How to Undelete Files on iPad Successfully

A recent question was found in a popular iPhone forum – “I updated my iPad version to iOS 9.3.1. But due to that I lost all the files stored on it. Does anyone know how to undelete files on iPad and get them back?”

Many iPad and other iOS devices’ users face this problem of data loss after they upgrade the iOS version. To help you out in such a case, we will discuss about the perfect method to undelete iPad files and recover them using powerful recovery software called iMyfone D-Back.

iMyfone D-Back

If you need a professional software that successfully helps you to undelete on iPad, think about iMyfone D-Back iOS data recovery for Windows or iMyfone D-Back iOS data recovery for Mac. It is the best solution for users of iOS devices to get back lost data and files from their iPad. The program even works for iPhone and iPod Touch and effectively gets back device content lost due to various reasons. It is easy to iPad undelete the files you need.

Unique Features of iMyfone D-Back

You will be surprised to find so many special features packed inside this handy tool. Let’s check what iMyfone D-Back has to offer to iOS users who want to undelete from iPad.

  • Supports multiple data loss scenarios – You do not have to worry about how you lost your data on iPad. The program can get back device data lost due to accident, physical damage, resetting to factory settings, virus or spyware attacks, forgotten passcode and iOS version updates.
  • Multiple types of files supported – Using iMyfone D-Back you will be able to recover over 22 file types including contacts, call history, text and WhatsApp messages, photos and videos, third party instant messaging apps attachments and history, reminders, notes, Safari bookmarks and many more.
  • Custom recovery modes – The programs comes with 4 unique methods to recover lost and deleted files. The Smart Recovery mode is very helpful if you have forgotten the location of your backup. It scans for the backup file and automatically tracks the recovery path. The other options include Recovery from iOS devices and iCloud and iTunes backup.
  • Special preview function – You can get a preview of the lost files before you proceed to recover them. Media files like photos and videos and text messages, notes, etc can be seen and read easily. This helps you save time and energy as you can quickly find the deleted files and recover only those that you require.
  • Compatible with all iOS devices – iMyfone D-Back works without any glitch with different versions of iPhoneiPad and also iPod Touch. It also supports both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Free support forever – You will get free updates of iMyfone D-Back and also receive free technical assistance for whole life which means no shelling out money for service.

How to Undelete Files on iPad

Here is a comprehensive guide for using iMyfone D-Back to undelete iPad files.

Windows version Mac version

Step 1 Choose Recovery Mode

You have to install iMyfone D-Back on your computer and launch the program. Next comes selecting the recovery mode. You will get options on the left side menu to perform a Smart Recovery if you are unsure about the location of the backup file. The other ways of recovery include “Recover from iOS device”, “Recover from iTunes backup” and “Recover from iCloud backup.”

smart recovery to undelete from ipad

Step 2 Scanning Your Device or iTunes/iCloud Backup Files

After you have selected the recovery method, the next step is to choose the file types you want to recover. iMyfone D-Back can undelete iPad calls and messages, video and audio files, iPhone apps, notes, Safari bookmarks, calendar, etc. Select the backup version if you are using the recovery option of iTunes or iCloud. You can select all files or choose specific ones only. Then press the “Next” button to proceed.

select all from smart recovery

You have to connect your iOS device, or choose your iTunes/iCloud backups when the program prompts for it. You have to click on “Scan” to begin the scanning process.

Step 3 Preview the Files

The software will perform a deep scan and provide a list of data categorized conveniently in a menu form. You will be able to preview the files and recover only the ones you need. If you want to see only the deleted files, chose the “Show only deleted files” option.

preview from itunes to undelete ipad

Step 4 Get the iPad Files Restored

After you are done selecting, hit the “Recover” button located at the bottom part of the screen. You will have to provide the destination target to save the files. The recovery process is complete and the files can be checked now.

iMyfone D-Back Windows version/iMyfone D-Back Mac version has many happy and satisfied users who have used the program to undelete iPad files. Your data is always safe and within reach while you are using this program. Now you do not have to worry about how to undelete on iPad. iMyfone D-Back is the best solution that you can get. This iOS all you need to know about how to undelete files on iPad. And now, the free trial version is offered for both Windows and Mac users. Just download and have a try!

Windows version Mac version

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