Apple has captured the market of smartphones by miles. It is not just because of their excellent cameras or optimized performance. It is because Apple thinks far ahead of the other competitors. It brings in great updates and amazing features and provides awesome technology. However, there are some iOS 16 problems in it as well. This lead to various problems with iPhone devices that users experience.

ios 16 problems

This article will highlight the latest features of iOS 16, which has been recently launched, followed by the common problems experienced in iOS 16, and the ultimate repair tool for them.

Part 1: iOS 16 New Features

Cinematic Mode 4K

Cinematic Mode 4K

Initially confined to Full HD, it is now feasible to take 4K motion pictures with Cinematic Mode. This function has to be now able to reveal its potential fully. So far, this selection is extraordinary for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 lines.

Action Mode

Action Mode

Among the various new capabilities of the camera, Apple has additionally geared up its new iPhone 14 collection with a brand new Action Mode. This might be used to enhance the stableness while taking video.

Crash Detection

Crash Detection

Just like the new Apple Watch Series 8, the brand new iPhone 14 might be capable of discovering an automobile accident and automatically alerting the emergency services. The smartphone might be capable of recognizing the sort of accident and reacting accordingly.

Always on Display

Always On Display

After years of waiting, Apple has, in the end, introduced the Always-On-Display function to its iPhones. Thanks to the LTPO display screen that will boost the refresh rate to 1 Hz, the iPhone 14 Pro might be capable of continuously showing information, including the time, widgets, or dynamic notifications.

Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island

Apple has eliminated the notch in choose of a brand new punch. The producer could take advantage of this variation with its Dynamic Island to permit the application of the vicinity across the notch to show statistics, notifications, signals, or the decision button. This new vicinity will provide numerous opportunities, and developers have to discover new makes use of withinside the coming months. This is likewise a reliable hardware function, so the iPhone 14 Pro collection can use it now.

Emergency SOS through Satellite

Apple has made official the lengthy-awaited characteristic permitting contact emergencies through satellite. Specifically, you may ship messages in order to be incredibly compressed and capable of being transmitted in 15 seconds through satellite. Apple additionally gives pre-written messages to make it simpler for you. Relay facilities had been installed in case an emergency carrier no longer received SMS.

Lock Display Screen

Apple specializes in new customization alternatives for the iOS 16 Lock display screen. Now, you may upload widgets and extrude their format in addition to font and color. Some widgets can release animations just like the one withinside the Weather app that indicates in actual time whether or not it is raining or now no longer. Apple also became stimulated by using Xiaomi's Super Wallpapers to provide animated wallpapers with a large zoom on a planet.

Battery Percent Indicator

Battery Percent Indicator

The long-gone battery percent on iPhones is finally back on iOS 16. Now, the battery icon shows the precise percentage value in place of the illustrated version.

Apple eliminated the proportion indicator beginning again at the iPhone X to house the unwieldy notch, and when you consider that then, users had been counting on extra taps to recognize the present-day juice degree left on their tool or particular widgets.

Apple CarPlay

Apple has labored carefully with many automobile producers to connect your automobile to your iPhone better - or is it your iPhone in your automobile? Not simplest will you be able to control greater things to your automobile out of your iPhone, but you may additionally be capable of customizing your dashboard in greater ways.

Take Control of the Lock Display Screen

iOS 16 will be acknowledged for bringing the first major overhaul to the lock display screen. Using a device like what we discover these days at the Apple Watch, the iPhone now gives several "faces" options for customizing the lock display screen. From formerly configured layouts to customizable alternatives, the idea of the brand new lock display screen is to give what subjects to you—all without unlocking the iPhone.

Just like with the Apple Watch, long-press the display screen to navigate specific lock display screen alternatives and discover satisfactory settings. Choices may be made using classes that include colors, photos, weather, and emojis. The whole lot is customizable: fonts, colors, or even widgets.

Notifications Reduced

Notifications Reduced

If you have ever ordered an Uber experience or a meal shipping, you recognize that those moves regularly cause an avalanche of notifications, leaving your phone display screen flashing updates from those offerings.

To lower the number of notifications (and our anxiety), Apple has created a function called Live Activities. The purpose of Apple's engineers with this selection is to make notifications much less stressful by condensing a series of updates in only one visually nicer place, avoiding a sequence of interruptions.

Really Smart Voice Interaction

As partial to the audio recording and transcription application, Apple introduced the textual content dictation system for services such as Notes, Messages, or E-mail. According to the company, 18 billion dictation requests are made each month, which makes the engineers' efforts in the vicinity worthwhile.

Part 2: Common iOS 16 Problems

OS 16, the latest update to Apple's mobile operating system, is full of new features and improvements. However, it is not without its share of bugs and issues. This article will discuss some common iOS 16 problems that users have been experiencing. There are several iOS 16 problems and bugs that users have been reporting. Some of these include:

01 The Battery is Draining Quickly after iOS 16

Apple recently released its new iOS 16 software. Although this is a major upgrade, it has been found to have some bugs that could affect the device's battery life. The new update causes devices to drain batteries faster than usual.

02 Overheating Issue in iOS 16

Your Apple mobile is just that, a computer in your pocket. That means any problems with new iOS updates could cause this computer to overheat while it dedicates more resources to overcoming processing challenges. It is because the CPU is trying to run as many new apps, calculations, and other processes to compensate for the new OS structure.

ios 16 overheating

  1. Remove your case for a bit to make sure there is airflow. Then look for any crashing apps and delete them if occurring.
  2. Update the apps that need updating.
  3. Turn off the background app refresh.
  4. Turn down your screen brightness.

03 App Crashing Issue in iOS 16

iPhone users have reported that their devices crash after typing in certain apps, such as Facebook and Instagram. Many believe this to be an issue with the iOS operating system. However, there is still no official word from Apple on the matter.

The issue will go away if you have updated all the particular applications to the latest version. If the issue persists, Delete the software from this system and re-install it through the Apple shop. This could repair the issue.

04 Wi-Fi Not Working in iOS 16

Wi-Fi issues are a widespread problem that affects many iOS users, so if you are experiencing any Wi-Fi problems, we suggest you try to fix the problem before installing a new version of the operating system.

iphone wifi not working

This is what we advise you to do:

  1. Toggle Wi-Fi ON and OFF.
  2. Forget Wi-Fi and Re-connect from scratch.
  3. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings and reset it.

05 Touchscreen Unresponsiveness

Touchscreen unresponsiveness is an issue that has been on iOS for some time. Despite the big talk about performance advancements, it has managed to travel from one iOS interpretation to another. The good thing is that you can fluently get relieved of it with the hard reset result.

  • Press and snappily release the volume up button. Also, press and release the volume down button.
  • Eventually, hold down the side button until the Apple totem appears on the screen.

06 Bluetooth Not Working in iOS 16

For some iOS 16 users, the iPhone either refuses to connect to a Bluetooth device or aimlessly disconnects from it. For those strange, this is an imperishable issue that has managed to live on nearly every iteration of iOS.

bluetooth not working

So, I am not surprised to see it getting a focal point in iOS 16. Luckily, the results listed below have nearly always worked for me, and I hope they help break your iOS 16 connectivity problem.

07 Unexpected Sluggishness

Lastly, unanticipated sluggishness has also become a huge problem for some iOS 16 users. This happens because many new features bring many new bugs, which slows down the system speed by a margin.

When your iPhone is slow after the iOS 16 update, it slows down your workflow and invites other major issues, including overheating and battery drain. So, the sooner you relieve this problem, the better it is. To resolve this issue. To fix this issue, you can update all apps launched from the app store.

You can reset all settings and update software to bring in more proficiency. If all methods fail, the ultimate solution is to declutter your device if all the methods fail to bring in results.

Part 3: The Best Solution to Fix iOS 16 Problems

As we have mentioned a few key errors above, we have also provided feasible solutions to those problems. Generally, these solutions are good enough to fix the encountering error. However, those solutions might not work on a few occasions.

In such a scenario, a repair tool becomes super-effective. One of the best iOS repair tools is iMyFone Fixppo. It is a professional tool that has answers to almost all problems in iOS 16. As an excellent repairing tool, its simple operation and professional technology make iMyFone Fixppo stand out among many similar programs.


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fixing ios issues


Many users encounter various iPhone problems or iOS 16 problems. They keep on searching over the internet about such issues. This article has taken a dig at the best recovery tool to mend all the encountered issues in a blink of an eye. It does not matter what your version, problem, or glitch is, iMyFone Fixppo, owing to its name, is a "Fix" machine that can mend all the problems experienced by the users.

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