Sending files from one phone to another is not usually a difficult task since you will not be sending many files most the time. However, when it comes to transferring your data to a new phone, especially one that uses a different operating system, it can be quite difficult. This is often seen as a tedious task. To figure that out, this article will show you the best ways to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to Samsung.

transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung

Method 1 鈥 Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung [17 More Types of App Data Selectable]

What if you could find a tool that allows you to transfer contacts, along with other data types, such as photos, music files and even WhatsApp data? Luckily, the iTransor Pro software lets you accomplish this easily. This software has some excellent features, including:

  • Select the data types you wish to transfer, such as contacts only.
  • Direct transfer 鈥 Your data is not sent to any servers and only your local machine is used in the transfer process, meaning you can rest assured that your data is safe.
  • Rapid transfer of all the information you need to move.

With over 100,000 users globally, iMyFone products have helped many people in the past and you can be one of them. To use this tool, you have to download and install it from the official website on a PC. Ensure your PC has at least 2 USB ports.

windows version    mac version

Once this is done:

  • Connect both your iPhone and Samsung to your PC via their USB data transfer cables.
  • Set the correct source and destination devices and then click the Next button.

connect your devices to a computer

  • Select contacts from the array of options (you can also choose any other data you want to move from your iPhone to your Samsung together).

choose the data you want to transfer

  • Proceed and wait for the transfer to complete.

This is all you have to do for your contacts to successfully be moved from your iPhone to Samsung. Furthermore, you can use this method repeatedly for different phones so make sure you check out the tool by visiting its website for further details.

Method 2 鈥 Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung via Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung has developed an application which assists you in the process of switching to a new Samsung phone. This application is known as Samsung Smart Switch and supports the transfer of some data types from Android and iOS to Samsung devices.

Although it comes built into newer models of Samsung phones, if you wish to use this service with an older model, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Once that is done, you will need to make sure both your devices are connected to the same, reliable Wi-Fi connection. The different methods of using the Smart Switch application are wireless, wired or via a PC. This article will cover how you can use the application wirelessly, however full details on the other methods can be found on the Samsung website.

  • Open Smart Switch on your new Samsung phone.
  • From the options presented, choose ‘Wireless’.
  • Tap on the option that lets you receive from iOS.
  • When prompted, sign in to your iCloud account that is linked with your iPhone.

transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung via Smart Switch

  • Select contacts and continue, importing your contacts to your Samsung.

Once this is done, your contacts from your iPhone will be on your Samsung phone, as long as they were backed up to iCloud. However, it is important to note that not all file types are supported by this technique, such as WhatsApp data.

Method 3 鈥 Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung via Google Account

You can also transfer your contacts from iPhone to Samsung via a Google account as long as you have one. You will need to sync your contacts by logging in your Google account on both the iPhone and Samsung phone.

  • Open聽Settings聽on your iPhone, and then go to聽Passwords & Accounts.
  • Add your Google account and聽ensure Contacts are enabled聽for the added account.

sync contacts to Google account on iPhone

  • Wait for a few minutes until all your contacts on the iPhone are synced to the Google account.
  • Open聽Settings聽and then聽Users & Accounts聽on your Samsung phone. This can vary for different Androids.
  • Select your Google account and聽enable synchronisation of contacts.

sync contacts via Google account on Samsung

  • Now check if the contacts on your iPhone have been transferred to the Samsung.

Method 4 鈥 Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung via iCloud Export

If your contacts have been backed up to your iCloud account, you can use this to download your contacts to your PC. Then, you can transfer this downloaded file to your Samsung and import it to the contacts application.

If your contacts are not already backed up to iCloud, go to Settings and enable contact backup in the iCloud section. Once this is done, you will need to:

  • Log into your iCloud account on a PC.
  • Click on ‘Contacts’ from the icons appearing on the website.
  • Click on the Gear Cog icon on the corner of the screen and then click ‘Select all’.
  • Then, choose ‘Export vCard’.

export Vcard to PC

Your vCard will be downloaded to your PC. After this, send the vCard to your Samsung phone. This can be done in a few ways however we would suggest you email the file to yourself since it will not be too large, and it is only one file. Once the vCard is on your Samsung phone and is downloaded:

  • Open contacts and go into settings within the contacts application.
  • Click import and choose “.vcf file”. Choose the Google account you wish your contacts to be saved to.

import vcf file to Samsung

  • Locate your recently downloaded vCard and select it.
  • Wait for your contacts to import; this should not take much time.

You can alternatively choose to import the contacts to your Google account which you will be using on your Samsung. This method is useful if you have different phones and you want to access your contacts from all of these phones, however, the synchronisation process may take a few minutes. In short, you will need to:

  • Log in to your Google account on a PC.
  • Go to Google contacts and import the vCard you have downloaded.
  • Log in with this account to your Samsung phone.

import vCard to Google

The detailed steps for this method can be found online.

Method 5 鈥 Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung via Manually Adding

If you only have a few contacts that you want to move, it may be better for you to manually move them from your iPhone to your Samsung. This requires you to have access to both phones at the same time and is simple to do. Read the contact details from the iPhone and input them to your Samsung.

Be careful and make sure all the details are correct because it can be easy to accidentally type an incorrect number when manually transferring contacts. This method should only be used if you wish to transfer a few contacts.

A Comparison of the 5 Methods Mentioned

iTransor Pro Samsung Smart Switch Google Account iCloud Export Manual Transfer
Transfer speed Rapid (but this depends on the quality of your data transfer cables). Quick and is dependent upon your Wi-Fi strength. Slow due to manual operations. Slow due to more steps. Very slow.
Security Very secure 鈥 all data is transferred locally. Secure 鈥 Samsung is a trusted and reliable company. Secure but the contacts are stored on cloud storage. Secure since you are manually downloading contacts. Secure 鈥 contacts do not cross any servers.
Support for other file types? Yes 鈥 such as images and WhatsApp data. Yes, but not many. Yes, but only calendar and notes. Yes, but the method varies slightly. No.
Additional requirements Data transfer cables and PC. Strong Wi-Fi connection. A Google account. PC. None.
Rank 1 鈥 we highly recommend you check out this method. 2 3 4 5 鈥 not recommended for more than a few contacts due to the time it would take.

From the comparison chart above, it is clear that iTransor Pro offers a range of benefits in addition to the rapid transfer of contacts. This is why you should check it out on the official website, where you can also find answers to some FAQs. We hope this guide has helped you transfer contacts from your iPhone to Samsung and feel free to message us with any of your questions.