We may encounter errors like the 0xc00d5212 Error when watch movies on Windows. And this error has been around for quite a bit time.

Luckily, the missing codec 0xc00d5212 Error can be solved! In this post, I will show you 9 practical solutions to help you fix this problem. Let's move on.

fix 0xc00d5212 error

Part 1. Common Causes of Error Code 0xc00d5212

Generally, the error code 0xc00d5212 appears on Windows 10 or Windows 11. It mostly appears when you don't have the codec but need to play specific video files. Things like unsupported video format or an outdated display adapter can lead to such problem. Spyware or malware on your computer can also lead to such issues.

Aside from that, improper installations, videos from external SSDs, or an accidental computer shutdown can be problematic. Therefore, follow the tips below to see how we can solve this problem.

Part 2: Repair Corrupted Videos with a Few Clicks

When you encounter the 0xc00d5212 Error, the easiest method is to use a third-party app to fix it. We'll introduce iMyFone UltraRepair to you here. It's a powerful tool to help you repair all kinds of files, especially videos, and photos.

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See how to fix missing codec 0xc00d5212 error video below:

Step 1.Download and install UltraRepair, then choose Video Repair from the function options at left. Add video that suffers 0xc00d5212 missing codec error.

add videos to repair

Step 2.Click Repair once you finish uploading. Wait for the process and do not interupt it.

upload damaged videos

Step 3.You can Save the repaired videos if the program shows that videos have been repaired successfully.

save repaired videos

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Part 3: 8 Common Ways to Fix 0xc00d5212 Missing Codec Error

1. Install Missing Codec or Codec Pack

You can find situations when your operating system just doesn't have the codec that you need. In fact, Windows will ask you to install an AV1 codec or HEVC codec because these are not integrated within the platform. You will need these if you want to play back MKV, WEBM or MP4 files. Generally, if your computer is not installing any of the codecs, then you can see the 0xc00d5212 Error.

Configure Windows Media Player to download codecs this way:

  1. Go to its Tools menu, then choose Options.
  2. Pick the Player tab.
  3. Now you want to check the Download codecs automatically option, press OK.
  4. Reopen the video file, and it might require you to install the codec. Press Install if needed.

install missing codec

In case you use QuickTime on Windows, you may also want to install the AVID Codec LE and the K-Lite Codec pack. The thing to note is that codec packs might install more stuff than you need. That can increase the amount of crashes you are dealing with.

2. Open Video with Another Media Player

If the video file still has issues, maybe it's an issue with Windows Media Player. In this case, it makes a lot of sense to use another media player. Some good examples here are VLC or the 5K Player. These are known to tackle a variety of formats, and they might solve your error code 0xc00d5212 issue. They cover MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, H.264, HEVC, MTS and other similar formats.

vlc media player

3. Update Video Display Driver from Device Manager

Generally, udating viedeo display driver is a great way to solve the 0xc00d5212 Error. It's important to note that sometimes you might have to restart the computer for this to take effect.

You can do that by following this step:

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R.
  2. Enter "devmgmt.msc" and press Enter.
  3. Find the Display adapters device in the Device Manager window.
  4. Right click and choose Update Driver Software.
  5. update video display driver

  6. Select Search automatically for updated driver software and wait till the available drivers appear.
  7. Choose the required one and install it. Finally you can play the video.

4. Update Windows Operating System

Sometimes all you need to solve the missing codec 0xc00d5212 Error is to update your Windows OS. Go to the Windows Settings, choose Update and Security and press the Check for updates button. If there are any updates to be made, ensure that you update the system right away. Again, a computer restart might be needed, based on the installed updates. This can solve your 0xc00d5212 Error.

update windows system

5. Uninstall Multiple Audio Drivers

Having too many audio codecs/drivers can actually be a problem that leads to the error code 0xc00d5212. What you can do is to enter the Device Manager after searching it in the Windows search bar.

  1. Click the Sound, video and game controllers.
  2. Right click thethird party audio device.
  3. Uninstall it, and choose the Delete the driver software for this device. Then, press OK.
  4. uninstall mutiple audio drivers

6. Convert Video to Another File Format

If you still have the 0xc00d5212 Error, then you may want to try and convert your videos to another file format. This is a great idea and it can solve the issue more often than not. It's always important to try this, and there are many tools to help convert videos. You can try to convert to a more popular format if you want, that might limit the need for specialized codecs and it might work right off the bat. That doesn't guarantee the missing codec 0xc00d5212 Error goes away, but it might solve the problem.

change video formats

7. Correct System Registries

A good way to do this is to install a registry fixing tool. Apps like CCleaner are a great solution here, since they have a registry fixing tool within them. Run the software and it will help fix many registry issues. You can try to run it from time to time, and you will find that it works quite well. Restart the computer after doing this and try the file again, it might work very well.

change video formats

8. Perform System Restore

There might be issues with your Windows Installation, so you can try to do a System Restore.

  1. Press the Windows key, type in "system Restore".
  2. Press Enter and then select the option to Create a restore point.
  3. In the System Protection tab, select System Restore.
  4. perform system restore

  5. Press Next, choose the restore point.
  6. Confirm the disk you want restored.
  7. Ensure that you confirm the restore point, and after that you can click Finish.

Finally, wait for the PC to restart and then see if your file works.

Part 3. FAQs about Missing Codec 0xc00d5212 Error

1. How do I know what codec is needed?

Generally, Windows will tell you what codec is required, or Windows Media Player might actually guide you to a place where you have to download the codec. If they don't say, you can install a codec pack, as that will work as well.

2. How can I avoid the 0xc00d5212 error?

It's a good idea to install a codec pack or you can transform your video to a more popular format. This will limit the need for specialized codecs and it might remove the 0xc00d5212 Error completely.


As you can see, the 0xc00d5212 Error is nothing to worry. There are many different ways you can solve it, all you need to do is give them a try and see which one will work for you. If you don't want to fix it manually, iMyFone UltraRepair is not a bad choice. You can click the button below to have a try!

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