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The eagerly awaited Monster Hunter Now Halloween event has arrived, offering players the opportunity to acquire fantastic pumpkin-themed armor and partake in unique quests. Here's your comprehensive guide to this thrilling event.

In addition to this, a Halloween-themed Kulu-Ya-Ku makes an appearance, clutching pumpkin-like rocks. The event also introduces map modifications and exclusive Packs featuring Special Carving Knives available for purchase.

To bring you up to speed on all the spine-tingling happenings, here's the complete scoop on the Monster Hunter Now Halloween event.

monster hunter now halloween event

In this article:

Part 1: MH Now Halloween Event-Limited Time Collecting/Hunting Monsters

The first limited-time gathering event will start on October 25. When the event begins, the game will require hunters to collect special items or complete Special tasks to hunt monsters.

how to get halloween ticketsin mhn

After completing the limited-time mission, you can obtain the most important thing of this mission – pumpkin tickets. After collecting a certain number of pumpkin tickets, you can make a Jack-o’-Head.

Part 2: MH Now Halloween Event-Pumpkin Kulu-Ya-Ku Hunting

The Kulu-Ya-Ku is holding a stone. In the Halloween event, the bird will appear holding a pumpkin. Please note that the pumpkin Kulu-Ya-Ku will not appear until 9 a.m. on October 28. After the hunt is successful, you will get the pumpkin.

In addition, birds with levels 1-3 will not drop pumpkin tickets. Only birds with 4 stars or above will drop pumpkin rolls.

monster hunter now kulu ya ku

It is recommended to advance the main mission to the second level or higher difficulty before the event starts, so that the bird's star rating on the map will increase and more pumpkin tickets will be obtained.

During the event, Kulu-Ya-Ku will appear more frequently, and you will have a chance to encounter Kulu-Ya-Ku in almost all maps, so you have more chances to get pumpkin rolls. Even if you don’t have time to play, you can still ask Cat to help you with paintballs. Mark it for later when you have time.

Part 3: MH Now Halloween Event - Make an Upgraded Jack-o’-Head Armor

Jack-o’-Head Armor is a head armor in Monster Hunter Now. There are male and female versions, but I don’t know if there is a distinction in MH Now. We will find out when everyone makes it!

monster hunter now halloween jack-o-head armor


  • Jack-o’-Head Armor's equipment skill is unity. If in the same hunting activity, the more teammates equipped with Pumpkin Head, the higher the attack power will be, and the effect can increase up to 5 times during the event! But it should be noted that the 5 times here does not mean that your attack power will be directly upgraded to 5 times.
  • Damage during activity = attack power * head equipment effect * activity multiplier

In short, if all your teammates wear this Jack-o’-Head Armor, your attack power will be higher.

According to the official announcement, 70 pumpkin coupons are needed to upgrade Jack-o’-Head Armor.

This means that if you want to make and upgrade this equipment, you will need to buy more than 70 pumpkin tickets, and the official has not made it clear that in addition to pumpkin tickets, Whether other materials or how many ZENNY coins are required to complete the production will only be known during the event.

Bonus Tips

If you don’t want to run around the map and want to buy a lot of pumpkin tickets during the event to make a Jack-o’-Head, you can try some game auxiliary tools, such as iMyFone AnyTo, which allows you to move according to settings to hunt monsters without leaving the house.

Easily change MHN location, and there are many ways to spoof MHN, including teleportation, multi-point movement, joystick mode, etc., allowing you to earn enough pumpkin tickets!

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Part 4: MH Now Halloween Event-Limited Halloween Pack

The most important thing in Monster Hunter Now is the recovery potion. In this event, the manufacturer has specially launched a limited Halloween Pack, but the content sold in the game mall and the online mall are different. If you need it, you can also customize it according to your needs. If you need to buy it!

▼Here’s what you can find in the Halloween Pack

  • Paintball x2
  • Wander Droplet x2
  • Special Carving Knife x2
  • Potion x10

▼Here’s what you can find in the Web Store-exclusive Halloween Premium Pack

  • Paintball x6
  • Wander Droplet x6
  • Special Carving Knife x3
  • Potion x30

Part 5: Monster Hunter Now Halloween Tips

More Tips about Monster Hunter Now Halloween Event

  • For hunters with HR 11 or above, the mission will automatically appear in the Special mission. If you do not reach HR 11, you can also see the Pumpkin Saul.
  • The end time of the event is also the end time for reward collection, so you need to brush more Kulu-Ya-Ku during the event period to get more pumpkin tickets to make or upgrade Jack-o’-Head. Kulu-Ya-Ku will appear in various places on the map. If you are inconvenient to go out, you can also try our MHN GPS auxiliary tool for your physical examination.
  • Birds marked by paintballs can also be hunted after the event and will receive pumpkin tickets. After the event, you need to use normal materials to strengthen Jack-o’-Head.
  • The bird's weakness is water. During the event, it is recommended to use water-type weapons or high-attack weapons (such as swords and sledgehammers) to attack its head and front feet.


The above is the information shared about Monster Hunter Now Halloween Event. I hope you have fun in the Halloween event. If you want to collect a lot of pumpkin tickets or other materials, try Monster Hunter Now spoofing app iMyFone AnyTo. It is not only easy to use, but also does not require a lot of money.

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