Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. These days every gaming enthusiast can be seen playing Pokemon Go on an everyday basis. In this game, you basically share your current location and look for and collect Pokemons in your vicinity.

There is a new pokemon that has been recently included in this game called Urshifu. Want to know more about this Pokemon? You can get all the information you need about Urshifu through this article. In the end, we will also talk about how you can mock your location while playing Pokemon Go.


What Is Urshifu in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Urshifu appears in Generation 8 and is considered to be a dark or fighting type of Pokemon. It is also commonly referred to as the “Wushu Pokemon''. This legendary Pokemon is available in the initial expansion pass received for Pokemon Sword & Shield. In this “Isle of Armor”, pokemon Urshifu gets evolved from Kubfu.

Generally, once Kubfu undergoes sufficient training, it would evolve and become Pokemon Urshifu. Generally, Pokemon Urshifu can be seen in two different styles that are Rapid Strike Style and Single Strike Style. Each of these styles has different forms as well.

Base stats

HP 100 310 404
Defense 100 184 328
Attack 130 238 394
Special defense 60 112 240
Special attack 63 117 247
Speed 97 179 322
Total 550 Minimum Maximum

How to Get Urshifu?

There is a dojo for battles in the “Isle of Armor” where several trainers gather to master their skills. When you train here, you will be presented with Pokemon Kubfu by the dojo master and Mustard, who is the former champion of the Gala region.

When you continue training with Kubfu, you will be permitted to participate in the challenge being conducted at the “Tower of Two Fists”. Here, you can choose between Tower of Waters or Tower of Darkness and face the challenge alone with Kubfu.

If you manage to conquer either of the two towers by beating Mustard at the top floor of the tower, your Pokemon Kubfu will evolve into Urshifu Smogon which is a more powerful Pokemon.

Which Urshifu Form Is Better?

The legendary Urshifu pokemon comes in two different forms, and each of these two forms of Urshifu can learn different moves.

1. Single Strike Style

Category Wushu Pokemon
Type Dark/Fighting
Weight 105 Kg
Height 1.9 m
Ability Unseen Fist

urshifu single strike style

When your Urshifu is in this form, it can battle without holding anything back. Such an Urshifu, when enraged, would mercilessly attack the opponent continuously until it gets crushed. If your Urshifu is single strike style, you would observe that its movements are pretty direct and rushed forward in a single straight line.

It will keep maintaining its distance from the opponent and then instantly leap forward to deliver a powerful and strong blow. The signature move of this Urshifu form is the wicked blow. When your Urshifu follows the dark path, it can unleash this move which is in the form of a single, powerful blow. This move would always give a critical result as your Urshifu would attack the opponent without paying any attention to the stat changes of your target.

2. Rapid Strike Style

Category Wushu Pokemon
Type Type Water/Fighting
Weight 105 Kg
Height 1.9 m
Ability Unseen Fist

urshifu rapid strike style

This form of Urshifu Pokemon maintains a calmer demeanor, and it first observes its opponent for its strengths and then proceeds by dodging the attacks thrown at it. Generally, flowing movements would be observed by Rapid Strike Style Urshifu.

This form of Urshifu would first gauge the opponent’s moves and then slowly overwhelm them with several rapid strikes. The signature move of Rapid Strike Urshifu is the three-fold surging rapid strikes. When your Urshifu follows the path of water, it can unleash these moves. Similar to the former form of Urshifu, when this three-fold strike move gets activated, the blows to the opponent would be critical without paying any heed to the change in the stats of the opponent.

Which Form is Better?

The Urshifu of rapid strike style is comparatively better since it can easily break through defenses like substitute and Mimikyu’s Disguise and continue to hit in just a single turn. It has a wider coverage when compared to single strike-style Urshifu, which makes it superior when it comes to survivability.

It also has no 4x weaknesses like single strike style Urshifu, making it less vulnerable to attacks. Since single strike style, Urshifu is a dark/fighting type Pokemon, it possesses flawed defense capabilities and covers fewer types compared to rapid strike style Urshifu.

How to Catch More Urshifu in Pokemon Go?

When it comes to playing Pokemon Go, you can catch Pokemons only in the vicinity that you reside in. This way, you may be able to catch only a few Urshifu.

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FAQs about Urshifu

1. Is Urshifu a good Pokemon?

Urshifu is a Pokemon that comes with amazing stats. Although it has 550 BTS which is considerably weaker than several legendary Pokemons, it is distributed very well. Although it falls back with bad special defense and attack, it makes up for it with other strong stats.

2. Does Urshifu have Gigantamax?

When you talk to Mustard and Hop, you will realize that Pokemon Urshifu has not learned Gigantamax skills. This giant bear also does not like the Max Soup’s taste. However, when a special ingredient is added to the soup, it will eat it.

3. Is Kubfu a legendary Pokemon?

Yes, Kubfu is a new legendary Pokemon of the fighting type, which is introduced in Generation 8. It is a serious Pokemon which is extremely dedicated to its training and dwells in distant, far mountains.


Urshifu is a new Pokemon which is an evolved version of Kubfu. It comes in two different forms, each with its own set of skills and powers. This article will help you in learning more about this Pokemon, its forms, strengths, and weaknesses. If you wish to capture more shiny Urshifu Pokemon, consider investing in a highly recommended location changer software like iMyFone AnyTo.