Frequently Asked Questions

With iMyFone D-back, you can easily get back lost Notes, Photos, Videos, Messages, Contacts, Call
History, Safari History, Voice Memos, WhatsApp
, and other important files from your iOS device
in minutes
No; but it is possible to regain this data from an iTunes/iCloud backup after restoring to factory settings.

The main difference between the free trial version and the full version is the free trial version will only
allow you to scan the iOS device to preview the lost data. It's a good chance to see whether our program
suits your needs. While in the full version, you can fully use all features of iMyFone D-back. With it, you
can preview all your deleted data and recover it selectively.
Download the free trial version of iMyFone D-back and launch it on your PC or Mac.
After connecting your device to it, choose the mode that you need.
If your device is supported, you can continue the process by clicking "Start".
If your device is not supported, you will see the message “Your Device Is Not Supported”.

*You can also go to Tech Specifications Page of iMyFone LockWiper to check the newest supported devices and iOS versions.

No, iMyFone D-Back is a desktop app running on PC or Mac, so it cannot be installed on an iPhone or iPad.
Our suggestion is that you can download D-Back to see if it recovers the deleted data you need before
purchasing it.

Yes, iMyFone is a company that has served around 2 million customers from over 100 countries. iMyFone D-back
is safe enough and can be downloaded without any concerns. It is recommended not only because of its
powerful function, but it also allows you to recover data from iOS in a manner that is 100% safe and secure.

Yes, iMyFone D-back supports to extract data from your broken device directly. If the computer can still
recognize your iPhone, you can recover data directly from iOS device. Besides, what sets this program apart
is that if the first mode fails you, it allows you to recover data from iTunes/iCloud backup in addition to
restoring your data from the iOS device itself.
If you have trusted the computer on which iMyFone D-Back is working, from the iOS device, and the iOS device
hasn't been restarted since that, iMyFone D-Back can probably connect with the device and recover data from
it. Even if the program cannot connect with the locked iOS device, it can help recover data from
iTunes/iCloud backups.
Only under the circumstances that you have the password to decrypt the software can iPhone Data Recovery

For now, in order to keep the data on iOS devices safe, iMyFone D-back won’t transfer data back to iOS
devices to avoid any data overwriting.

If you want to play the audio files of WeChat , you need to download and install the
application "楼月微信语音播放器" on your computer. Then use this player to play the audio files.
If you want to play the audio files of WhatsApp , you need to download and install the
corresponding player according to the file extension, or convert the file into the format that most players
can open. For example, if the audio message is an opus file, you can play it using the player foobar2000.
It is certainly because you have continued to use the device after data loss, which caused new data to
overwrite the old one. Please do not use your iPhone continuously after data is deleted. Therefore, iMyFone
D-back allows you to free download and preview the data before purchasing.
Unlock your iPhone, and you will see "Trust This Computer" dialog appears on your iPhone, please click the
"Trust" option. Or Re-connect your iPhone via the right USB.
Are you sure the password you entered was totally right? Have you tried to log into your iCloud account on And have you set two-factor authentication for Apple ID? If you have, you’ll be required to turn off the two-factor authentication for Apple ID.
If your network speed is good and you cannot log into iCloud account, it may be caused by two-step
verification you set up for your Apple ID. Apple changed the encryption methods for iCloud backups and for
users who set up two-step verification, iMyFone D-Back cannot access their data in iCloud. That's why your
attempts always fail when you enter the correct login details. Actually, for now, there is no data recovery
tool that can access iCloud data backed up with Apple ID which has set up two-step verification.
This occurs when all the message string and contacts were deleted at the same time, and in the process of
recovering text messages, the contact information and date may not match perfectly especially when the
contacts were not restored before SMS. However, all the messages can be found, under "Unknown" section or
other phone number strings.
The text content in your conversations might be incompatible with your system environment, and then you will
see messy codes. You can change the encoded mode of the file. Just operate the opened HTML file with the
following steps: click the Menu option, and then click More Tools → Encoding to view the current encoding.
Switch from Unicode (UTF-8) to an appropriate encoding you need. Reopen the HTML file and it will show
content normally.
This can happen if you double click the software after saving it on your Mac instead of installing iMyFone
D-Back in your Applications folder. To solve this problem, you need to duplicate the software in the
Applications folder and run the program after installation.
If your backup is large, it takes time for the device to load data, so wait for a moment and try again.
First, make sure that your device has finished all the settings and has entered the iOS system. Then check if the data is loaded on your device completely, as it takes some time to restore large iCloud Backup.
When you use iMyFone D-Back to scan your device, there will be some cache files, you can choose a location to store them by clicking the gear icon on the top right corner of the program.
select storage location
If you don’t select a location manually, the program will choose the hard drive which has maximum free storage.

The free storage of the hard drive you choose to store the cache files should be larger than the used storage of your device. When the space of the hard drive is not enough, the data recovery will fail.

Here is how to fix it:

1. If you are using a Mac, please delete some useless files to ensure there is enough space on the hard drive you choose. Make sure the free storage of the hard drive is more than the used storage of your device.

2. If you are using a Windows computer, you can either delete some useless files on the hard drive that you choose to store the cache files, or select another hard drive with larger space instead.

3. You can also use iTunes to back up your device, and then select the “Recover from iTunes Backup” module to scan the backup.
(1) Back up via iTunes (See how to make a backup).
(2) Open D-Back, select “Recover from iTunes Backup”, find the backup you make and Click “Next”.
recover from itunes backup

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