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Since its release in 2016, Pokemon Go has been a hot-favorite AR mobile game having millions of avid users from all parts of the world. The basics of the game are simple, you need to find and catch Pokemon in your neighborhood, replenish important items, and stay healthy.

pokemon go

But there’s a lot more to consider if you want to become a Pokemon Go pro as the game has seen several updates and the inclusion of exciting features – all to enhance user experience. Given this, we are here with some advanced Pokemon Go tips and tricks to help you master the eevee evolving Pokemon Go and earn extra Pokemon coins rather quickly.

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Part 1: What are the Pokemon Go Tips for Beginners?

Playing Pokemon is a quite simple but full of challenges. You roam around in the surroundings, catch as many Pokemon as you can, stop at the Poke Shops to load your backup to increase your XP.

If you’re playing the game for the first time, then the below Pokemon Go tips for beginners will help you get started.

Step 1. Adjust Settings Before You Start

First things first, adjust Pokemon Settings according to your requirements. Users can access the Settings by tapping the Poke Ball icon on the main screen. Then, tap the Settings icon on the top-right corner as shown in the figure.

pokemon gp settings

Here, you’ll see various options that you can change depending on your individual preferences and convenience. For instance, you can enable the “Battery Saver” to prolong your mobile’s battery life.

Step 2. Choosing Your Starter Pokemon

The next important step is to select your starter Pokemon from the three available options to get started. All three Pokemon have the same characteristics and choosing any of them won’t make any difference on your game results.

Step 3. Catching Your First Pokemon

Now comes the real part – Finding and Catching your first Pokemon. Users need Poke Balls & get great throw in Pokemon Go to catch Pokemon – you can get these poke balls from Poke Stops and Gyms. The better the Poke Balls, the greater your chances of catching a Pokemon.

poke ball

The easiest way is to walk around your neighborhood and track the Pokemons. The Capture ring around the Pokemon indicates how tricky it is to catch it; Green being the easiest, then Orange, and Red. Remember that Pokemon won’t stay at the same place – so you better hurry after spotting them.

Step 4. Raise Trainer Level

Boosting trainer level is one of the most crucial Pokemon tips. The trainer level in Pokemon Go dictates quite significant features.

Try to raise the trainer level to capture the powerful and rarer Pokemon as well as increase the CP or Combat Power of the Pokemon you have.

raise trainer level

Step 5. Pick Which Pokemon to Raise

Next, you need to raise your Pokemon to get them closer to their maximum potential. Consider three things while deciding which Pokemon to raise: CP Limits, Move Set, Individual Values. Ensure a striking balance between these three characteristics to get maximum advantage.

powerup pokemon

Step 6. Making Pokemon Stronger

Try to increase the CP of your Pokemon or transform them into a more powerful version to get strong in Pokemon. Focus on hatching eggs, adding friends and sending them gifts, capturing and transforming more Pokemon to get maximum XP.

get stronger pokemon

Step 7. Fighting Gym & Raid Battles

Get involved in Raid battles after getting powerful Pokemons and enough experience. These Raid battles happen when a Boss Pokemon takes over a gym and you have to beat this powerful Pokemon.

gym radis pokemon

Part 1: Part 2: Advanced Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go Fanatics

Now that you know the basics of Pokemon Go, let’s delve into the advanced and more powerful Pokemon Go tips and tricks for professionals.

Step 1. Get Swole with Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolving is one of the best ways to increase the CP of your Pokemon. You need to collect Meta Energy for the Pokemon you want to evolve.

This feature is activated only for some time and it comes in handy during raids and Team Go battles – try to be as fast as you can while using a Mega evolution.

mega evolution

Step 2. Pokemon Stay Indoors

There’s plenty of adventure to do in Pokemon but we are living in precarious times. If you go out, you might catch a deadly virus, which is why the developers have introduced alternative ways to play pokemon from the safety of your homes.

All you need to do is to buy Remote Raid Passes for 100 PokeCoins each and just as the name indicates, you will be able to join other teams virtually to capture rarer Pokemons.

stay indoor

Step 3. Turn Off AR to Make Capturing Easier

Leaving AR mode off lets you capture Pokemon easily as well as catch ones that are farther away. It avoids the need to move your phone’s camera constantly and also conserves its battery. It becomes even more useful when Pokemon appears at inappropriate places as most strangers won’t fancy you pointing the camera towards them.

Just go to the Settings from the app’s main screen and uncheck the AR+ option.

pokemon settings

Step 4. Throw a curveball to gain more XP

Another simple way to gain more XP quickly is by catching a Pokemon with a curveball. This throw is difficult but it earns you a bonus every time you do it right.

Master the art of throwing curveball and start earning extra XP for your efforts.

curveball throw

Step 5. Check the power level of each move

Don’t just rely on the CP of a Pokemon and instead, consider the complete power level of each move. A Staryu may have a lesser CP value but contain Psybeam and Water Gun compared to the one with a higher CP value but equip with only Body Slam.

That is, always go for the best Power Level of each move.

Part 3: Pokemon Go Tips for Trainers Over Level 20

The real deal comes when you cross level 20 – and enter the league of pro players. Below are some professional Pokemon Go tips 2024.

1 Fighting Gyms to grind XP

Battling gyms is probably the hardest task of Pokemon but it can also give you a raise of 400XP. You must have a powerful Pokemon in level 20 or up to at least get a chance to weaken a gym by a rival Pokemon.

A number of factors influence the gym fights including your CP and CP of your rival, how many Pokemon you defeat, and so on.

pokemon fighting on gyms

2 Training weaker Pokemon at your own team’s gyms

Another simple way to earn more XP is to fortify your own gym by training and testing your team. With each win, your team gets XP and on top of that, you achieve extra XP for using a Pokemon with similar or less CP than the Pokemon in the gym.

However, you may lose the battle if your Pokemon or team is too weak.

defend gyms

3 Buy Egg Incubators and Lucky Eggs from Store

With each level up, egg incubators are hard to hard to find and Lucky Eggs will help you level up. An Egg Incubator is the most useful item in the Pokemon store and if you can, buy eggs directly from the store to get an advantage over your rivals.

4 Make the most use of evolving Pokemon with a Lucky Egg

The most important part is to use evolving Pokemon wisely. Evolving Pokemon earns you 500XP and luckily, you can evolve 50-60 Pokemon in just half an hour.

Double the XP by using a lucky egg. So, wait until you have a considerable number of Lucky Pokemon to evolve.


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Part 4: Hot FAQs about Pokemon Go Tips

1 How do you get rare Pokemon in Pokemon go fast?

Here is the pokemon go guide for beginners to get the rare Pokemon Go:

  • Boost your Training level
  • Keep walking and hatching eggs
  • Try the buddy system
  • Wander down a new path

2 How do you get the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

You get the strongest Pokemon when it reaches the raw value. Here are Pokemon trainer Tips

  • Hatch eggs and use incubators wisely
  • Use Lucky eggs wisely
  • Power up pokemon
  • Transfer pokemon
  • Raid battles

3 What is the number 1 best Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

The best Pokemon varies from player to player but most people consider Mewtwo as the best Pokemon. Equipped with powerful Shadow Ball and Psystrike and having the ability to get over 4000 CP, Mewtwo can cause serious damage to your rival.

4 How do you get unlimited rare candies in Pokemon go?

Below are some Pokemon tricks to get rare candies:

  • Take part in battle raids – most reliable option
  • Win battle league rewards
  • Earn trainer battle rewards

5 Is there a trick to catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

You can use quite a few Pokemon Go tricks to catch Pokemon, of which “setting the circle size” is an effective one. All you need to do is tap and hold the Poke Ball until the circle reduces to the perfect size. Then, spin and curve the Poke Ball and throw it closest to the dead center as the Pokemon gets to almost 3/4 through its attack.

Final Remarks

To sum up, this article has provided a comprehensive guide on Pokemon Go tips and tricks 2024. Use iMyFone AnyTo to spoof your location and earn rare Pokemons.

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