Many people have experienced battery or charging issues on their iPhone. Sometimes the iPhone never turns on how hard you try. This issue has annoyed a number of users as they are unable to find out the reasons why it is happening. We have come across a complaint from an iPhone user on one of the popular online forums.

"I always experience battery issues on my iPhone. Yesterday my iPhone discharged completely and turned off, so I kept it on charge for two hours. It was charging but it cannot be turned on. My iPhone died and won't turn on while charging even after letting my iPhone charge for some nine hours. Can anyone help me fix it?"

We have seen similar complaints on various online forums. If you are also encountering this issue, read on. In this part, we will give you the reasons for this issue and then in the next part, we will give you the best methods to fix it.

  • One of the common reasons may be the iOS software glitches and you need to pay attention to that.
  • There can also be a hardware problem on your device that is preventing it to turn on.
  • Sometimes the iPhone doesn't charge or turn on when you are not using original cable and adaptor.

You may have pressed the Side or Power button many times, but the screen is not turning on. It is not showing anything and remains black even after trying multiple times. The reason for this issue can be anything, but you don't need to worry about this issue anymore. In this article, we will give the top 6 solutions for fixing this issue on your iPhone.

1. Brief Comparison of the Following 6 Ways

There is no one reason why this issue occurs. So, we have given multiple methods for fixing it. Here is the comparison of all the methods.

Success rate Difficulty Required time No data loss
iMyFone Fixppo High Easy Short Yes
Charge the iPhone Low Easy Long Yes
Check the Lightning Cable and Charger Low Easy Short Yes
Force Restart the iPhone Medium Easy Short Yes
Restore iOS using iTunes High Complex Long Depends
Contact Apple Support High Complex Long Depends

2. The Best Way to Fix iPhone Charging but Won't Turn on

We have mentioned that this issue might be caused by some iOS errors we do not know. So, we must use a professional way to help us if the iPhone is not turning on while charging.

If you suspect iOS issues on your device, you must use a professional tool like iMyFone Fixppo for quickly fixing them. It is one of the most popular tools that are designed to fix all iOS system issues.

  • Without any loss of data, you can easily fix all the iOS issues using iMyFone Fixppo.
  • Even though the user doesn't have any technical knowledge, he can use Fixppo for fixing the issues within minutes.
  • This tool works on all the iPhone and iPad models and is compatible with all iOS versions.

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Let's take a look at the steps for fixing this issue using Standard mode of Fixppo.

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone Fixppo on your computer. Then connect your iPhone to the computer and click on Standard mode on the main page. Click Next. If Fixppo does not detect your device, you need to put it in DFU or Recovery mode. The instructions for putting the device in DFU or Recovery mode will be clearly given on the screen. Follow them and proceed to the next step.

 enter DFU Mode under Standard Mode

Step 2: When the device is in DFU or Recovery mode, it will automatically get detected by the software. After the successful detection, Fixppo will display all the available firmware versions on the screen. Select the relevant firmware version and click Download.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 3: Now click on the Start button. After the process is complete, the iPhone will restart normally. If it fails to restart, retry all the steps or try the Advanced mode.

finished fixing your device

Don't hesitate to use this tool for fixing the issues on your iPhone. All the issues will be fixed safely and quickly. iMyFone Fixppo is also trusted by many users and professional websites across the world. Download free version now!

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Windows version    Mac version

3. 5 Other Possible Ways to Fix iPhone Charging but Won't Turn on

While iMyFone Fixppo tool is the best way for fixing this issue, there are also common ways you can try if you want to fix iPhone charging but won't turn on issue.

Way 1. Charge Your iPhone More than Half An Hour

Your iPhone won't turn on immediately if the iPhone battery is completely drained. Charge the device and then try to turn it on.

Use original adaptor and USB cable to plug the charger to the wall outlet. Let it charge for about half an hour. With the iPhone connected to the charger, try to turn it on.


Way 2. Check Your Lightning Cable & Your Charger

Are you sure you are using the original charger for charging the device? If you are unsure, check the lightning cable and charger and make sure they are working properly.

You can use your charger to charge another iPhone. If the device is getting charged then the issue is with your iPhone. If not, the issue must be with the charger.


Way 3. Force Restart Your iPhone

When the iPhone doesn't turn on, you can force restart it and try to turn it on.

Step 1: Press and release the volume up button and then press and release the volume down button.

Step 2: Now long-press the side button.

Step 3: Release the button when you see the Apple logo.


Way 4. Restore the iPhone Operating System with iTunes

When the iPhone doesn't turn on, the problem can be a frozen iOS or no battery left. In some cases, the device will turn on but it will get stuck on a boot loop. You can restore the iOS using iTunes.

Step 1: Open iTunes on the computer and connect your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on Restore iPhone and then click "Restore". Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: When the process is over, you will be able to use your iPhone as a new device.


Way 5. Contact Apple Support Center for Hardware Issues

Even after trying all the methods if the issue is not fixed, there might be something wrong with the hardware. Contact Apple Support Center and explain the issue to them. The Apple Support team will help you the detect and get rid of this issue.


If your iPhone is dead and doesn't turn on even while charging, you must try the methods given above. All iOS issues will be fixed by iMyFone Fixppo tool, so it is highly recommended as the first choice for you. If you want to know more about the software or want to ask us something else, you can use the comment section below.

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