[Free] How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

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Have you ever wanted to share your music with a friend, but were frustrated by Apple’s restrictions. You are not alone. Fortunately, there are some great ways to transfer music from computer to iPhone without iTunes.

There are actually quite a few limitations when you use iTunes to add music to your iPhone, including:

  • The new playlist or library will erase the old one, so you lose music.
  • You can only extract purchased music from iPhone, but not for all kinds of music.
  • You can only transfer music among a limited number of devices.
  • You can’t transfer one song at a time.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

Here are a few different ways to copy music from your computer to your iPhone without the inconvenience of iTunes:

1. Transfer Music Directly from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

One of the best ways to transfer data is to use iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer. This is a device manager that allows you to do a lot of things that you normally can’t with iTunes, including copying any kind of music that you want directly from computer to your iPhone, or extracting music from iPhone. You can transfer songs one at a time, or even your whole playlist at once.

Using TunesMate has a lot of advantages. You suffer no data loss, you can use it with unlimited computers and unlimited iOS devices, and it supports all music formats.

Steps to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone without iTunes

Step 1. Find the songs you want to transfer on your PC. These might be in your music folder or somewhere else.

TunesMate screenshot

Step 2. Open up TunesMate, connect your iPhone. Then click on the Music tab on TunesMate.
Step 3. Simply drag and drop music from the folder on your PC to the TunesMate window.
TunesMate screenshot

Keep in mind that even if the format of the music is one that iPhone would normally not support, TunesMate converts it for you conveniently while it is being transferred.

Another nice thing about TunesMate is that it can help you enrich your iTunes library using an unlimited number of devices. It can do this without ever needing to sync with iTunes. In fact, you don’t even need to open iTunes at all to rebuild your library.

2. Computer to iPhone Music Transfer without iTunes, but Dropbox

You can use Dropbox the same way you use any other cloud service. It can store files, and therefore it can help you transfer them as a secondary function.


  • Though it supports all music files, keep in mind that you have to convert the music first if it’s not in a format supported by iPhone.
  • The music transferred is not in Music app but Dropbox app. You need to download another music player app.

To use Dropbox to transfer music, simply do this:

Step 1. Sign into your Dropbox account on your computer.
Step 2. Upload the files that you want to transfer.
Step 3. Go to the Dropbox app on your iPhone.
Step 4. Download the files to your device from Dropbox.


3. Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone by Streaming

With various streaming music services, you can store and download music that you purchase on that specific platform. There are services like this to choose from, like Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube Red, etc.



  • Of course, the major limitation here is that it costs money. Also, you’ll only be able to transfer music to iPhone when you have an Internet connection.
  • As well, the music is in the specific app instead of in the Music app.
  • You can share this music with family or friends.

Here is a simple guide that will work with most of them:

Step 1. Sign up for a streaming service and buy music on there.
Step 2. Download the service’s app onto your phone.
Step 3. Download your purchases through the app.

4. Copy Music from Computer to iPhone Using MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is a tool that you can use to transfer your music. Here’s how:

Step 1. Install the MediaMonkey application on your PC.
Step 2. Run the application, then go to File, and then Add/Rescan Tracks to the Library.
Step 3. You will be able to browse for a folder with your music in it. Do this now, and once you have the folder you want, click OK.
Step 4. Plug your iPhone into your PC.
Step 5. Click on the icon for your device. It should now transfer the music that was in the folder you chose to your iPhone.


One limitation of this is that it only works for Windows, which can be a problem of course if you have a Mac. Another issue is that it simply doesn’t give you as much control over your files as TunesMate. If you need a device manager, definitely consider TunesMate first—it is versatile and has all of the essential features.