If you recently acquired a Mi or Redmi phone, your immediate concern becomes how to move all your data and apps from your old device to your new one. There are quite a few options to help you achieve this, with the most popular one being Xiaomi’s official Mi Mover app. However, there are some unsolved issues with Mi Mover, which have caused its users' dissatisfaction. So here in this article we'll exactly introduce you a Mi Mover alternative.

Part 1: A Brief of Xiaomi's Mi Mover

The Mi Mover app was introduced by Xiaomi to ease the process of switching to anyone of the Xiaomi (Mi) phones when you newly acquire them. It was released initially for only MIUI phones, but it has since been made available to all android phones. You can easily download it from the Google Play.

mi mover app

To move data using the Mi Mover app, you need to install it in both your old device and your Mi phone, and then you should pair both devices by scanning the QR code from the app to begin your transfer. The app triggers your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot and enables a speed of up to 6MB/s to move your files and data across both devices. It supports transfers of photos, music, files, documents and apps, among others.

Part 2: Issues with the Mi Mover App

Although the Mi Mover app has significantly made moving data to a Mi phone simpler, it has some very vital flaws.

1. Wi-Fi Connection Problems

wifi connection problem of mi mover

Transferring data using the Mi Mover app is done via a Wi-Fi hotspot connection after connecting the app on both phones. However, several users have complained about an inability to establish a Wi-Fi connection between their two phones, and some have had their connection stuck, mid transfer. This problem could be traced to the different types of Wi-Fi broadcasting radios for mobile devices. If a mobile phone connects to Wi-Fi from a 2.4ghz broadcasting radio, it could have issues pairing with another device connecting through a 5ghz broadcasting radio. When a situation like this occurs, the Mi Mover app would simply not work.

2. No Transfers from Non-Android Devices

no none android device

If you intend to switch from an iPhone or Windows to a Xiaomi phone, it is impossible via the Mi Mover app. The app does not exist on the iOS app store and you cannot install it directly from the internet, it was built solely for android devices. This creates an insane situation in which iPhone users are left to fend for themselves. It is the same problem for Windows phones. The Mi Mover app cannot work on them.

3. Problems with Transferring Specific Data

Many users have also reported a problem in moving specific folders or data, despite the app confirming its transfer. There are instances in which a user could transfer contacts or messages, and both the receiving and sending phones confirm that it has been successfully transferred, but when the user checks the receiving Mi phone for the transferred data, they never find it. Such problems are almost never solved, forcing the user to transfer the data either via third party apps or through cloud storage.

Part 3: Mi Mover Alternative

iMyFone’s iTransor Pro app is an exceptional Mi Mover alternative. It is a PC app that can speedily move all data, backups and apps from any mobile device to a Mi one. There are no restrictions on your type of phone, your Wi-Fi broadcasting radios or your file type. Within a few simple steps you can transfer all your contacts, calendar, documents, messages, photos, videos, notes, files and apps from your old phone to any Mi device, while maintaining the highest level of safety for all the data. The app is also excellent at backing up mobile devices and data/chat histories.

Why Should You Switch to the iTransor Pro App?

data safety

1. No Phone Restrictions

Unlike Xiaomi’s Mi Mover app, the iTransor Pro app can move data from iOS phones and windows phones. It can also move data from any type of android phone, without the compatibility issue that often accompanies the Mi Mover app.

2. No Connection Issues

The iTransor Pro app is a desktop app that primarily moves data through a USB cable. You have zero need for wifi hotspot and you do not have to face the hassle of wondering if your Wi-Fi broadcasting radios could connect with another device.

3. Efficiency

iMyFone’s iTransor Pro app can be one of the world’s most trusted data transfer apps because it has the extraordinary efficiency. You can transfer all types of data/files in a very fast and efficient way. Plus, there are almost no complaints about the app getting stuck mid-transfer. Moreover, the app can efficiently work with many mobile devices, including almost all the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG and Mi models.

4. Data Safety

You can trust the iTransor Pro app to safely move your photos, music, messages, contacts, documents and apps without compromising the privacy of the data. It is a safe alternative to the Mi Mover app for all those concerned about data safety.

5. Simplicity

Another great reason why the iTransor Pro app could be an excellent mi mover alternative is because of its very friendly user interface and its simplicity for transfer data. It can be easily used by almost anyone with a basic knowledge of smartphones/computers.

The development team of iTransor Pro is still working hard to perfect its functions and the product will be launched soon. Before its service being provided, you can try iTransor for WhatsApp to transfer, back up, restore and export your WhatsApp data.