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In this article, we'll explore 8 different methods for screen mirroring your Android device to other device. Whether it's for sharing content, presentations, or gaming, these methods offer versatility and flexibility for mirroring your Android screen on a larger display.

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In this article:

Part 1: 8 Best Screen Mirror Software for Android

1 MirrorTo Lite

MirrorTo Lite is a screen mirroring app that allows you to share your Android device's screen with other devices like smart TVs or computers. It's designed for simple and straightforward screen sharing.

iMyFone MirrorTo Lite

Key Features of MirrorTo Lite:

  • Screen Mirror: Mirror Android or iOS screen to PC.
  • Screen Control: Control Android or iOS screen from PC.
  • Audio Stream: Screen mirroring with audio in real-time.

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2 iMyFone MirrorTo

iMyFone MirrorTo is a screen mirroring tool that enables you to display and control your Android device's screen on a PC or Mac. It's often used for presentations, gameplay, and sharing content on a larger screen.

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Key Features of iMyFone MirrorTo

  • Mirror Android or iOS screen to PC/Mac
  • Control Android or iOS from PC/Mac
  • Real-time screen mirroring.
  • Screen recording and screenshot capabilities.
  • Annotate and draw on the mirrored screen.
  • Game keyboard support for gaming on PC.
  • Cast multiple screens to PC/Mac.
  • Wireless, OR code, and USB connectivity options.
  • 3 ApowerMirror

    ApowerMirror is a versatile screen mirroring and control app. It lets you mirror your Android or iOS device's screen to a computer, and you can control the mobile device using the computer's keyboard and mouse. It also offers screen recording and annotation features.



    Key Features of ApowerMirror

  • Cross-platform compatibility (Android and iOS).
  • Wireless and USB connectivity.
  • Real-time screen mirroring.
  • Control your mobile device from a computer.
  • Screen recording, annotation, and file sharing.
  • 4 Castto

    Castto is an app designed for screen mirroring to other devices, such as smart TVs and streaming devices. It simplifies the process of sharing your Android screen with larger displays.



    Key Features of Castto

  • Screen mirroring to various devices.
  • Wireless and seamless connectivity.
  • Real-time sharing of content.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms and devices.
  • 5 Airdroid Cast

    AirDroid Cast is a screen-sharing and controlling tool that allows you to share your Android device's screen with a larger display and take direct control of your mobile device from a computer. It's suitable for remote meetings and presentations.

    airdroid cast


    Key Features of Airdroid Cast

  • Screen sharing to larger displays.
  • Remote control of Android devices.
  • Wireless casting for convenience.
  • Suitable for remote meetings and presentations.
  • User-friendly interface for easy use.
  • 6 Mirroring360

    Mirroring360 is screen mirroring and casting software that allows you to display the screens of various devices on other screens wirelessly or via a wired connection. It's commonly used for presentations and collaboration in different settings.



    Key Features of Mirroring360

  • Screen mirroring for various devices.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Wireless and wired connections.
  • Real-time mirroring and interaction.
  • Screen recording (in some versions).
  • Used for education, business, and entertainment.
  • 7 Vysor

    Vysor is a screen mirroring and remote control app primarily for Android devices. It lets you mirror your Android screen on your computer, enabling you to control it using your PC's mouse and keyboard. It's commonly used for app testing and demonstrations.



    Key Features of Vysor

  • Screen mirroring of Android devices on a computer.
  • Control Android from a PC, using mouse and keyboard.
  • Screenshot capture and screen recording.
  • App testing and development support.
  • USB and wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity options.
  • Compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • 8 Scrcpy

    Scrcpy is an open-source tool for screen mirroring and controlling Android devices from a computer. It's known for its simplicity and lightweight nature, making it a popular choice among developers and tech enthusiasts.



    Key Features of Scrcpy

  • Free and open-source screen mirroring tool.
  • Allows Android device control via PC.
  • No need for additional app installations on Android.
  • Keyboard and mouse control.
  • Easily switch between multiple devices.
  • Supports USB and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Part 2: Comparison of the 8 Screen Mirror Software

    Cross-Platform Wireless Support USB Support Screen Control Screen Recording Annotations Price
    MirrorTo Lite Android, iOS, Windows & Mac yes yes yes yes yes $6.99/mo;
    iMyFone MirrorTo Android, iOS, Windows & Mac yes yes yes yes yes $9.99/mo;
    ApowerMirror Android, iOS, Windows & Mac yes yes yes yes yes $29.95/mo;
    Castto Android, iOS, TV Cast for Chromecast yes no no no no $3.99/week;
    AirDroid Cast Android, iOS, Windows & Mac yes yes yes no no $3.49/mo;
    Screen Mirroring App Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, TV, Chromebook, & Linux yes no yes no no From $4.99/mo to $39.99/mo
    Vysor Android, iOS, & all operating systems yes yes yes yes no $2.5/mo;
    Scrcpy Android, Windows, macOS, & Linux yes no yes no no Free

    Part 3: FAQs about Android Screen Mirror Software

    1 What is the best screen mirroring app for Android?

    The "best" screen mirroring app for Android can vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. Different apps have different features and functionalities, and what works best for one person may not be the best choice for another. However, here are a few popular and well-regarded screen mirroring apps for Android that you can consider: MirrorTo Lite, iMyFone MirrorTo, ApowerMirror, and Vysor.

    2 How do I mirror my Android screen?

    First, choose a suitable screen mirror app for Android. Then enable USB debugging on your Android. Follow the instructions in the software, you can cast your Android screen on your computer or TV.

    3 Do I need an app to screen mirror?

    Yes, if you need, you can choose a screen mirror software absolutely. Some software like MirrorTo not only supports screen mirroring, but offers many other useful features like screen control, gaming keyboard, annotation, multi-screen cast, screen recording, and so on.

    4 How do I mirror my Android to my TV without Chromecast?

    To mirror your Android device to your TV without using Chromecast, you can use alternative methods like Miracast, DLNA, or certain TV brands' built-in screen mirroring features. Or you can use some 3rd –party software like Castto mentioned above.


    Mirror and remote control Android from PC/Mac make our life and work more efficient and enjoyable. Choose the above tools to share your phone screen to enhance their Android experience.

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