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Free Way: Transfer Movies/Videos to iPad without iTunes

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Aaron Donald

May 17, 2017 (Updated: June 3, 2020)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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iTunes is so unfriendly when transferring contents to iDevice, especially when you need to transfer movies to iPad. The existing movies on iPad will be replaced with newly-added movies using iTunes sync. What’s more, it will erase your iPad if your iPad is synced with another iTunes library.

how to transfer movies to ipad

That’s why so many users seek a way to transfer movies to iPad without iTunes. If you don’t want to lose existing movies or erase your iPad, just follow the steps below.

How to Transfer Movies/Videos to iPad without iTunes

You will feel lucky to find iMyFone iPad Transfer which meets your needs well to transfer movies to iPad without iTunes. When transferring movies, anything on your iPad won’t get lost. With it, you can transfer movies/music to iPad from different computers/iTunes libraries without erasing. Unlike iTunes which only supports MP4, iMyFone tool supports all movies formats.

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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Key Features:

  • Transfer to/from iPad: Add videos/movies to iPhone directly from computer; extract (purchased and non-purchased) files from iPhone.
  • Sync without Deleting Data: Sync iTunes movies/videos to your iPhone and you don't need to delete thee existing videos on iPad.
  • Enrich iTunes library from numerous iDevices, and share it to unlimited iDevices with different Apple ID.
  • Manage media by adding, removing, deleting and moving around data as you need to.
  • Lots of media including Geekreply, and 50+ more carry out great reviews for TunesMate.

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So, How to Transfer Movies to iPad without iTunes from Computer

Step 1: Download iMyFone iPad Transfer and open it. Connect your iPad with a cable.
Step 2: Click on Videos tab at the top on the tool and hit Add > Add File.
transfer movies to ipad without itunes

Step 3: Locate where you store the videos on computer and hit “Open” to start transferring process.

transfer movies to ipad without itunes


Movies will be automatically converted to iPad version when transferring if they aren’t supported.Apart from using the bottoms, you can also select the movies on computer and just drag and then drop them to the “Movies” window on iMyFone.

How to Transfer Movies/Videos from iTunes to iPad without Deleting Data

Step 1: Launch iMyFone iPad Transfer and connect your iPad.
Step 2: Tap Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice Then make sure “Movies” is checked and hit “Transfer” to begin.
copy movies to ipad without itunes
Done! All the movies in iTunes will be transferred to your iPad. You can open “Videos” app on iPad to enjoy.

Related Tips

3 General Tips to Transfer Movies to iPad without iTunes

  • 1. Transfer Movies to iPad Using Dropbox

You could upload using Dropbox, too. Simply make a Dropbox account, log in, and select the movies that you wish to be transferred. Select Upload and this stores them on the cloud storage. Now download Dropbox app and log in on your iPad. You can download the movies from there.

  • You can't watch the videos in Videos app. You need to go through Dropbox again to access the videos.
  • This requires you to install another app on your iPad. If you uninstall the app, all the files downloaded from Dropbox will be deleted as well.
  • 2. Transfer Videos to iPad via E-Mail

Very similar to the above. Send emails to yourself by attaching the movies on your computer. Then you can receive the email and download the movies on iPad.

  • Most email services have limits for the attached file size.
  • Movies are not downloaded to Videos app. You need to go through the email again if you want to access the downloaded videos.
  • 3. Transfer Videos to iPad with iTunes Alternative

Most of the iTunes alternatives, like iMyFone iPad Transfer can break iTunes limits and gives you more control on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, like iPad transfer tool, iPad manager, etc.

iTunes alternative

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