Pokémon GO is regarded as one of the best AR games of the modern gaming era. As you proceed with the game of Pokémon GO, you will eventually be able to unlock most of the Pokémons that are available in the game, and the Pokémon Dragapult is one of them.

If you are interested in knowing more about this popular Pokémon you can unlock, you are highly recommended to keep reading. We will uncover all the details regarding the Dragapult Pokémon and the Shiny Dragapult in this segment.

What is Dragapult in Pokémon GO?

The Pokémon Dragapult is one of the Pokémons in the game that belongs to the 8th generation of Pokémons, and it is very widely known as the Stealth Pokémon. It is a hybrid between the Dragon and Ghost Pokémons in the Pokémon world, and for this reason, it is prevalent amongst the ones who have a vast knowledge of the game.

The Dragapult is the final form of the Dreepy Pokémon, and it is known to have been evolved from Drakloak and known for various abilities as a Pokémon, but the primary abilities of Dragapult are Clear Body and Infiltrator.

Moreover, another primary ability of Dragapult is the Cursed Body, which can nullify the effect of any move on its form from other Pokémons in the game.


Stats for the Dragapult Pokémon

HP 88
Attack 120
Defense 75
Special Attack 100
Special Defense 75
Speed 142
Total 600

How to get Dragapult?

If you want to find Pokémon sword Dragapult, you are recommended to keep reading this segment.

Catching Dreepy in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you must target specific locations on the map. You have to visit the Lake of Outrage to unlock the surf modification for the Rotom Bike, and then only you would be able to get hold of Dreepy.

Once you cross the lake, you will come across a Pokémon caviar, and Dreepy would most definitely be one of them. However, you might not get lucky each time as the probability of Dreepy spawning out in cloudy weather is 1%. Subsequently, the chances are approximately 2% during a heavy thunderstorm.

However, you have a high chance of meeting Drakloak during the time of his evolution. Once you catch Dreepy, it will develop into Drakloak at level 50 and after that, keep on growing until it becomes Dragapult at level 60. 

Regarding the best traits of the Dragapult Pokémon sword, Adamantine is the sure winner. Also, you can check out the Dragapult Vmax price if you are not ready to put in much effort.

Is there a Shiny Dragapult?

The Shiny Dragapult belongs to a group of Pokémons that have a different color plan than others.

For example, the shiny Charizard is black as an alternative to orange, with slight differences in the wings and eyes. They are very rare and occur at 1 base rate in 4096.

shiny dragapult

Shiny Dragapults suggest no competitive benefit and are precisely the same as non-shiny complement except for their appearance. You get it because you are fond of how it looks or want to keep your PvP opponents to provide an edge of superiority over other competitors.

How to obtain Shiny Dragapult?

These are two of the most prevalent ways of acquiring Dragapult shiny in Pokemon Sword.

Shining charm

Getting a Shiny charm increases your chances of discovering a sparkle between 1 in 4,096 - about 1 in 1365. You can find a Shiny charm from someone at a Circhester City hotel after completing the Pokédex.

Masuda Method

Masuda's Method is completed by bringing two Pokemon from the game in different languages. Like, if you play it in English and got Japanese ditto, then you could breed your shining fates Dragapult with Japanese ditto to increase your chances of a lean breed dramatically.

How to catch more Dragapult in Pokemon GO?

There are only a few ways in which you can catch more Pokémons in Pokemon GO. So, for instance, if you want to see more Dragapult in Pokemon GO, you would have to deal with certain obligations related to your location and GPS settings.

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Some FAQs about Pokemon Dragapult

  • How rare is a shiny Dreepy?

As per the records, an individual is expected to receive one Shiny Dreepy in every 680 successful breeding. However, you are not guaranteed to receive one out of every 680 procedures.

  • How does Dreepy evolve?

Dreepy is known to develop into a Drakloak at level 50, and it will continue to evolve until it becomes a Dragapult at level 60.

  • How do I avoid getting banned for spoofing my location?

You are recommended to try out a well-designed VPN software that would not give away your location and keep your IP address safe. This can be achieved to catch more Pokémons without having to compromise with your site. You are also suggested not to travel to far-off locations very frequently.

  • What is Dragapult weak to?

The notable weaknesses of the Dragapult are mentioned down below:

  • Ghost.
  • Dark.
  • Fairy.
  • Ice.
  • Dragon.


Today, the video games that are primarily popular in the community are pretty fascinating in both the storyline and the graphics and visuals that go hand in hand with it. As a result, the gaming experience for everyone who is into video gaming is quite extravagant, and Pokémon GO is one of the best online video games currently available.

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