start a new adventure. The game was released worldwide on August 29, 2019, and is available for both iOS and Android players.

pokemon masters sync pairs

The game takes place on Pasio Island, where Pokemon and their trainers have gathered from around the world and form their sync pairs. Players meet various trainers and befriend them to create a team to become the champion of the final Pokemon Masters League tournament.

After making sync pairs, you will engage in Pokemon battles. The battles are 3vs3 that are played in real-time. Since multiple sync pairs square off at a time, you need to develop various new strategies to come on top.

sync pair scout

The latest Pokemon Masters Ex ver. 2.12.0 was released on August 26, 2021, with new content. The update also includes minor game improvements and fixed bugs. You can visit the official page to know more about the game updates.

Part 2: How to Play Pokemon Masters?

The game starts by making sync pairs who will participate in the final pokemon masters league. In the central city of Pasio, lies the pokemon center where all sync pairs gather and prepare themselves for the adventures.

Each sync pair is given a score based on the team's strength. A team with the highest sync pair level has a higher score. You can level up the sync pairs by developing sync grids, improving stats, and teaching them valuable tricks.

level up the sync pairs

The game has a story where players go through various chapters, earn badges, and finally participate in PML. Story Events, Solo events, legendary arenas are some of the different game events.

Once you befriend sync pairs, you engage in 3 vs. 3 battles in real-time.

3 on 3 battles

In the battle, each player chooses the opponent to be targeted. Player can change the target by tapping on the targeted sync pair. Player also selects some moves to fight utilizing certain energy from the move gauge that is visible at the bottom of the screen. If the moves chosen by the player are successfully accomplished, they can improve the players’ stats, team stats and also restores the HP.

Sync pairs can also use sync moves that are special moves to defeat the opponent. However, you can unleash sync moves only after using specific number of attacks.

The team, who first defeats all the sync pairs of the opponent, wins the battle. The winner gets reward in the form of items and experience.

Part 3: Tips for Becoming a Pokémon Master

In the Pokemon Master trainer's board game, you train monsters and collect famous pokemon master trainers. In a 3 vs. 3 battle, it can be pretty difficult for the newcomers to keep track of everything. Follow these 5 tips to have better control over the game.

1 Use Your Stronger Character

When you deploy your trainers and Pokemon in the battleground at once, you don't need to use all the characters equally. The best strategy is to attack through your strongest character exclusively because the bottom move bar is linked to the entire team and not just the individual Pokemon.

Moreover, certain Pokemon are powerful against multiple enemies, and if enemies are weak, they can end the battle by repeatedly attacking the enemies.

2 Use Sync Moves

sync moves

If you are not succeeding in the battle, you can change the course by using your best move; the sync moves. You can use Sync moves to attack a Pokémon’s weakness once you have made a certain number of attacks in the battle.

If you fail to do enough damage with other moves, try to use moves that require only one bar of move gauge so you can get the sync moves down to 0 quickly.

3 Don’t Skip Training Missions

On the Explore page, you will unlock the training category in various chapters. Although these are optional objectives, you can use them to unlock power-up items and improve the trainer's levels before any attack. There is no downside in trying. Instead, they give you an edge in the next chapter.

4 No Problem with Over Leveling of One Character

If you complete several missions with a particular character, the level of the rest of the participants will be down. Though it is not good in other pokemon games, you don't need to worry about pokemon masters.

When you progress in the game, you will gain a level-up manual which you can use on individual trainers to level them up.

5 Double Attack the Targeted Enemy

double attack the targeted enemy

There is always a possibility of attacking the wrong enemy and wasting your abilities. So, always double-tap the enemy you want to attack to ensure that you are attacking the right target.

Part 4: FAQs You Should Know about Pokemon Master

1 Can I play Pokémon Masters offline?

No, you cannot play Pokemon Masters offline. An internet connection is a must to play it.

2 Is Pokémon Masters free-to-play?

Yes, Pokemon Masters is free to play with some in-app purchases. The in-app-purchases are not necessary to complete the game, and the cost ranges from $0.99 to $79.99.

3 How much storage space does Pokémon Masters require?

Pokemon Masters require 1.3 GB of storage space to install and run.

4 Is Pokémon Masters linked to Pokémon Go?

No, Pokemon Masters is not linked to the AR game Pokemon Go.

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imyfone anyto

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select gaming mode

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change location

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