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How to Fix Airdrop Not Working on iOS 13

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August 10, 2018 (Updated: August 21, 2019)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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Do you have a problem with your Airdrop not working when updated to iOS 13? Not to worry, you are not alone; many iPhone users have experienced similar flaws with the latest iOS 13 as well as 12. It has become common to hear complaints about problems with airdropping photos. Although AirDrop is the easiest most popular way to share contents on iPhone and Mac, mishaps are inevitable. Before you rush to blame a problem with sharing of data on your IPhone Airdrop not working, take time to consider how it works and the possibilities of the problem’s cause. The most likely reasons for Airdrop not working on iOS 13 are; system compatibility issues, a network problem, or software glitch.

How to Fix Airdrop Not Working

Method 1: Check Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Airdrop relies on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so check to verify if they are switched on first. The couple features are available on the shortcuts so take the quickest time to enable them. By swiping up from the bottom of the screen, you will bring up the Control Center. For an iPhone X, you will access the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner.
Touch and hold on any buttons in your networking settings. You may switch off the Airdrop button.

Method 2: Force Reboot iPhone

Forcing a restart is a default way to solve most issues across the board on various machines. It works with Airdrop not working on iOS 13 too. When faced with a problem with AirDrop not sending or receiving files, try the force reboot technique and see what happens.

Method 3: Re-log into iCloud

Ensure that you have the update iOS 13. You can download and install the latest software to ensure you have the latest versions.
Log out and re-log back in iCloud. You can achieve this by going to settings and finding the iCloud icon. Check again if your AirDrop is fixed.

Method 4: Reset Network Settings

If, after resigning back to iCloud, the problem is not yet fixed, it is time to reset network settings. While on general settings, rind the reset icon and proceed to reset network settings.

An Alternative Way to Transfer Photos with TunesMate

If you have multiple devices, you will eventually need to transfer files among them. The need to share information to other devices needs compatibility. For an iPhone, the restrictions it comes with may frustrate your efforts of easily transferring files on iTunes. For quick solutions to transfer files between iPhone and PC/iTunes, use TunesMate.

Apart from free transfers, TunesMate offers other benefits such as synchronizing iTunes library to iOS without the fear of overwriting, which is common in other regular devices. It also helps rebuild corrupted and damaged libraries. Most importantly, you will be able to transfer an unlimited number and versions of files. For example, TunesMate will enable you to transfer audio music, videos, photos, playlists, ringtones, audiobooks, podcasts, and any other recognized formats available.

If, after resigning back to iCloud, the problem is not yet fixed, it is time to reset network settings. While on general settings, rind the reset icon and proceed to reset network settings.

Following are some key features of this software:

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  • It has a two-way transfer mechanism between your PC and device to both ends.
  • It has no limits for devices and PCs, no matter how many devices you store your files in.
  • Rebuilding iTunes library to restore playlists even without opening iTunes is a major advantage. Restoration of libraries is undeniably essential.
  • Preview and selectively transfer data files from your device to backup and from backup to your device.
  • The iPhone Music Manager available lets you edit, restore, add, delete, and manipulate your data in every possible way.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Let's see the steps on how to use TunesMate to tranfer photos from iPhone to PC:

  1. Download and launch TunesMate on your PC, and connect your iPhone.
  2. Select Photos tab, it will show all your photos on your iPhone
  3. Choose the photos you want to transfer, then click Export>Export to PC.
  4. Select a folder to save your photos in and it's done!

In conclusion, TunesMate is an essential iPhone data transfer tool that has helped solve many problems of iPhone users. The advantages outweigh the disadvantage by a wide margin. It improves your experience with iOS and iPhones. You have more power to customize your media files according to your preferences without the traditional restrictions on iTunes. They are compatible with most iOS devices so take the chance and give it a free trial.

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