This article will discuss how to fix the black screen that appears while watching videos on Media Player or YouTube. Sometimes the audio works fine, but the video gets blackened up. It means the video is corrupted completely. Before proceeding further, let’s see why this issue appears while watching the videos.

black screen fix

An Overview of Black Screen Issue

Why is my screen black?

This question may arise in your mind when you play videos on YouTube, Netflix, or Media Player. The interruption caused by the blackening of the videos may be annoying, as you can only hear the audio, and the video is not displaying. If the video turns completely black, then it shows the corrupted file. Apart from this, there are many more causes of your video turning black.

  • Poor internet connection. So, make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Defect in the hardware or the corrupted file data.
  • Make sure the video is free of viruses while downloading. Always scan your videos with anti-virus software.
  • Screen turning black is an outdated video driver and a missing codec.

There are five proven methods and online video repair tools to resolve the issue of the black screen while playing video.

Methods to Fix Black Screen While Watching Video

Let us now take you through the major solutions that can help you resolve the black screen issue while watching the videos.

01 Clear Cache

When we operate many websites, the cache starts developing in our browsers. It can be one of the reasons for the black screen while playing a video. To sort out this issue, you can do the following:

  • Google Chrome:

Click on the Chrome menu > History or tools settings, then clear your browsing data.

clear chrome cache

  • Firefox browser:

Click on the Menu > Settings > Privacy > Security. Now, tap on the clear data option to clear the browser cache and cookies.

clear firefox cache

  • Safari browser:

Click on the Menu > Empty Cache, and everything will delete.

  • Internet Explorer:

Click on the Menu > Safety > Delete Browsing History. You must select all the temporary files, click on cookies, and History favorites website data. After this, press delete.

02 Delete the Temporary Files

Temporary files in your system can also take up its resources and lead to videos turning black where you can only listen to the audio. The temporary files take up the maximum space on your desktop or laptop when these files become large. Apart from turning the video screen black, these temporary files can eat up the device’s memory and hampers your system’s performance.

So, it becomes necessary to clear these temporary files by opening the RUN Window on your PC, and typing %TEMP% to clear. When you hit on Enter, it will show you all the hidden files. Select all, and delete all these files.

typing temp to clear

03 Reduction of Video Card Hardware Acceleration

The hardware acceleration may conflict with the Windows Driver, so it needs to switch to help resolve the black screen issue. Most computer processing tasks are shifted from CPU to GPU during hardware acceleration. It will help with the better performance of the related software. To reduce video card for hardware acceleration, you can follow these steps:

  • Make a right-click on your PC, and choose ‘personalize’ from the Menu pop-ups.
  • Select Display setting, and then go on Advanced settings.
  • reduce the use of hardware acceleration

  • Now, switch to troubleshoot tab under the Advanced Settings.
  • After this step, you must change the advanced settings and click on Reduce Hardware Acceleration tab.

04 Reinstall the Media Player

Media player helps in letting the users watch the videos without any hassle. However, these media players will not give the right performance most of the time. It can even lead to a black screen when watching a video. It calls for reinstalling a media player. You can do that in the following steps:

  • Firstly, press the X key, and then on the Windows key.
  • In the pop-up menu, choose Programs and Features.
  • click programs and feature

  • Now, click on turn the Windows feature On and Off. This option will appear on the right side of the panel.
  • turn window feature on or off

  • After this, click on Media Features, checkmark the VLC Media Player or the Windows Media Player.
  • After you have checkmark these media players, click on Ok. Now, close the Programs and Features tab.

click on media feature

05 Adjust Media Player Settings

If you use the VLC Media Player, the file error, namely MKV, will happen. It leads to a black screen video problem. If your video is turning black every time, it is excellent if you can adjust the settings by trying to use an alternative video module. By correcting the video output module in VLC Media Player, you can sort the issue of the video black screen.

  • Open VLC Media Player, click on Tools > preferences > Video tab.
  • Press the All option to help you switch to the full preferences view.
  • Under the video output module, switch to the module of your liking, adjust the settings, and now play your preferred video file.

adjust media player

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FAQs about Black Screen While Playing Video

1 How to Remove Black Screen from Video?

The methods like clearing the cache, deleting the permanent file, reinstalling the media player and adjusting the media player settings, and reducing the video card hardware acceleration will help fix the black screen in the video.

2 Why My Screen goes Black while Watching Videos?

The bad storage media, corrupted SD card, malware and viruses in the video files, untrustworthy video editors, etc., lead to a black screen while watching the videos.


The issue of a black screen while watching a video can annoy you, and you can feel irritated at the same time. If corrupted files or viruses are the causes, there are many fixes. You can choose any of these methods to fix the black screen while watching a video. These quick solutions will help effectively sort out the black screen while playing video problems.