3 Best Ways to Delete Podcasts from iPod Nano/Classic/touch

We all love to fill up our iPods with all kinds of data, but what happens when all your storage is full? That’s right, it’s time to delete all those long podcasts that you haven’t been listening to. Now, did you know that some ways of deleting podcasts from iPod are better than others? That’s right, there are ways of deleting that let you more easily manage your podcasts and even delete them in bulk if you need to.

How to Delete Podcasts from Your iPod Nano / Classic / touch

Let’s take look at these three ways to delete podcasts from iPod:

post-num-1 Best Way to Delete Podcasts on iPod in Bulk

The best way to delete podcasts is with iMyFone TunesMate. This is a third-party application, but it works really well. You put it on your PC and it can:

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  • Manage podcasts and other media on your iPod. Of course, deleting podcasts from iPod is quite easy to make.
  • Help you transfer your podcasts to and from your computer without the restrictions that you would normally encounter with iTunes.
  • Help you transfer your podcasts and share them between various iOS devices.

Here is how you delete podcasts from iPod using TunesMate:
Step 1: Launch TunesMate. Connect your iPod to your PC.
Step 2: Click on the “Videos” tab up on the top, then click on “Podcasts” on the left sidebar.
Step 3: Select all of the podcasts that you want to delete and then click “Delete” near the top, then confirm.

delete podcasts from iPod

The great advantages to using this method over an other method includes:

  • You can manage a bunch of podcasts at the same time.
  • You can delete them all in bulk if you want.
  • You can easily scroll through them and find what you’re looking for on your larger computer screen.
  • You don’t have to deal with the restrictions of iTunes or its long loading times.

post-num-1 Delete Podcasts from iPod with iTunes

Step 1: Plug in your iPod and launch iTunes.
Step 2: Click on the little icon that indicates your device in the top left.
Step 3: Click “Summary” if it doesn’t automatically take you to the summary page for your device.
Step 4: Tick the box next to “Manually Manage Music and Videos”.
Step 5: Now click “Podcasts” on the left sidebar. Right click the podcast you want to delete and choose “Delete from Library”.

You also have the option to unsubscribe the podcasts by hitting “Unsubscribe” button at the lower left corner.

delete podcasts with itunes

While this method works okay, there are a few limitations to it. For one, it’s harder to select many podcasts at once to delete. It also requires you to use iTunes, which is clunky and takes a long time to load. Using TunesMate is just easier, and you can manage all sorts of other media through TunesMate, so you may as well just use this tool instead of iTunes.

post-num-1 Delete Podcasts from iPod touch Directly

This is another way to do it - through the Podcast app:

Step 1: Open up the Podcast app on your iPod.
Step 2: Tap on the “My Podcasts” icon at the bottom.
Step 3: Go to the podcasts series you want to delete podcasts from.
Step 4: Find the podcasts you want to delete and slide it to the left. A red “Delete” button will appear.
Step 5: Tap the “Delete” button to make it.

While this is simple enough, a certain limitation is that it’s hard to delete large amounts of podcasts at the same time. Also, it’s not as easy to manage and view them all compared to the TunesMate method.

delete podcast2

Useful Tip: How to Stop Podcasts from Automatically Downloading Episodes

You can do this easily by changing a few things on your iPod:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Go down to where you see “Podcasts”.
  3. Select “Podcasts” and go to where it says “Download Episodes”. Select “off” setting.

delete podcasts

Besides, you can also turn on the “Delete Played Episodes” to free up space.

That’s all you have to do! If you need to delete a bunch of podcasts on iPod and you want to do it quickly and easily, download TunesMate and give it a try.

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