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You can try this best UltFone iOS system repair alternative.

You’re prompted to try an iOS repair tool when there are problems with your iPhone that can’t be fixed easily with common solutions. Although this will cost money, the fixing tool you purchase can help you out to some extent. In this case, UltFone iOS system repair tool may come to your list.

Though UltFone has been near the top of the market, there are many complaints saying that it crashes on many occasions, making users all the more irritating. Given that, if you need other reliable UltFone iOS system repair alternatives but don’t know what their differences, this post will surely help you with that.

UltFone ios system repair alternative

Part 1. Something about UltFone iOS System Repair Tool

Before you head to find other alternatives, you can first learn to know some details about UltFone.

What is UltFone?

Developed by UltFone, UltFone is an iOS System Repair tool that can be used to fix many iPhone issues such as iPhone is disabled, iPhone stuck on black screen, boot loop, black screen, etc. The best thing of it is that you’re offered a chance to enter or exit recovery mode in need and it’s free to use in such case.

Reviews of UltFone

UltFone has received both praise and criticism from users. While most users reported that they are satisfied with its features, many complained that it crashes without reason during the fixing process, making customers have to try it all over again without assurance of high success rate.

With regard to this situation, today we’ll walk you through other best 4 alternatives on the market that are available for you to choose.

Part 2. Best 4 UltFone iOS System Repair Alternatives

Since this article aims at introducing other UltFone alternatives, you may check the following comparison table first and check out more details after that.

Tool Ease of Use Fixing Speed Success Rate User Ratings
iMyFone Fixppo Easy for all users Very fast High, up to 99% 4.8/5
iToolab FixGo Easy Fast Relatively high 4.7/5
Passvers A bit complex Medium Medium 4.5/5
TunesKit Relatively easy Fast Medium 4.6/5

1. iMyFone Fixppo

iMyFone Fixppo has been growing in its market share with amazing features and being attentive to customers’ needs. Like other iOS system repair tool, it’s equipped with all necessary features but unlike those tools, it’s often highly praised for its success rate in fixing many iPhone problems.

One more substantial benefit of Fixppo lies in its intuitive interface, with which everyone can use it at ease without any technical skills. On top of that, it is compatible with all iPhone models and iOS versions, making it a must choice for those who’re in desperate need of being able to solve their iPhone glitches.

Fixppo product
  • ·Free enter/exit recovery mode in 1 click.
  • ·Support to fix iPhone problems with Standard/Advanced Mode.
  • ·You can also use it to reset iDevices on different occasions.
  • ·Fix your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch glitches with 99% success rate and without data loss.
  • ·Support all iPhone models and iOS versions.

Let’s watch a video on how Fixppo fix iPhone stuck on black screen first.

YouTube Video

Let’s see how to use Fixppo to fix your iOS-related problems.

Step 1: Download and install Fixppo, then open it to choose Standard Mode.

standard mode

Step 2: Use a lightning cable to connect your device to the computer. If your device can be detected, you'll be directed to the next step. If not, follow to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode first.

put device to recovery mode

Step 3: Now, check your device infomation and click on Download to download the firmware package.

download firmware package

Step 4: When the firmware is downloaded, click Start to begin and wait patiently. After that, your device will be turned on again automatically. And you can see that problems related to your iOS system is fixed successfully.

fix successfully


  • You can finish the fixing process in 4 steps.
  • The process will run smoothly without crashing.
  • Your data will be kept intact after your iPhone is restarted.


  • The installation requires you to wait for 10 secs or so.

2. iToolab FixGo

iToolab FixGo is the next tool in our iOS system repair tool list. Likewise, it works to fix many iPhone issues and is compatible with all iOS devices as well.

However, unlike Fixppo, it has no direct entrance to reset your iDevices when you want to factory reset your iPhone for other uses, which can be quite inconvenient.

fixgo standard mode


  • You get the chance to enter/exit recovery mode for free.
  • You’re allowed to fix minor iPhone bugs.


  • There are many complains saying that the Standard mode fails unexpectedly.
  • You may not be able to reset your device directly.
  • It’s customer service is often questioned.

3. Passvers

Passvers iOS system recovery formerly known as FonePaw, is also one often tried repair tool for many users. It can safely fix your iPhone problems and get your device back to normal to some extent.

Therefore, according to the awkward situation you’re in, you can use it to fix targeted problems like iPhone keeps restarting, iPhone screen not responding, etc.

TunesKit iOS system recovery


  • It can fix common iPhone issues.
  • It’s not that difficult to use its features.


  • It offers no entrance to enter or exit recovery mode.
  • It’s not compatible with all iPad models and iPod touch.
  • It’s user interface is not that intuitive.

4. TunesKit

Another tool you may want to know is TunesKit, which is effective in fixing many iOS-related problems as well. Likewise, it’s compatible with all iOS versions so you don’t need to worry about whether you can use it or not.

If you run into iPhone stuck on spinning wheel, iPhone screen is not working, etc, it can help you with that.

TunesKit iOS system recovery


  • You have free access to enter or exit recovery mode.
  • Common iPhone problems can be fixed.


  • It crashes sometimes.
  • It’s a bit complicated with its interface and instructions.
  • Downgrading your iOS system risks losing all your data.

Part 3. Hot FAQs about Top UltFone iOS System Repair Alternative

1 What kind of problems can iMyFone Fixppo solve?

2 Do I have to pay for iMyFone Fixppo?

Yes, you’ve to buy the premium version to enjoy all its features. The good news is that you can get access to the recovery mode for free that allows users to feel its efficiency. After that, you can choose any of the plan you like.

3 What if I’m stuck during the fixing process while using iMyFone Fixppo?

You can always contact us since we’re equipped with a 24/7 support team that is ready to answer and solve any of your puzzles.

4 Can I trust iMyFone Fixppo?

Of course you can. Fixppo is one of the highly-rated iOS system repair tool on the market right now and all your private data will not be intruded during the fixing process.


To sum up, this article shows that UltFone is an iOS system recovery tool designed to fix iPhone problems but it comes with certain shortcomings. And 4 other alternatives are introduced as well.

However, according to our research and comparison, iMyFone Fixppo can be regarded as the best the most suitable UltFone iOS system fixing tool for users. With a fair price, you can enjoy all its features and satisfactory service to get your problems fixed instantly. And if you’ve any other problems regarding to this tool feel free to leave your comment below or contact us directly.