If you play Pokemon Go, you probably know about the various types of Pokemon that you can catch. Not only are there multiple shapes, sizes, and classes of Pokemon in the game, but they also vary in terms of rarity and strength.

You can find some Pokemon easier than others throughout the game, and some are much harder to collect. Some of the best Pokemon you can catch belongs to the category of pseudo legendary Pokemon. If you're interested in acquiring those, read on to find out how you can get one!

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What Is A Pseudo Legendary Pokemon?

A pseudo legendary Pokemon is a fan-term to denote any Pokemon that has:

  • three stages of evolution
  • experience of 1,250,000 at level 100
  • base stat total of precisely 600, excluding a Mega Evolution
  • These Pokemon are some of the best in the game due to their high stats.

    Fans call these "pseudo legendary" and don't classify them as "legendary" because you can find them more than once, they can evolve, and they can breed.

    As you might expect, pseudo legendary Pokemon are much harder to find in the Pokemon Go game than other types. Even when you do find them, being able to catch them is another skill to master. You may have to use an Ultra Ball and become an expert thrower to avoid one of these Pokemon escaping capture. Since they're so rare, you'll want to make sure you master these techniques before encountering one!

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    There are only a few Pokemon in the game that meet all these criteria. Those Pokemon are:

    • Dragonite: The original pseudo legendary Pokemon is a dragon that has 263 in attack points, 198 defense, and 209 HP. It's a beast, and if you find that you can capture it, Dragonite will make a fantastic addition to any team.
    • Tyranitar: With 251 attack, 207 defense, and 225 HP, Tyranitar is a magnificent rock Pokemon with a few weaknesses. Still, it's a formidable Pokemon worthy of the pseudo legendary designation.
    • Salamence: This flying Pokemon has the highest attack of any of the pseudo legendaries at 277. Its defense is a little lower at 168, but it has a nice HP of 216.
    • Metagross: This Pokemon comes in a little light on the HP side at 190, but makes up for it with a 257 attack and 228 defense. Metagross can resist dragon attacks and has Meteor Mash, both of which make it a powerful performer in any Pokemon lineup.
    • Garchomp: With 261 attack, 193 defense, and 239 HP, it's no wonder that Garchomp is one of the most popular pseudo legendary Pokemon. Plus, Garchomp has such a cool look!
    • Hydreigon: At similar stats as Garchomp (256 in attack points, 188 defense, and 211 HP), Hydreigon is a powerful ally as it can resist psychic and ghost attacks.
    • Goodra: 220 in attack points, 242 defense, and 2017 HP combine to give this Pokemon a well-blended set of stats. It doesn't have a 4x weakness like the other pseudo legendaries, making it a treat to use.
    • Kommo-o: With a sizable 240 defense, 222 in attack points, and 181 HP combined, Kommo-o comes prepared for any fight. It's good against a plethora of
    • Dragapult: This is the newest Pokemon, so it doesn't have stats yet within Pokemon Go. However, it's shaping up to be quite an impressive one!
      a plethora of

    Each generation of Pokemon games introduces a new pseudo legendary Pokemon. For example, Dragonite appeared in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games. Metagross appeared in the third generation of Pokemon games, Ruby and Sapphire.

    Some Puzzles for Pseudo Legendary Pokemon

    1 Which One Is The Best Pseudo Legendary Pokemon?

    While pseudo legendary Pokemon all have the same base stats, they're not the same Pokemon by any means. There are some pseudo legendary Pokemon that are better than others.

    Generally, fans consider the newest pseudo legendary Pokemon, Dragapult, to be the best of Pokemon's class. As a dragon-type Pokemon, it's fast, fierce, and looks super cool. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more intriguing Pokemon than Dragapult.

    2 Is Lucario A Pseudo Legendary?

    Another class of Pokemon, called semi-pseudo legendary, often gets mistaken for pseudo legendary status. These Pokemon are strong on their right and are uncommon to find. However, their base statistics do not equal 600, so these fictional creatures do not meet the pseudo legendary criteria.

    Example Pokemon that people commonly believe are pseudo legendary Pokemon are Lucario, Kingdra, Aggron, and Volcarona. These four Pokemon belong to the semi-pseudo class instead, as none of their stats add up to 600.

    lucario pokemon pseudo legendary

    3 Where Can You Find Pseudo Legendary Pokemon?

    These Pokemon are rare to find. You'll likely have to be always on the lookout for them. You can use an online Pokemon radar or map to know the spawning locations of these Pokemon. However, that requires your device to be at the spawn location at the right time (as we'll see later, this isn't too challenging to do).

    One other option, of course, is to evolve a lower-stage Pokemon into its final stage. For example, Dreepy becomes Dragapult. Dreepies are easier to find in the wild than Dragapults, so that's another possibility. Naturally, it takes significant time and effort to evolve each of these Pokemon, but if you can't find a Dragapult in the wild, starting with the first-stage one is always an option.

    4 Tips to Catch Pseudo Legendary Pokemon

    The way catch a pseudo legendary Pokemon is to move your phone to as many places as possible in a short time frame. That way, you'll have a high probability of catching one of these Pokemon. Of course, most of us don't have all day to drive to numerous places trying to catch Pokemon. Fortunately, there's a neat trick to make your phone (and the Pokemon Go app running on your phone) think you're anywhere in the world!

    iMyFone AnyTo is a powerful software program that lets you change the GPS location on your iOS and Android devices to be anywhere in the world. If you want to make your GPS think you're in France, AnyTo can do that! More importantly, AnyTo can simulate movement, so you can "walk" anywhere you want and look for pseudo legendary Pokemon - all from the comfort of your chair. It's the simplest and most straightforward way to catch these and other Pokemon.

    iMyFone AnyTo has a few critical features for fans of Pokemon Go:

    • You can simulate walking, biking, or taking the car. You can even preprogram the route!

    • You can fake GPS on not only Pokemon, but all location based apps on iOS and Android devices with 1 click.

    • iMyFone AnyTo works for Mac OS and Windows, so no matter which platform you use, AnyTo has you covered!

    • Support all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 and above system, includes the latest iOS 16.

    • Support all Android devices running Android 5.0 and above system, includes the latest Android 12.

    The most useful feature of iMyFone AnyTo for catching legendary Pokemon is the ability to simulate movement. To simulate walking somewhere within AnyTo, please follow these steps:

    Step 1.Download, install, and run iMyFone AnyTo. Click "Get Started".

    launch imyfone anyto

    Step 2.Connect your iOS and Android devices, if necessary, tell it to trust this connection.

    trust device

    Step 3.Once AnyTo recognizes your device, you'll see a map with your location on it. Click on the left-most button in the upper-right corner to activate the "Two-spot Mode".

    select two-spot mode

    Step 4.Either pinpoint your location or type the address you want to move to in the upper-left corner. Set your moving speed using the slider on the left panel. Drag it to the left to simulate a slow walk. Drag it to the right to mimic driving. When everything looks good, click on "Move".

    plan two-spot route

    You should now see your GPS moving as if you were walking, biking, or driving along that route, depending on which type of transportation you selected! You can now explore the world from the comfort of your home, looking for pseudo legendary Pokemon!

    location changed in pokemon go

    You can watch the video to get more Pokemon with iMyFone AnyTo.

    Pokemon GO Spoofer - Spoof Pokemon Go without Moving in 2021

    1 Other Tricks to Catch These Pokemon

    1. Get excellent at throwing. Please wait until the capture circle is small before throwing so that way when you meet one of these Pokemon, you'll be able to capture it on the first try!

    2. Use higher levels of Poke Balls. When you meet a pseudo legendary Pokemon, try and use an Ultra Ball, if you have it, to maximize your chances of capturing that Pokemon.

    3. Try throwing curveballs. While you drag the Poke Ball onto the screen, swirl your finger in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. With your Poke Ball spinning, toss it in the opposite direction of your spin.

    legendary pokemon

    To Sum Up

    Although pseudo legendary Pokemon are rare in the game, they're by no means impossible to collect. Using iMyFone AnyTo and some of the tricks above, you'll be collecting these rare Pokemon in no time!