How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone with/without iTunes

"I want to get more music on my iPhone 6s from anywhere I could reach, such as my windows PC, my iTunes and even my friend's computer. There are about 500+ MP3 files all together. Is there any easy way to transfer MP3 to iPhone? Thank you." -- Curry

How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone

There are 2 main methods of transferring MP3 to iPhone, and you’ll probably notice that one of them is easier than the other:

01 Transfer MP3 to iPhone Using iTunes

The first, and least preferable way, is to use iTunes to transfer the MP3 files. Here is how you can do that:

Step 1: Start iTunes on your computer. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes.
Step 2: Plug your iPhone into your computer and click iPhone device tab.
Step 3: Go to “File > Add File to Library/Add Folder to Library”. This will import the MP3 files that you want to iTunes.
Step 4: Click “Music” from the left-side menu and check “Sync Music”, you can choose “Entire music library” or “Seleted playlists, artists, albums, and genres”. Then click “Apply”.
sync music

  • This will allow you to transfer MP3 to your iPhone, but you will lose your existing iPhone music.
  • You can only select music according to playlists, artists, albums, or genres, instead of the specific songs.
  • Besides, if your iPhone is synchronized with one computer, you cannot copy MP3 to iPhone from another computer. Or everything on your iPhone will be erased as you can see below. With it, you can't transfer MP3 to iPhone from different computers.

sync music

02 Transfer MP3 to iPhone without iTunes

As you want to add MP3 to iPhone from your and your friend's computer, you should consider this way. Instead of using iTunes, you can use iTunes alternative such as iMyFone TunesMate. As a smart iPhone transfer tool, it gives you a lot more control over your music than iTunes does, and allows you to share purchased music within even different Apple IDs.

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Features to Manage iPhone Music

  • Add MP3 to iPhone from different computers/iTunes libraries without erasing.
  • Enrich iTunes music library from 2-5 iDevices.
  • Edit music Info at will, like artworks, name, genres, etc.
  • Manage music playlists by creating/renaming/adding/deleting songs and playlists.

So how can we transfer MP3 to iPhone without iTunes?

Step 1: Make sure you have TunesMate on your PC and connect your iPhone to it.
Step 2: Look for the “Music” tab on TunesMate. Click on “Music” from the left. Click “Add > Add File/Folder” to where you locate the MP3 files.
how to transfer mp3 to iPhone

Step 3: Select the MP3 you want to transfer and hit “Open” to start.

transfer mp3 to iPhone


Or you can transfer MP3 to iPhone by simple drag-and-drop. Just select MP3 files on computer folder, drag and drop them to your iPhone window on TunesMate. That's it!

TunesMate has a useful trick that can automatically convert formats to iPhone-supported version if songs are not playable on iPhone.

Let’s say that you want to transfer the songs that you have on iTunes, though. You can easily do this with TunesMate as well. Here’s what you do:
Step 1: Plug in your iPhone to computer.
Step 2: Choose “Transfer iTunes Media to Device” and then check “Music” to Transfer.
Note: Unlike iTunes, it will not delete previous songs on iPhone while transferring.

transfer mp3

That’s it. As you can see, it’s even easier than using iTunes itself. To avoid you have duplicate songs on iPhone, it only helps you to transfer the music which are missing.

Which Method is Better?

Transfer MP3 from PC to iPhone directly
Transfer MP3 from different iTunes libraries without erasing
Transfer files from iPhone to iTunes
Only for purchased music
Two-way transfer
Transfer music with all formats
Preserve original data
Transfer data selectively
Edit music ID3 tags

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