Frequently Asked Questions of iMyFone D-Back

The trial version and registered version are almost with the same functions. But there are still very few functional differences between the trial version and registered version. The trial version only supports scanning the iOS device to preview the lost data; while the registered one, not only can preview lost data, but most importantly, it can recover all the lost data.
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 10(64&32 bits)/ 8.1(64&32 bits)/8 (64&32 bits)/7 (64&32 bits)/Vista (64&32 bits)/XP (32 bit).
iOS: iOS 7.0 and iOS 7.0 later including the latest iOS 9
Hardware Requirements:
CPU: 1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit).
RAM: at least 256 MB RAM (1028MB Recommended).
Hard Disk: free storage space of more than 200 MB.
Unlock your iPhone; you will see "Trust This Computer" dialog appears on your iPhone, please click Trust option.
Re-connect your iPhone via the right USB.
The restore or factory reset will erase all data in iPhone and make iPhone a new device. In this case, you cannot recover the lost data from iPhone directly. Good news is that iMyFone D-Back can retrieve your lost data from iTunes and iCloud backup files.
Certainly it is because that you continue to use the device after data loss, which caused new data to overwrite the old one.
Do remember: not to use your phone continuously after data being deleted.
iPhone Data Recovery can only run on a computer, so it cannot be installed on iPhone or iPad.
One reason might be: Your device is not working properly and iTunes can't recognize it when connected to your computer.
If this is not the case, here are other reasons and the solutions after the iTunes identify your device.

  1. USB ports or the cable is not functioning. You can try other USB ports and cables for connection.
  2. Bad connection between the device and computer. Disconnect all other USB connections aside from mouse and keyboard or restart both your iPhone and computer.
  3. Low computer compatibility. Try another computer.
  4. Anti-virus software restricts its functioning. Change the anti-virus settings or disable it in the recovery process.
This occurs when all the message string and contacts were deleted at the same time, and in the process of recovering text messages, the contact information and date may not match perfectly especially when the contacts were not restored before SMS. However, all the messages can be found, under "Unknown" section or other phone number strings.
Only under the circumstance that you have the password to decrypt the software can iPhone Data Recovery work.
It's not suggested to do so because new data will overwrite the previous one after you sync your device with iTunes on the computer. If you have lost all the data on your device, data on the iTunes will all be overwritten and this will result in the entire backup loss. iPhone Data Recovery can't help you recover the previous data under this circumstance.
If you have trusted the computer, on which iMyFone D-Back is working, from the iOS device, and the iOS device hasn't been restarted since that, iMyFone D-Back can probably connect with the device and recover data from it. Even the program cannot connect with the locked iOS device, it can help recover data from iTunes/iCloud backups.
It can only restore data from iTunes backups instead of the device if iOS is disabled.
iMyFone data recovery tools scrape together deleted or lost data from your iOS devices, however, the deleted or lost data is easily to be overwritten by turning off iOS devices or filling new data on iOS devices. And once the data is overwritten, no data recovery tools can recover it from iOS devices.
Here what you need to enter is the password for your encrypted iTunes. Please see the following picture. When recovering data from your iOS device, the program needs Apple's driver to access the existing data on your device. That's why you need to enter the iTunes' password.
This can happen if you double click the software after saving it on your Mac instead of installing iMyFone D-Back in your Applications folder. To solve this problem, you need to duplicate the software in the Applications folder and run the program after installation.

There might be something wrong when you copy and paste your email and license code. Please copy and paste the license code onto .txt and remove any wrong text before registering, and make sure there is no space copied before and after your email and license code to make your email and license code copied correctly.

To connect your iPhone with the program, iPhone need to trust the computer firstly. So we suggest users download the free trial version on a computer trusted from the iPhone before to figure out whether the program can connect your iPhone. And even the program cannot recover data from iOS device, it can help recover data from iTunes/iCloud backups.
Recently, our website and sever were upgrading for a safer environment and some users got false prompt. In fact, we still haven't released any new version for iMyFone D-Back to update. We are sorry for the system bug and are working on fix it. You can just ignore and close the prompt.
For now, in order to keep the data on iOS devices safe, iMyFone data recovery tools don’t transfer data back to iOS devices to avoid any data overwriting.
The popups is from iMyFone Helper. And if you want to delete it, you can go to: C:\Program Files(x86)\iMyFone to delete the whole iMyFone folder and the popups will never show.
If your network speed is good and you cannot log in iCloud account, it may be caused by two-step verification you set up for your Apple ID. Apple changed the encryption methods for iCloud backups and for users who set up two-step verification, iMyFone D-Back cannot access their data in iCloud. That's why your attempts always fail when you enter the correct login details. Actually, for now, there is no data recovery tool can access iCloud data backed up with Apple ID which have set up two-step verification.
Restart your computer, reinstall the software to try again. If it doesn't work, upgrade your computer system can help a lot. You can easily make the upgrade through the self-updating feature built-in the computer.
The text content in your conversations might be incompatible with your system environment, and then you will see messy codes. You can change the encoded mode of the file. Just operate the opened HTML file with the following steps: click the Menu option, and then click More Tools → Encoding to view the current encoding. Switch from Unicode (UTF-8) to an appropriate encoding you need. Reopen the HTML file and it will show content normally.
If you want to play the audio files of WeChat, you need to download and install the application "楼月微信语音播放器" on your computer. Then use this player to play the audio files.
If you want to play the audio files of WhatsApp, you need to download and install the corresponding player according to the file extension, or convert the file into the format that most players can open. For example, if the audio message is opus file, you can play it using the player foobar2000.
Your iPhone might be turned off after failed fixing. You can enter DFU mode manually to let the program recognize your iPhone by the following steps:
1. press Home and Power button simultaneously for 10 seconds.
2. release Power button and keep holding Home button for about 15 seconds.
After entering DFU mode, the program will show the fixing interface and you can just click Start to fix your iPhone again.
When you run the program on your Mac, a popup will show and you can just click "You've received the license code, please register now" And then fill in the license info we sent and click "Register".