I downloaded a video on Twitter yesterday, and when I opened it today, I found that the quality of the video was poor, and it's still the same after downloading it again. The format of the video is MP4, I don't know what the problem is, can anyone help me?

Twitter is an excellent social media platform for sharing information but not the best for video quality. Some customers said the video quality on Twitter is very low, and want to find out how to fix Twitter video quality.

Therefore, we put together a guide to getting a more rewarding Twitter video experience whenever you are experiencing lag or viewing problems. If you want to get the method, move to Part 2 directly!

fix twitter video quality

The Reason Why Twitter Videos Quality is Low

Some of the other issues why your videos may be poor quality on Twitter include:

  • Automatic Optimization

There are millions of Twitter users uploading information at the same time around the globe. To meet this demand, Twitter uses compression to improve the user experience of its platform. That will cause the lowers quality of your video.

  • Poor Network Connection

If you're in a poor internet connection, Twitter may lower the quality of the video to make you watch the video more smoothly.

  • Corrupt Content

Whenever your video file becomes corrupt from a virus, upload speeds, or is too blurry, it will not translate well onto Twitter. It is best to preview your video on your device before you try to upload it.

Part 2: How to Improve Twitter Videos Quality?

01 Twitter's optimal video size, length, and other attributes:

  • Less than 512MB in size
  • Resolution of at least 32 x 32
  • MP4 or MOV format
  • Shorter than 2:20
  • 40fps frame rate

02 Double Check Your Internet Connection

The low video quality is probably related to your connection speed. If you are trying to watch videos and you only have 1 bar of cellular service, you will not have a good experience. The same is true if your WiFi connection is not reliable. Try moving to a better reception area or switching to a more consistent WiFi connection.

check internet connection

03 Stick to MP4 Video Format

Twitter supports videos made using MP4, MOV, and H264 formats, but the best answer to fix video quality is MP4. Most mobile devices capture video in this format or can export it into this format before posting. It also has better audio in general.

04 Relaunch the App/Website

If all else fails, you can try to log out or close the Twitter application and then relaunch it again. A lot of data is being sent to and from Twitter, and that can cause transmission issues that make it hard to fix video quality.

Improve Twitter Video Quality with a Third-Party App

After you have tried everything else and you still cannot seem to get a quality video experience on Twitter, head over to iMyFone and download UltraRepair! It puts your video files through a robust fix Twitter video quality process that enhances, repairs, and improves pixilated, blurry, or corrupt videos.

ultraRepair_icon iMyFone UltraRepair - Repair Video
  • Easily batch multiple videos files at once to repair them faster.
  • You can use a sample file to ensure the repair will work for your files.
  • Download any video files to your PC/Mac and then import them into UltraRepair.
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You’ll be able to restore family videos to their original quality with a powerful piece of software that is easy to use and walks you through each step. It is the best way to improve video quality and then share your happy video memories with your Twitter followers.

Apart of that, with the simple interface and easy operation steps, everyone can use this tool! See how to fix Twitter video quality with UltraRepair below:

Step 1.Download and install iMyFone UltraRepair on your PC and tap on "Add Video" on the screen.

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Step 2.Then choose the low quality video you want to fix by clicking "Repair" button.

click repair button on the screen

Step 3.A pop-up window will show on once your videos have been repaired successfully. You can select "Save" or "Save All" button to keep the repaired video on your device!

save repaired video

Warming Up

It can be a real hassle when video quality is low, and you are left trying to watch media that is blurry or hard to decipher. If you don't want to fix this issue manually, the best solution is to download a reliable third-party software like UltraRepair fix. You can try the free trial version by clicking the button below!

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