Baffled about the iPhone restore mode? What is it, when it is used or how to boot iPhone in restore mode? Well, fret not. We have your back covered. To clear your doubts, we came up with today's post that offers you in depth information about iPhone restore mode. In addition, will also make you aware about what needs to be done if your iPhone stuck on restore mode. So let's get started.

iPhone restore mode

1. Common Questions about iPhone Restore Mode

There are many questions that iPhone users have asked about restore mode. Here we will pick out the most commonly asked questions and provide detailed answers for them.

1.1. What Is iPhone Restore Mode?

iPhone Restore Mode comprises of two different modes, namely Recovery mode and DFU mode. The major difference between DFU mode and Recovery mode lies in iBoot bootloader. Recovery Mode makes use of iBoot bootloader while you perform upgrading or restoring operations over iPhone. While on the other hand, DFU mode skips iBoot bootloader which enables you to downgrade your iOS firmware version. When your iPhone is in recovery mode, it shows the iTunes logo. When your iPhone is in DFU mode, it shows black screen. iTunes will only tell you that a device in recovery mode is detected.

the interfaces of DFU mode and recovery mode

1.2. When Should We Use iPhone Restore Mode?

Both Recovery mode and DFU mode of the iPhone Restore Mode are used to update or restore iPhone or when jailbreaking your iPhone. It is usually recommended that you put your iPhone in DFU mode if you want to completely restore your iPhone to factory settings.

1.3. How to Put Your Device into iPhone Restore Mode?

It's now time to uncover the step by step tutorial on how to boot your iPhone in Restore Mode (i.e. Recovery mode or DFU mode). You simply need to follow the instructions ensued, depending upon the iPhone variant you possess.

Boot iPhone in DFU Mode

iPhone 6/6s or earlier:

  • Get your iPhone linked with your PC and run iTunes.
  • Next, hit and hold the 'Home' + 'Power' key down for about 8 seconds. Afterwards, release the 'Power' key but ensure to keep holding the 'Home' key.
  • You'll now notice that your iPhone screen has turned black completely but iTunes has detected your iPhone in restore mode. That's it.

boot iPhone 6 in DFU mode

iPhone 7/7 Plus:

  • Step 1 remains the same as above and then hold on the 'Power' key + 'Volume Down' key altogether for 8 seconds. Thereafter, release the 'Power' key but ensure to keep holding 'Volume Down' key.
  • Step 3 will be the same as above.

boot iPhone 7 in DFU mode

iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XS/XS Max/XR:

  • Step 1 remains the same as above. Then push the 'Volume Up' key, followed by 'Volume Down' key and subsequently hold down 'Power' key till the iPhone screen turns black. Then, hit and hold 'Volume Down' key + 'Power' key for 5 seconds. Release 'Power' key thereafter but make sure not to release the 'Volume Down' key.
  • Step 3 will be the same as above.

put iPhone X into DFU Mode

Boot iPhone in Recovery Mode

iPhone 6/6s or earlier:

  • Shut off your iPhone. Then, launch the iTunes application and get your iPhone linked to your Windows or Mac computer. Now, hold down the 'Home' key on your iPhone, till you get to witness 'Connect to iTunes' screen.

iPhone 7/7 Plus:

  • Switch off your iPhone. Launch iTunes application on your Windows or Mac computer. Now, get your iPhone linked to your PC. Then, keep the 'Volume Down' key down of your iPhone until you get to witness 'Connect to iTunes' screen.

iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XS/XS Max/XR:

  • Briefly push 'Volume Up' button, followed by 'Volume Down' button and then hold on the 'Power' button till the time 'Connect to iTunes' screen flashes up on your iPhone.

put iPhone in recovery mode

1.4. Will You Lose Data When Puting Your Device Into Restore Mode?

This simply depends on what operations you perform after entering iPhone restore mode. In case, you simply just enters the iPhone restore mode and then exits it normally, there won't be any data loss. But on the adverse side, if your iPhone stucks on restore mode somehow, then you run high chances of losing all your data.

iPhone data

2. iPhone Restore Mode not Working or iPhone Stuck on Restore Mode?

When it comes to fixing iPhone stuck on restore mode issue, the most convenient way one can have and is supposed to be the best iTunes alternative is iMyFone Fixppo. This tool is designed to professionally recover the iOS system issues and it undoubtedly, does the job exceptionally well. It offers 'Standard Mode' and 'Exit/Enter Recovery Mode' that enable you to fix issues without any data loss and enter/exit recovery mode in just a matter of single click respectively. With its Advanced Mode, one can restore their iPhone in a hassle-free way.

It is the best iOS repair tool which fixes all iOS issues. With its exclusive and innovative technology, it fixes many problems that iTunes cannot fix. Therefore it is highly recommend that you try this method when iPhone restore mode is not working or your iPhone gets stuck on restore mode.

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Windows version    Mac version

Step 1: Acquire the iMyFone Fixppo tool from its official website only and get it installed over your PC. Once done with installation, launch it and hit on the 'Standard Mode'.

choose Standard Mode

Step 2: Next step is to link your iPhone with your PC and hit 'Next' afterwards. The software will now detect your iPhone automatically.

 connect your device to your computer

Step 3: From the upcoming screen, the information about your iPhone and all the iOS firmware (compatible with your device) will be loaded automatically by the software. Just choose a version and hit on 'Download' button. Then wait for the download to complete.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 4: Lastly, hit the 'Start' button to initiate fixing iPhone stuck on restore mode. Within a short while your iPhone will be functioning like normal without any hassle.

finished fixing your device

Windows version    Mac version