Ins and Outs of Deleting Albums from Your iPhone

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Your photos are very personal and should remain personal info to you, your family and friends. Even if posted on the internet, they are your photos and should only be shared with those of whom you choose. Therefore, your photo albums should not be kept on your iPhone, especially when you are choosing to trade it in, sell it, or upgrade to a new iPhone. It is essential to delete photo albums from iPhone to protect your privacy and the privacy of those in your circle of influence.

How to Delete Albums From iPhone

1 On iPhone Itself

Deleting photo albums from iPhone is as easy as taking a photo in the first place. It takes little skill or knowledge and is completed in the matter of seconds. This is great if you have numerous albums to delete. However, be careful not to accidentally delete an album that you intended to maintain on your iPhone.

  1. To begin, simply open the Photo app from your iPhone.
  2. Go to “Albums”. In the top right corner will be an Edit button, which you may select.
  3. This will enable the delete feature, which places a red circle on each album you have created on the iPhone. Click the red circle on the albums you wish to delete and click “Delete”.

delete albums from iPhone


Only the created albums can be deleted. There is no option to delete the stock albums, such as “All Photos”, “Selfies”, and “Recently Deleted” album. What you can do for the stock albums is to delete photos in them.

2 Through iTunes

If your iPhone is synced with iTunes, you are able to delete albums from iPhone through iTunes. The process is not much more difficult.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Computer and open iTunes.
  2. Select your iPhone and click the Photos tab.
  3. Once you are in your photos, click on the tab that says "Synch Photos from".
  4. When you find the album you want to delete, uncheck the box next to that album and hit "Apply" to begin the synch process. This will delete photo album from your iPhone.

How to Mass Delete Photo Albums from iPhone at 1-Click

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac can help you easily delete albums from iPhone with just one easy click. This software has revolutionized the way in which data is stored and deleted from your iPhone, making the process clean, easy, and reliable.

Windows version Mac version

You have the ability with iMyFone Umate Pro to either manage and delete photos albums simply to clear up space. On your iPhone, you cannot delete several photo albums at once. However, with iMyFone, you can. The 1-Click system simplifies the process to delete albums from iPhone. It will not take you much time to do so.

Besides, iMyFone Umate Pro working as a perfect cleaner, you can clean up 30+ types of junk files and temporary files at once, such as caches, corrupted files, cookies, history, etc.. Only iMyFone Umate Pro has the function of cleaning temporary files. Transferring videos from iPhone can be much easier and deletion will run when it finishes. A bulk of apps can be managed at the same time to get more available space.

Deleting photos albums from iPhone can be conducted in the one-click system by following these three simple steps:


1: Download the software to your computer and connect your iPhone.

2: Allow iMyFone Umate Pro to “Quick Scan” your device and provide a data analysis.


3: Select "Clean" button related to Photos and watch your albums disappear.


Kindly note that, photos albums can be transferred to your computer first for future need. Apart from deleting, you can also choose to compress the photo albums without losing any visible quality, saving 75%+ photo storage.

Permanently Delete Albums from iPhone, 100% Unrecoverable!

iMyFone Umate Pro working as an ultimate eraser, permanent erasure can protect sensitive or personal data from being recovered, which gives you ability to manage your iPhone for ultimate security. There are 3 erase modes on it. “Erase All Data” can erase all content and settings from your iPhone. You can selectively erase some personal data through “Erase Private Data”, such as photos, messages, call history, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc.. What’s more, it can find out some previously deleted files and completely erase them without a trace via “Erase Deleted Files”.

Should you need to permanently delete albums from iPhone, iMyFone has the answer. You may wonder what would cause someone need to permanently delete albums as opposed to simply delete them. Simply deleted albums can be easily retrieved with some recovery tools. Only by erasing permanently cannot the recovery happen. To completely delete albums from iPhone, you have two choices, erasing the existing albums or the simply deleted albums.

erase photo

Here are the simple steps to do so.

  1. Connect your iPhone to computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.
  2. Go to “Erase Private Data” and hit “Scan”. (Or go to “Erase Deleted Files” for erasing deleted albums.)
  3. Uncheck other items except Photos. Choose unwanted albums and tab “Erase Now”.
  4. Type “delete” into the box to confirm.

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