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Best 12 Ways to Fix Top of iPhone Screen Not Working


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Touch screen devices have become common these days. But many users have complained that the top of iPhone screen not working, especially after update to iOS 16.

Since I've met this problem once when my iPhone stuck for some iOS glitches, in this post, I will list the reasons for you to have a better understanding and fixes for it. Move on to get the details!

iphone touch screen not working

In this article:

Part 1. Why is the Top of My iPhone Screen Not Working?

Before taking a look at the solutions for this iPhone top of screen not working error, it is important to know the reasons why this happens so that you can better avoid this problem.

  • The touch screen of your iPhone is covered with water.
  • Settings of your iPhone is confused without knowing.
  • System of your iPhone is problematic.
  • Hardware problems like screen crashes thus become unresponsive.
  • For an unresponsive top half touch screen, professional repair is needed but before that, you can check some possible solutions first.

    Part 2. 9 Basic Checks for Top Part of iPhone Screen Not Working

    9 Basic Tips:

    1 Clear and Dry the Screen

    The first thing you can check here to fix the iPhone top screen not working is that making sure your iPhone is not covered with water. If you've done that for many times, dry the screen with a clean cloth before clicking on the screen again. If the screen is watered without being dealt with in time, the screen will get damaged afterwards.

    clean the iPhone screen

    2 Re-connect iPhone with Charger

    Charging the iPhone for too long and not being able to disconnect it? Then your iPhone may starts to behave weirdly. The wrong or broken charger and lightning cable will also cause damage to your iPhone and this top of phone screen not working issue may have something to do with them as well. If you have to charge the device, disconnect is first then reconnect it with another charger.

    3 Adjust Haptic Touch in Settings

    What about the haptic touch? If the settings is accidentally changed and the haptic touch as well, the problem may have nothing to do with the screen itself but simply due to the haptic touch that is not sensitive enough. Go check it from Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Haptic Touch > Fast option and see if the touch screen is back to work now.

    adjust haptic touch

    4 Check Orientation Lock on iPhone

    If you need to change the screen orientation from time to time while changing it fast withotu giving the screen time to respond, the screen may stuck and problem like iPhone top of screen not working may show up. Try to slow down whenever you need to switch the lock and please check it now to see if the screen gives you the feedback and can work smoothly.

    check orientation lock

    5 Remove the Screen Protector

    In case like iPhone is dropped severely, the screen protector should prevent the screen from cracking. However, it doesn't mean that the potential problem with your screen protector is negligable since most often it will make the screen unresponsive. So just remove the screen protector on your iPhone and then restart to see whether the the top part of iPhone screen not working problem is modified.

    6 Remove Buggy Apps

    If you have recently downloaded an app and facing the top of iPhone screen not working issue then you might consider uninstalling it. Check carefully those misbehaving apps and choose to offload or delete it completely from either the Home screen or Settings. If this won't work or just work for a certain period, just keep reading.

    Long press on that app and tap on the cross symbol on it to delete the app permanently.

    remove buggy app

    7 Hard Reboot iPhone

    For those who want to close all activities temporarily and fix minor bugs, this method should work. Since all background processes will start afresh when the device restarts. Therefore, for issue like iPhone top of screen not working, you can try force rebooting your iPhone that may possibly address your puzzle.

    • iPhone 6 and earlier: Hold the Sleep and Home button together and don't release them until you see the Apple logo.
    • iPhone 7/7 plus: Replace the Home button with the Volume button and follow the same procedure mentioned above.
    • iPhone 8/X/11/12/13/14 and later: Turn to both Volume Up and Down button, press and release them quickly. After that, press the Side button for the Apple logo to appear.

    hard reboot iPhone

    Rebooting or restarting iPhone from computer is also supported by using sa third-party tool.

    8 Update iOS System

    When you update your iPhone to the latest iOS version, most of the issues get resolved. Follow the steps to update your device to see if the top part of iPhone screen not working issue can stop showing up and work normally.

    • Go to Settings > tap General > Software Update.
    • Click on the one that is available and wait for the process to finish.

    update ios system

    9 Reset All iPhone Settings

    Like using iTunes that will be mentioned later, this method can be applied directly through the Settings on the iPhone, which can save you a lot of trouble if you have no computer to assist you. However, this way will make all your iPhone data gone, please be careful.

    • Go to Settings > tap General > swipe down to find Transfer or Reset iPhone > click on Erase All Content and Settings.
    • Enter your password and you can take your iPhone as a new one when everything is done.

    reset all settings

    Part 3. 3 Further Ways for iPhone Top of Screen Not Working

    1 Fix Top of iPhone Screen Not Working without Data Loss

    Trying those common methods should help but if none of them seem to function, fixing your iOS system is the one that needs to be considered next. And if this issue is caused by the internal iOS system, you can fix this iPhone top of screen not working issue with the help of the professional iOS issues fixer - iMyFone Fixppo. Though it seems simple and direct, it's successfully helped many users with many typical iPhone problems.

    fixppo icon

    iMyFone Fixppo

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    Step 1: Download and install Fixppo. Launch it then choose Standard Mode from the interface.

    fixppo standard mode

    Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer. For device that can be detected, you can enter the next step first. If not, you can follow to put your iPhone into Recovery mode ahead, which should be made afterwards (If your iPhone won't enter recovery mode, follow the on-screen instructions one more time).

    put device to recovery mode

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    Step 3: When you come to this step, remember to check the info and tap Download to get the suitable firmware for the fixing process. (If it's possible, you can choose other firmware you like).

    download firmware file for fixing top of iphone screen not working

    Step 4: With the firmware, Fixppo should start to get your upper part of touch screen not working problem fixed. When it's done, go check the screen and it should work as usual with all your data safely kept.

    start the standard repair

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    2 Restore iPhone via iTunes

    As it's said, this method will cause your data loss but is as applicable to this problem. It's suggested to try Fixppo first, which will assure that private data on iPhone remain intact. However, if you stick to iTunes, please make a full backup before forwarding to the next steps.

    • Open iTunes on your computer and connect your device. Then choose your iPhone icon at the top and click on Restore under Summary pane.
    • When you click Restore again to confirm, iTunes will erase your iPhone and install the latest iOS. The device will restart after it gets restored to the factory settings.
    • Set it up as a new device or restore the last backup. Check if the iPhone top half of screen not working issue is resolved.

    restore iPhone

    3 Get Help from Apple Support Center

    If you still unable to solve the top of iPhone screen not working problem, the last resort is to contact Apple Support. If there is something wrong with the hardware, you need to choose this method right away. Book an appointment first and get your iPhone to the nearest store to have a thorough exam.


    All the methods given above are secure and can easily solve the iPhone top of screen not working issue. You can try the methods you prefer. The most practical method we recommended is iMyFone Fixppo. If you have queries regarding this issue, just leave your comments below.

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