How to Unlock iPad without Passcode

Haven’t you ever forgotten the password of your iPad? I bet that a lot of us sometimes forget the password of our iPads which is very annoying. But don’t worry here we got simple ways to solve this problem by unlocking your iPad without the need of passcode. but the fact is apple doesn’t provide a simple official way to unlock the iPad without the risk of losing some data. But don’t worry we will show ways to doing this without risking your data.

1 Unlock iPad without Passcode with iTunes

Here we will show you how to unlock the iPad by using iTunes which is quite possible to do for all iOS users because they are already familiar with.

  1. Begin by launching the latest version of your iTunes which is on mac or windows that depend on the platform that you are using, if you don’t have the latest version of iTunes go the download it.
  2. Your iPad will get detected by the iTunes, now you can select it from the devices section and then go to the Summary page
  3. You should by able to see "Restore iPad" option which is available on the right side of the panel.
  4. Just confirm your choice and wait for iPad to get restored.
iTunes restore iPad

2 Unlock iPad without Passcode using Find My iPhone

Apple introduced my iPad/iPhone application with only one purpose which is making it easier for the users to locate their device remotely. And by doing the following steps you can easily by able to unlock the iPad without passcode.

  1. With your Apple ID you should go to iCloud website and log in. of course make sure that you use the same account which is associated with your iPad that you need to restore.
  2. You will see the option of find phone through the welcome screen of iCloud.
  3. Now you will see a new interface. Click on the all devices option in front of you and simply select your iPad.
  4. The options that associated with your iPad should now by available in front of you. And to unlock your device, click one "Erase iPad" button.
  5. Wait for your iPad to be erased after conforming your choice.

3 Unlock iPad without Passcode in Recovery Mode

This is the last resort in front of you of none of the above-mentioned methods succeeded in unlocking the iPad which is very rare. Without a further do let’s get started.

1. Launch the latest version available on your computer or Mac.
2. You should turn off the device “iPad” and leave for a few seconds to rest.
3. By holding the power button and the home button at the same time you can put your iPad in the recovery mode. Just keep pressing the buttons for at least 10 seconds. Then you will see the apple logo on the screen.
4. By still holding the home button and letting go of the power button. Try to connect your iPad to the computer or mac depending on what you are using then it should display iTunes symbol

iPad recovery mode

5. After connection your iPad to the iTunes. It will detect that your iPad is in the recovery mode.
6. A message will appear in front of you tells you that your iPad is detected in recovery mode and you should restore it before you can use it. Just click "OK" and it will be automatically recovered.