Lost Photos on iPhone after Restore? How to Get Them Back?

One way of fixing an iPhone that is irresponsive is by restoring it.  With this method, you should be aware that you would lose data on your iPhone. Recovering photos after restore is not that easy since the photos maybe overwritten thus making it difficult to retrieve them. However, with an iPhone data recovery software, you may increase your chances of getting back the missing photos after restore. In this article, we will walk you through simple steps on how you can try to recover photos on an iPhone (iOS 10.3 supported) after restoring it.

Recover iPhone Photos after Restore using iMyFone D-Back

Photos keep memories alive and losing such precious data on your iPhone that you have saved for so long is stressing. With iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery Win or iPhone data recovery Mac software you can always recover them since this software supports various data loss scenario. You can restore data that you lost when restoring data, due to deletion, data lost when upgrading iOS, damaged device or even when you incur system crash. Moreover, it comes with an easy to use interface and it very safe. This software is built with other thrilling features like;

  • It can recover 22+ different data types including third party apps such as photos, text messages, contacts, videos, WeChat Messages, Kik Messages and WhatsApp history among others.
  • It has wizard recovery mode known as Smart Recovery mode along side other three recovery modes (recover data without backup, recover data from iTunes backup and iCloud backup).
  • It is built with a preview feature to let you choose the exact data.
  • It supports all iOS devices and all iOS versions including iOS 10.3.
  • It is built with Fix iOS system feature that allows fixes and repairs iOS devices that are stuck in recovery mode, black screen and white screen of dead.

download-win download-mac

Now let us look at 3 ways in which you can recover data using this software.

1 Recover Lost iPhone Photos Directly from the iPhone

It may be more difficult to recover the lost photos if you didn’t have a backup, but it is still worth a try:

Step 1: Run iMyFone on your computer and then select “Recover from iOS device.” Click “Start” to begin.

Recover Lost iPhone Photos Directly from the iPhone

Step 2: In the next window, select “Photos” under “Photo & Video” since this is the type of file we wish to recover.

choose the type of file we wish to recover

Step 3: Connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables and click “Scan” as soon as the program detects the device.

Connect the iPhone to the computer

Step 4: Once the scan is complete. Preview the photos and then select the ones you want to recover. Click “Recover” to save the deleted photos.

Preview the photos

2 Recover Lost iPhone Photos after Restore via iTunes Backup

To be able to restore photos from iTunes backup, you should have done a backup of files before.

Step 1. Choose "Recover from iTunes backup"

Open the program once you have installed it on your computer.  On the left hand side click on “Recover from iTunes Backup” option.

click on Recover from iTunes Backup option

Now click on the “Start” icon and you will be able to select the file types that you want to restore. Mark on “Photos” and “App Photos” and click on Next button. You will then have to select an iTunes Backup file and scan it.

select an iTunes Backup file

Step 2. Preview and Recover Photos

Once the scanned files they will be displayed on the window. Click on Photos icon and preview each photo that has been restored. Next, mark on those that you want to save back to your iPhone and click on “Recover” button.


Complete the process by saving the photos on your computer.

3 Recover Lost iPhone Photos after Restore via iCloud Backup

This method requires that you have done a backup of Photos on your iCloud account

Step 1. Choose "Recover from iCloud backup"

Launch the program and click on “Recover from iCloud Backup”.

click on Recover from iCloud Backup

After that click on “Start” and select the file types to restore including the photos and click “Next” icon.

select the file types

The software will then let you click log in to your account. This software is safe and secure so don’t be sceptical on logging in. Once you are logged in you will your cloud data backups. Click on the one you want to scan and click on “Download” button. After that, click on “Scan Download” button.

download icloud backup

Step 2. Preview and Restore Photos

On the program window you will see all the lost files that have been recovered. Under “Photos & Videos” category is where you can find your photos. Click it and have a preview of the photos that have been recovered. After that, you can now tick on the ones that you want to download to your computer and then click on “Recover” button at the lower right.

Preview and Restore Photos

Lastly, choose the location and the name of the files that you have recovered. With the free trial version of iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery Win or iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery Mac software (compatible with iOS 10.3) you can preview all the recoverable data in the preview interface.

Windows version Mac version