iPhones are not only the best and most preferred phones, but the accessories are also in great demand. The apple watch is one of the priorities of every second person who wants to buy an iPhone. If your phone is locked, you can easily unlock it with an apple watch. There are some easy steps that you will need to follow to unlock your iPhone.

unlock iphone with apple watch

Part 1: Everything You Need to Know About Unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch

You can easily unlock iPhone with an Apple watch by following our step to step guide over here:

1.1 Requirements for Unlocking iPhone with your Apple Watch

There are specific requirements that you will need to fulfill for unlocking your phone using Apple Watch. If you need to unlock the iPhone with Apple Watch, you will require the following devices:

  • iPhone with Face ID option, it can be iPhone X or any later version than that, the iOS will also be 14.5 or later.
  • The Apple Watch that you must have will be of series 3 or any later version with 7.4 or later version of iOS.

Below are the requirements that the feature will include:

  • You will need to pair the iPhone with Apple Watch.
  • Both Apple Watch and iPhone must have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on.
  • Apple watch must have a passcode and a wrist detection feature must also be available.
  • Apple Watch must be unlocked and worn on the wrist.

apple watch unlock iphone

1.2 How to Set up Unlock with Apple Watch

The process is simple, you will need to open the settings option on the iPhone. Then tap on the Face ID and passcode option. Then type the passcode. After that, scroll down to the option of Unlock with the Apple Watch. Then enable-feature that is next to the name of the Apple Watch. If there is no wrist detection enable, you must turn it on.

set up apple watch unlock

1.3 How to Unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch

You must make sure that you have covered your full face by wearing glasses, masks or anything else and also that your Apple Watch is unlocked and you are wearing it as well.

To use your Apple Watch to unlock your ‌iPhone‌, your watch needs to be nearby, on your wrist, unlocked, and protected by a passcode. If you haven't set up a passcode yet, launch the Watch app on your ‌iPhone‌, select Passcode > Turn Passcode On, then enter the passcode you want to use (you'll have to do so twice to confirm.)

iphone unlocked by apple watch

Part 2: Unlock iPhone without Apple Watch--Using iMyFone Lockwiper [Easiest]

What if unlock with apple watch not working? Then we have another best option for you. You can easily unlock iphone with apple watch by using iMyFone LockWiper app newly launched by our professional developers.

lockwiper unlock iphone passcode

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Key Features:

  • Supports all iOS versions.
  • Effectively unlocks the Apple devices without passcode.
  • It can help you instantly unlock Restrictions or Screen Time passcode without data loss in a few steps.
  • Help remove every lock type just in a few minutes, including 4-digit/6-digit password, Face ID and Touch ID.
  • Secure and safe, you can easily use its feature of removing passcode from iPhone by staying at home.

How to unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID:

How to Unlock Your iPhone without Face ID or Passcode

Step 1: Launch LockWiper, click “Unlock Screen Passcode,” and then hit “Start.”

remove iphone screen lock

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer and click “Next.”

connect your iphone

Step 3: After that, select a firmware and click the “Download” button. After downloading the firmware, click “Start to Extract” to extract the content.

download and extract firmware package

Step 4: Finally, hit the blue “Start Unlock” button to commence the process and enter “000000” as prompted, to confirm the unlocking.

unlocking iphone without passcode or face id

Step 5: Done! It is easy to unlock your iPhone without knowing the passcode or even Face ID.

unlock iphone without passcode or face id successfully

When it finishes, your iPhone won't be linked to any password. Everything will be removed from your device.


iMyFone LockWiper is the newly introduced app to unlock the iPhone without using Apple Watch. It is user friendly and totally convenient, recommended for every iPhone user who is having issues with remembering passcodes or want a backup in case of emergency.