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Spoofing Monster Hunter Now for 1-click

You can easily reach various places to fight monsters without going out, and there is no need to wait for spawning time.

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How to spoof Monster Hunter Now locations on Android device to defeat large monsters and collect materials and weapons in Monster Hunter Now.

Monster Hunter Now, the long-awaited first walking game in the Monster Hunter series, has been released. This is a full-fledged action game where you walk around the real world and hunt monsters that appear on the map. Enjoy the life of a monster hunter by collecting materials and defeating big bosses in multiplayer.

spoofing monster hunter now android

Using location information, various monsters will appear across the country, which is very exciting. 6 weapons and 13 large monsters have been released, but what I'm curious about is the use of location information. You need to walk around outdoors and collect materials for the monsters you want.

So how to play MH Now at home without leaving home? Read on.

In this article:

Part 1: [Android] Recommended Location Spoofing Apps for Monster Hunter Now

However, as mentioned above, Monster Hunter Now is expected to feature large monsters appearing across the country. Even if the monster you're looking for appears, you likely won't be able to defeat it because it's so far away.

In this case, location spoofing apps on Android which could hack MH Now come in handy. Here we’ll cover the pros and cons of recommended apps for Android devices, and how to use them.

monster hunter now spoofing app android

01 iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo is the most popular location spoofing application. While there is a free trial version, there is also a smartphone version and a computer version that does not require a computer. The user interface is also very user friendly. The specific functions are as follows.

iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo MHN Now Spoofer

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Step 1: Connect iPhone to the PC/Mac

Launch iMyFone AnyTo on your Windows PC/Mac (you can click the Try It Free button above to download it free). Click the Get Start button.

download imyfone anyto

Step 2: Select Teleport Mode

Choose the third icon on the upper-right corner - Teleport Mode. Then you can input an address or zoom and drag the map to choose a fake location.

anyto load map

Step 3: Location Changed on Map

Now just click the Move button to change your location on the map to this new location!

Change GPS Location with 1 Click

With iMyFone AnyTo, everyone can share fake locations on both iOS and Android devices without being noticed at all.

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  • Intuitive operation.
  • You can spoof your location information all over the world.
  • Extensive customization is possible, including route and movement speed.


  • You need to purchase the paid version to use all features.

02 Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS 360 is a popular location app among Android users.

Steps to spoof location using Fake GPS 360:

Step 1: Open Settings on your smartphone, tap the build number 7 times under Device Information, and then open Developer Options.

Step 2: After installing Fake GPS 360, launch it.

Step 3: Click on the location directly or enter the location name from the search icon in the upper right corner and select the GPS coordinates.

Step 4: Save the selected location or hide your phone's location by long-pressing on the coordinates and tapping "Location Only" or "JoyStick 360°".

monster hunter now spoofing fake gps 360


  • You can choose from several location selection methods.


  • The app may be forced to close.
  • Some applications cannot be used at the same time.

03 GPS Joystick

GPS JoyStick is a tool that allows you to easily change your Android location information.

Steps to spoof location using GPS JoyStick:

Step 1: After installing the GPS JoyStick, launch it.

Step 2: When the options screen appears, check "Set location" and click "Click here to open map."

Step 3: After the map is displayed, click on the location you want to go to.

Step 4: The message "Do you want to use this location?" will appear, so click "Select" - "Require drawing permission" - "Go to settings" to continue.

Step 5: On the app's settings screen, enable "Can show on other apps."

Step 6: Click the "Start" button on the screen to complete location information setup. The location you tap on the app map will now be reflected on your Android smartphone.

monster hunter now spoofing fake gps joystick


  • You can use the joystick to hide your location in different locations.
  • Can select any location on the world map.


  • Advertisements appear frequently.

04 VPNa - GPS Location Spoofing

VPNa - GPS is a location spoofing application that uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

VPNa - Steps to Spoof Location Using GPS:

Step 1: After installing VPNa-gps, launch it.

Step 2: Click on "Enable Mock Location" in the app - Select "Select Temporary Location App" in "Developer Options" - Select "VPNa" from the options.

Step 3: Return to the VPNa app, select the location you want to go to - Confirm that the location has changed, and tap the power button to confirm.

monster hunter now spoofing gps location vpna


  • Security is secure because we use a VPN.
  • You can quickly set up a new location.


  • Advertisements are placed in distracting locations.
  • There is no joystick.

05 Fly GPS

Fly GPS is a location spoofing app used around the world.

Steps to Spoof Location Using Fly GPS:

Step 1: After installing Fly GPS, launch it.

Step 2: Disable "Mock Location/Developer Options".

Step 3: Select your favorite location from GPS fake.

Step 4: From the Settings menu, set the GPS fake options "Expert Mode and Fake Location Movement" - Distance and Wait Time.

Step 5: Click the orange button - click "GPS Fake".

Step 6: If the "Search through network and GPS" notification is displayed, it's normal.

monster hunter now spoofing fly gps fake gps


  • Map coordinates can be selected for multiple search engines.
  • Compatible with joysticks.


  • Search may not be possible.
  • Advertising gets in the way.

Part 2: Comparison of Spoofing Monster Hunter Now Android APPs

With the launch of Monster Hunter's new app "Monster Hunter Now", the demand for changing location in Monster Hunter Now is increasing. Here we have tried to explain location spoofing apps in an easy-to-understand manner, so please use it as a reference.

1 Functions of the Softwares of Spoofing Monster Hunter Now on Android

The above five have almost all the functions needed to conquer Monster Hunter Now, such as joystick movement, specifying coordinates, etc. I think AnyTo lacks the ability to have detailed settings like movement speed.

monster hunter now movement

2 About Fees

AnyTo has free and paid versions. The other four are available free of charge.

Most apps are free to use. However, although it is free to use, ads appear frequently and in obstructive locations, which can interfere with operation. How much is acceptable depends on personal preference.

3 Possibility of Account Disabled in Spoofing Monster Hunter Now on Android APPs

We've heard of people having their accounts suspended for using location-faking apps like Pokemon GO and Dragon Quest Walk. Of course, the current "Monster Hunter Now" is no exception.

monster hunter now account disable

One is that Fake GPS 360 and GPS JoyStick are so famous as location spoofing apps that their developers are taking action.The second case is when a user exhibits obviously suspicious behavior, such as frequent transmissions.

Your account will not 100% be suspended if you use a location spoofing app, but you must understand that you will be taking some risks of Monster Hunter Now network error 6-4. The overall easy-to-use Monster Hunter Now app is “AnyTo”.


So far, we've covered how to use the location spoofing app in Monster Hunter Now on Android and compared its performance. Most of the necessary features are included, and your preference will depend on how the operation feels.

However, we think GPS tool iMyFone AnyTo is the most recommendable due to its intuitive operation and lack of annoying ads when playing games. My only concern is that it's paid, but there's a free trial too, so why not give it a try first?