Pidove, a Normal-Flying type Pokemon that evolves into Tranquill and Unfezant, was first introduced in Generation V. Players will have an hour to catch as many Pokemon as they can after the spotlight hour begins. The Pokedex refers to Pidove as the "Tiny Pigeon Pokemon."


You can take advantage of this opportunity to collect and evolve as many Pidove as you can since during the hour that the event is running, the spawn rate of Pidove greatly increases. Only 12 Pidove candies are needed for the first evolution, whereas 50 are needed for the second.

We will discuss strengths, weaknesses, numbers, and other information of pidove in this article.

Part 1: About Pidove

Pidove, also referred to as the Tiny Pigeon Pokemon, is a Pokemon of the Normal/Flying type. It was first discovered in the Unova area and first appeared in Generation V. Pidove, a generation five Pokemon, made its debut in Ash and Trip's Third Battle! of the anime's Black and White Series.

Pidove is strong against Ghost, Ground, Bug Pokemon but weak against Electric, Ice, Rock type Pokemon.

01 Pidove's Base Stats

  • Attack: 55
  • Hp: 50
  • Defense: 50
  • Special Attack: 36
  • Special Defense: 30
  • Speed: 43
  • Total: 264

02 Pidove's Behavior

Although pidove are frequently slow to react and forgetful, they are also devoted, intelligent, and adore being around people.

Pidove are unable to comprehend complex directions during training, and they may quickly forget the instructions the trainer previously gave, remaining in the same location while anticipating a new command.

03 Pidove's Strengths and Weaknesses

Pidove's base evolution Pokemon doesn't have many noteworthy advantages. Its best stat is physical attack, yet even for a basic evolution Pokemon, all of its other stats are only average.

It is capable of employing Tailwind, which can provide its squad a long-lasting speed boost. The partly cloudy and windy weather favors Pidove. The Pokemon is a powerful Normal/Flying type.

pidove strengths and weaknesses

Pidove receives double damage from rock, electric, and ice type techniques because it is a dual type normal and flying Pokemon. It is resistant to moves of the types grass and bug but not the types ghost or ground.

04 Pidove's Best Moveset

Pidove is almost never used in competitive play outside of the LC bracket. It can play a crucial supporting role in preparing your other aggressive Pokemon because it has access to Tailwind. The Super Luck power allows it to significantly increase its own damage output.

pivode best moveset

Aerial Ace won't miss and stacks with Pidove's Super Luck ability, Hidden Power Grass/U-Turn can be used interchangeably as a more destructive move or as an effective switch, and Return can be utilized to do a considerable amount of damage against the majority of Pokemon.

Part 2: How to Catch Pidove in Pokemon Go?

Trying to find a Pidove during its spotlight hour is the best method to catch one in Pokemon Go. The player's chances of obtaining a Pokemon Go Pidove for their collection are increased by using lure at a pokestop and incense while out and about.

catch pidove in pokemon go

To increase their chances of catching the Pokemon, players should also stock up on great balls, ultra-balls, pokeballs, and Razz Berries. Additionally, hatching eggs can be a good way for the player to catch this Pokemon. These are the general strategies for obtaining all Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Although it is seen as a common occurrence, Pidove is now a little harder to find due to the rise in the population of wild Pokemon. Thankfully, finding it outside of events or exclusive promotions is still perfectly doable for Pokemon GO trainers and collectors. Pidove is occasionally discovered in the wild and is still a Tier 1 raid boss, making it simple to kill and capture by one person.

Part 3: Hot FAQs about Pidove

1 At what level does Pidove evolve?

Pidove can evolve into Tranquill starting at level 21, and the player chooses when he wants to do so for the remaining levels. At level 32, it undergoes the following development, becoming an Unfezant. For this evolution line, there are no special requirements to meet, and they will evolve when their corresponding level thresholds are reached.

2 What region is Pidove from?

The Unova region's Pidove is a Normal-type, Flying-type Pokémon. Pidove would spawn in places where there were humans in Black and White 2. It could be found in Castelia City, Virbank Complex, and Floccesy Ranch.

3 Can Pidove Be Shiny?

Shiny variation spawn rates during Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour are well recognised for being increased. Pidove, a Pokémon of the Normal and Flying types, is susceptible to Rock, Electric, and Ice attacks. Fortunately, the game includes a Shiny version of Pidove, meaning that both of its evolutions, Tranquil and Unfezant, can also be Shiny.

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Almost all information about this Tiny Pigeon Pokemon has now been provided to you. Pidove and its evolution line may not have had the greatest influence on competitive play, but they are still relevant because Ash used them as his primary Pokemon while exploring Unova.

Pidove isn't completely useless; in fact, it can assist your offensive Pokemon get off to a good start. To have a supporting normal and flying type Pokemon, leave a spot on your squad for Pidove. You can easily catch pidove via iMyFone AnyTo without moving.