Microsoft Word is an excellent tool for creating word documents. It allows you to format the files easily and includes various tools that help you edit, cut, paste and more with your documents.

But sometimes, Word documents can be a pain. Here are some tips on getting around Word document problems and opening Word documents if you can't or have problems opening files.

Part 1: Why Can't Open Word Document on Win?

Here are some reasons you can't access word documents on Windows.

  • When you try to open a document prepared in an earlier version of Microsoft Word, such as 2007, the error appears. Typically, the problem comes after an upgrade.
  • It might be happening because of add-ins that you've installed, which now interfere with your ability to open documents in Windows.
  • Another reason is the file is corrupt. You can open it on another computer and use a file checker.
  • This can happen if you have multiple documents open and are trying to save them all at once, this could cause the shutdown of your Microsoft Word window.

Part 2: How to Fix Word Doc Won't Open?

If your word document doesn't open, there are a few things you can try to fix it.

1 Check the ‘Trust Center’ Settings

The security policy for copied or downloaded data has been tightened in new Word versions. Because of the "Enabled Protected View" settings, you may be unable to open a Word file sometimes. What you must do is alter the policy. Here's how it's done:

  • Start Microsoft Word. And go to "File" > "Options."

open microsoft word

  • Navigate to "Trust Center" and press the button directly underneath "Trust Center Settings."
  • click trust center

  • Select "Protected View” and remove everything before clicking the "Ok" button.
  • Then open the Word document again, you should now be able to open the document without any errors.

protect view

2 Change “Component Security” Settings

When the Windows security level prevents your Word document from opening, you must reset the "Component Security" settings to default. Here's how to modify it.

  • Enter "dcomcnfg" in the search engine and press Enter Key.
  • On the left pane, a new window appears; click on "Component Services."
  • In the centre pane, you can see the "Computers" folder. Double-click to enlarge it.
  • You should now see the "My Computer" symbol. Right-click it and choose Properties.
  • Select the "Default Properties". In the "Default Distributed Com Communication Properties section," Select default from the drop-down selection for "Default Authentication Level."
  • Select the "identify" impersonation level from the "Default impersonation level" drop-down menu, and then click the "OK" button.

3 Utilize the ‘Open and Repair’ Feature

A file may become corrupted, so Word will not open it properly. However, everything is not lost. Your file may be recoverable using the Open and Repair command.

  • Open the Word software and select the 'File' option.
  • First, choose 'Open > Browse.' And select the Word document that isn't opening. Select 'Open and Repair' by clicking the arrow next to 'Open.'

open browser

4 Update Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word may stop operating and crash if your Office version or Windows system is not updated. Here are the methods for installing the most recent Microsoft Office updates:

For Microsoft Office 2013 and later versions:

  • Open Word and select "File." Then select "Account" > "Product Information".
  • Click "Enable Update," then "Update Now."

The auto-updater feature is turned on if the Enable Update option is not accessible.

update microsoft word

For Office 2010 and previous versions:

  • Open Word and go to "File" > "Help." Select "Check for Updates" or "Install Updates."
  • To complete the procedure, follow the steps. You may then reopen a Word document.

5 Check WINWORD.EXE in Task Manager

If Microsoft Word does not open on Windows, try this way to troubleshoot the problem rapidly.

  • Open Task Manager by pressing (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) or simply clicking on your Taskbar and selecting Task Manager.
  • Check the "Details" tab to see if WINWORD.exe is running. If it is open, your Windows OS believes that the software is working smoothly and does not display any error notifications.
  • Right-click the active service, WINWORD.exe, and choose End process before restarting MS Word.

Part 3: Recover Word Document with Profession Tool - iMyFone Ultra Repair

Many people are looking for a professional tool to recover Word documents. Some have got the wrong idea that there is no need for any software or hardware. But it is not true; many tools are available in the market, but you must use the right one for your job.

iMyFone UltraRepair is one tool best suited for recovering Word documents. It has all the features required to recover Word documents at ease. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it very easy to use, even for beginners.

ultraRepair_icon iMyFone UltraRepair
  • A quick and efficient software that works fast
  • All main Excel file formats are supported, as well as other Microsoft Office files such as Word, PowerPoint, and others.
  • It only takes one click to start file repair.
  • Support both Win & Mac version.

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Step 1. Download and open iMyFone UltraRepair on your PC. Then navigate to the "File Repair" area on the left side of the software and click the "Add Files" option. It will launch a browser window and show where the corrupted file was stored. You can load numerous word documents into iMyFone Ultra Repair.

use ultrarepair

Step 2. The software will import Word files from your PC and show the process on the screen. If you accidentally uploaded the incorrect file, you may remove it by hitting the trash can symbol next to its data.

save repaird files

Step 3. The software will scan the loaded document and correct any large or small errors. You can also stop the repair at any moment. When the file repair operation is finished, a pop-up notification will display that will alert you of the repair results. A file that has been successfully fixed will have a "Success" indicator beneath it.

save repaird files to your pc

And it’s done.

To Conclude

We know files are important, and it's frustrating when they don't open. But by following the methods above, you can easily recover or open your word file. You can use this 3rd party tool to solve your problem in minutes. Best of luck.

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