Piplup is from the Sinnoh region and pure water type species and introduced in generation four of pokemon. This generation includes males and females. Therefore, it's a water-type Pokemon. Piplup's evolution is fascinating. The two starters of development, like Squirtle and totodile, retain their pure water typing as it evolves.

piplup pokemon go

At the evolution hoenn water type starter, mudkip takes dual water/ ground tying. Piplup and its second stage, called prinplup, remain pure water, but their third evolution of empoleon adds some spice to this family because they stay in dual water steel typing.

Knowing about Shiny Piplup and its Evolution

Piplup belongs to the Sinnoh region and its water-type Pokemon.


Its first form is Piplup water and has no. 393. The second shiny Piplup evolution is Prinplup water which came after level 16. And no. of prinplup is 394. The final assessment is empoleon water steel and has no. 395 and came after level 36.

shiny piplup evolution

Piplup Changes:

  1. Shiny Piplup has a base experience yield of 66 in generation 4.
  2. Shiny Piplup also has a base friendship value of 70 in generation 4-7.

Pokedex Entries:

  • Diamond:
  • Diamond is proud of the game. It dislikes accepting food from people. From cold, it wears thick down guards.

  • Pearl
  • A skilled swimmer lives along shores in northern countries. Before the hunt, it dives for 10 minutes.

  • Platinum
  • A poor walker often falls. However, its great pride makes it puff out the chest without care.

  • HeartGold, SoulSilver
  • It hates care. It won't listen to its trainer, so it is hard to bond with it.

  • Black, White, Black 2, White 2
  • It is a poor walker and often falls. However, the strong pride of this Pokedex makes it puff out its chest without any care.

  • X Omega Ruby
  • It also hates care. It won't listen to its trainer, so it is quite difficult to bond with it.

  • Y
  • Alpha Sapphire because it is also proud of the game. It dislikes accepting food from people. From cold, it ticks down guards.

Where to Find Shiny Pipulp

With the Sinnoh celebration kicking off, shiny Piplup is a thing of beauty. Now it's up to you to grab one!You should stock up on the right kind of pokeballs because shiny Pokemon is much more challenging to catch than the regular variants. For example, Piplup is Pokemon of water type and also against several Pokemon. And It can also be evolved a few times!

During the allotted community day event hours, you want to collect great balls or ultra balls that will appear for you and give you a great chance to catch shiny Piplup.

where find shiny piplup

Shinny Piplup can be found in rainy and wild conditions. In rainy conditions, there are much more chances of its spawn. They can also be found in Research Raids and Encounters. When Piplup was fed 25 candies, it evolves into prinplup, and its final Evolution is Empoleom.

How to Get Shiny Pipulp and Evolve Shiny Pipulp

The primary purpose is to catch Piplup as much you can grab, but there are some key points from which you can get maximum results. First of all, you should not see every character. It would help if you waited, and once you collect a healthy stock of candy, you can skip nonshiny Piplup.

shiny piplup 2

If there is any spawn, you should check them by a tap on them. They are shinny or black. When you check once a spawn, that may be a guide for you for others. You will find one as soon as possible.

How to Evolve Piplup to Prinpiup?

The first evolution of Piplup creates prinplup


  1. You need to feed 25 candies to evolve piplup to prinplup.
  2. If you have enough amounts of candies, then you can select evolve option.
  3. As soon as you select it, your Pokemon will evolve in prinplup.

How to Evolve Prinpiup to Empoleon?

Next, you can turn shinny prinplup into empoleom.


  1. You need to feed 100 candies to evolve priplup to empoleom.
  2. After having enough amount of the candies, Select evolve option, and it will evolve into empoleon.

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multi spot mode

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FAQs about Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Go

1 How rare is a shiny Piplup?

Pokemon's official shinny rate on community day is 4.1 %, or 1 in every 24 encounters should be 1 with a shiny Piplup. Obviously, it's not difficult to give all Piplup which you catch.

2 Is shiny Piplup in Pokemon go?

Yes, there is shinny Piplup in the pokemon game. Shinny Piplup evolves into prinplup and then into empoleon after clearing certain levels and feeding some candies.

3 Should I evolve shiny Piplup?

Shinny Piplup is good, but you'll want to change over time. When Piplup evolves, it transforms into prinplup after 16 levels and fed 25 candies. When you have enough, you can evolve by selecting it into prinplup.

4 Who evolves into Piplup?

Prinplup evolves into Piplup after fed 25 candies. This evaluation takes place after 16 levels. So you can evolve Piplup by having enough candies or by fulfilling the requirements. And you can even evolve prinplup as well.

5 Is Piplup friendly to Pokemon Go novice?

Yes, piplup is friendly to pokemon GO novice. The ppokemon go players can get piplup and then evolve it if they want to after fulfilling the requirements.

In Closing

Piplup is the water type of Pokemon. The Pokedex category is Penguin Pokémon and belongs to the Sinnoh region. Its first form is Piplup water and the second evaluation is Prinplup water which came after level 16.

The final assessment is empoleon water steel and has no # 395 and came after level 36. Pokedex entries are diamond, pearl, platinum HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X Omega Ruby. Y. iMyFone AnyTo is used for changing GPS location on both android and iOS. Just try it!