Do you wish you could turn someone special鈥檚 voice into a ringtone? Your mom鈥檚 voice asking you to wake up or your dad鈥檚 voice yelling at you to answer your phone? Well, this wish can indeed come true. Not just one, you can have different voice memos as ringtones for different contacts. Sounds interesting? In this article, we鈥檒l tell you how to turn voice memo into ringtone. Stay tuned for detailed information coming your way!

How to Turn Voice Memo into Ringtone using TunesMate

Using iMyFone TunesMate , an iPhone file transfer software, you can freely transfer files between your iPhone and PC. So, if you want to turn voice memo into ringtone, you can use TunesMate over iTunes as the process involved here is easy breezy as compared iTunes. It is an efficient and a convenient way to convert voice memo into ringtone.

Useful Features of TunesMate

iMyFone TunesMate

5,000,000+ Downloads

  • Two-way file transfer 鈥 bid goodbye to iTunes one-way file transfer option
  • Can be accessed by unlimited iOS devices and PCs
  • Super-easy to import, export and delete files including music, videos, playlists, movies, photos etc.
  • Freely custom any songs into ringtones by your own way
  • Simply transfer downloaded ringtones from PC to iPhone

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Customizing ringtones with iMyFone TunesMate is super-easy. The complete process involves three simple steps and requires only a few minutes. Let鈥檚 now see how you can turn voice memo into ringtone.

  • Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer with the help of a USB cable, and launch iMyFone TunesMate on your computer.
  • connect your device to computer

  • Step 2: Click the 鈥Music鈥 tab. The click Ringtone> Ringtone maker.
  • ringtone maker 1

  • Step 3: Browse your computer or iPhone and choose the recorded voice memo you want to use as a ringtone by clicking 鈥Local Music鈥漮r 鈥Device Music.鈥
  • ringtone maker 2

  • Step 4: Setting the start and finish time 鈥 You can do it in two ways. First, you can use the light-grey area on the TunesMate interface to select the portion you want to use as a ringtone or leverage the 鈥set to start鈥 and 鈥set to finish鈥 controls to select your preferred fragment of the recorded voice memo.

  • ringtone maker 6

  • Step 5: If you鈥檙e content with the carefully chosen part of the voice memo, click 鈥Save to PC鈥 to save the ringtone to your PC or 鈥Save to Device鈥 to save the ringtone to your iPhone.

  • ringtone maker 9

    How to Turn Voice Memo into Ringtone using iTunes

    You can use the Voice Memos app on your iPhone to record any audio that you wish to set as your ringtone. Follow these steps to record a ringtone for iPhone:

    • Open the voice memo app on your iPhone and pick the voice memo you want to use.
    • Tap it and pick the 鈥mail鈥 option to share the voice memo via email.
    • send voice memo on iphone

    • Open your email on your PC and download the voice memo.
    • Change the file extension of the voice memo from .m4a to .m4r.
    • voice memo m4a to m4r

    • Once you鈥檝e changed the extension, launch iTunes on your PC.
    • Next thing - connect your iPhone to your PC.
    • Once you鈥檝e changed the extension, launch iTunes on your PC.
    • Pick and drop the ringtones from your PC to the iTunes Tones library.
    • voice memo add to itunes tones

    That鈥檚 it, the voice memo will get synced with your iPhone.

    So, we鈥檝e taught you how to turn voice memo into ringtone using two different methods 鈥揟unesMate and iTunes. Now, it is completely up to you to pick the method that suits you best. However, based on user reviews, we鈥檒l recommend TunesMate as it is easier and allows you to customize the voice memo before you convert it to a ringtone.